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Posted on 5th June, 2019 Posted By Smita Medhekar

Are you a medical aspirant?

Does the pressure of medical entrance exam preparation has taken control of your mind and body completely?

You are may be in a situation where you are facing sleepless nights!! Don’t be afraid or tensed.

Because, just like you, there are lakhs of students in India who appear for various medical entrance exams to achieve their dream of studying at the top institutions for MBBS education.

It inculcates a sense of fear in many students who feel they will never be able to qualify and get the seats at their desired colleges.

This may be the reason why students get nervous during exam preparations as well as on the exam day.

For MBBS admission, JIPMER (Jawaharlal Institute Postgraduate Medical Education & Research) is one of the three only medical entrance exams in India. For admission to JIPMER Pudduchery and JIPMER Karaikal, this exam is conducted.

There are only 200 MBBS seats offered by JIPMER, Puducherry (150 seats) and JIPMER, Karaikal (50 seats) and as many as 2 lakh aspirants will be competing for admission to these seats.

Thus, we have compiled some pointers that you can use to bring about a change in your preparation strategy and will make you feel more confident.

These are some Proven Tips & Tactics that will help you in cracking the Entrance Examination.

One can crack any competitive exam by using a number of different methods. Hard work is the key to success as everyone knows but apart from this, there are some other factors which help you in your studies and to score well in the exam.

Let’s have a look at them one by one: (Tips & Tricks)


Make a Strategy

  • If you want to study your complete syllabus, then you must make a strategy for it.
  • You would just need to make strategies or in simple terms, make a study plan to cover the complete syllabus within the stipulated time.
  • Make a strategy and go as per that prepared strategy. Try to stick to it.
  • You will also have to collect information and knowledge about the exam pattern.

Make a Study Schedule (Time Table)

  • Make a proper study table, once you get aware of what exactly you have to study.
  • A systematic time table will help you to study regularly and uniformly.
  • Give equal time to all the subjects or give more time to the subjects which you find hard.
  • Finally, following the time table strictly and on a regular basis is your duty.

Know the Sections

  • In order to prepare for JIPMER MBBS, you must know the sections and how many marks each section carries.
  • When preparing for medical entrance exams, like JIPMER MBBS, students naturally tend to focus more on Science subjects which are important however there are two more sections namely English Language & Comprehension and Logical & Quantitative Reasoning apart from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which you need to focus.
  • This section is very much important as it carries 20 marks and must be focused to score maximum marks.

Understand the Syllabus

  • It is very important for you to know the complete syllabus thoroughly.
  • You must gather the content of the syllabus from every possible mean and sum up them.
  • State Board syllabus and CBSE syllabus for classes 11 and 12 must be thoroughly studied by you.
  • Along with this, English language & Comprehension and Logical & Quantitative Reasoning must be given attention by you.

Clear Your Basics

  • While preparing for JIPMER exam, one of the most important things is to brush up your fundamentals and concepts for all the subjects.
  • Solving different types of questions on a regular basis is the best way to clear your basics.

Read NCERT Books

  • To study all the important topics and to clear your basic doubts, you must go through the NCERT books.
  • Try to solve test papers, previous year’s papers on a regular basis.
  • You can easily understand all the topics and there will be an increase in your confidence level if you study from NCERT books.

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

  • One effective way to prepare yourself for the entrance exam is to solve as many practice papers as possible, as it allows you to be aware of the subject-wise weaknesses and strengths.
  • Solving exam questions within the stipulated time with discipline will help you for ‘Time management’ which is also a crucial aspect in the preparation of JIPMER 2019.
  • This method will allow the students to expand the knowledge of a particular topic.
  • Practicing previous year question papers also provide insights on what to prepare, what questions might come, how to tackle those questions within the given time and how to prepare for JIPMER MBBS 2019.
  • By doing this activity, you will get a fair idea of the structure and pattern of JIPMER MBBS syllabus and paper pattern.

Revision is an important key to success.

  • Revising the topics which you have already studied, is a great way to prepare for an entrance exam.
  • You must plan how you are going to approach the exam if you want to excel in the JIPMER exam 2019, which is only possible if you take a lot of mock tests on a regular basis.
  • Whatever you study in a day, you should keep it revising within the time span of 2 or 3 days. Because doing so will only help you to remember the syllabus properly and you remain always connected with whatever you study.

Assertion-Reason Questions

  • Generally, all types of medical entrance exams include assertion and reason based questions along with multiple choice questions.
  • In order to solve these type of questions which are assertion and reason based, thorough knowledge of basic concepts must be gained.
  • To crack JIPMER 2019, the candidates must prepare intensively from the NCERT textbooks of Classes 11 and 12.
  • Also concepts of Physics, Chemistry and Biology must be clear in the length and width of the topic which will help a lot to score well in the JIPMER exam.

Formulas are another key

  • The most basic thing for your exam preparation is the formulas.
  • Formulas are the base for subjects like Physics, Chemistry, etc.
  • You can make a separate notebook for writing formulas.
  • Try to write them clearly and on point and in your own language.
  • You should revise these formulas before starting study every day.

Stay healthy and fit

  • Drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy food always.
  • This will prevent your body from being dehydrated and this will also let you feel healthy and awake always.
  • Eat fruits and nuts always. Stay away from street food and spicy, oily food during the exam period.

Boost your confidence

  • This is the last tip for your exam preparation.
  • From day one of your exam preparation until the day of your exam, keep on boosting your confidence level.
  • Always keep increasing your self-confidence, never let it become low.
  • Remember one thing always, never try hard topics before one-two days of the final examination.

These tips and tricks will definitely help you in the preparation of JIPMER exam. Always be confident.

Give your best always, keep doing hard work, learn and apply time management skills and the success will be yours!!

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