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Posted on 26th May, 2019 Posted By Smita Medhekar

Do you want to study MBBS in Poland?

It is a dream of many students in India and abroad to study MBBS in European countries.

Compared to other European countries, Poland is a country where education cost, cost of living, etc. is lower and hence, it can be a great option for Indian students who wish to study MBBS in Europe and thus students prefer studying MBBS in Poland.

After studying MBBS in Poland, you can work anywhere in the European countries, as Poland has joined the EU.

Since 2013, medical education in Poland has become more popular, as many numbers of MBBS colleges have been approved by the Ministry of Education of Poland.

There are also medical schools in Poland which teach in English medium.

A comprehensive study environment, advanced and modern equipment, highly qualified and experienced staff, and excellent infrastructure, etc. makes MBBS in Poland very much preferred.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI) has approved the Poland Medical degree.

MBBS in Poland - Quick Highlights

Eligibility Criteria A candidate must have completed 12th or equivalent from a recognized school or college with Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English with 60% marks.
Average Course Fee for MBBS in Poland Rs.5 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs
Average Starting Salary for MBBS in Poland Rs.5.0 to Rs.10.0 Lakhs/year
Course Duration 5 years + 1-year internship
Medium of Instruction English & Polish
Top MBBS universities in Poland University of Warsaw, University of Lodz, University of Wroclaw.
Recognition MCI, & WHO and Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Science

Eligibility Criteria: For Studying MBBS Course in Poland

The following eligibility criteria apply to students from all the countries, including India. You need to carefully follow the following eligibility criteria:-

  • The minimum and maximum age of the student to study medicine in Poland is 17 years and 25 years respectively.
  • You must have obtained minimum 60% marks with science as the background in the higher secondary examination.
  • You must have proper school education in 10+2 pattern.
  • You must have studied Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Botany and Zoology in the higher secondary.
  • For Indian students to enroll in MBBS in abroad, NEET exam qualification is mandatory.

Why Study MBBS in Poland?

Following are the different advantages of studying MBBS in Poland, have a look at them so that you will understand why studying MBBS in Poland can be beneficial:-

  • All medical universities in Poland are approved by MCI (Medical Council of India).
  • The cost of studying MBBS in Poland is affordable and low.
  • MBBS in Poland is taught in the English language of instruction.
  • As a part of the medical curriculum, students are not required to study any other language.
  • To become qualified to study MBBS in Poland, you are not required to give any kind of entrance exams like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Quality of MBBS education in Poland is on par with international standards.
  • You can either practice medicine or work in the UK, US, and Germany, after completing your MBBS education from Poland.
  • You can even practice medicine in Poland, or in any European country or in any other country in the world.
  • Climatic conditions of Russia and Poland are similar which is easily manageable and comforting throughout the year without any burning summer or freezing winter.

Admission Process for MBBS in Poland

Medical universities in Poland follow more or less similar admission policies and procedures with few differences. In the months of May or June every year, most of the medical colleges or universities in Poland start their admission processes.

So, after getting results of the higher secondary exam, you (Indian students) can immediately apply for studying medicine in Poland.

The admission procedure at any medical university in Poland involves the following steps:

  • You would need to send the application seeking admission along with all necessary credentials – certificates of educational qualification, and a copy of a valid passport to the University of your choice.
  • The medical universities process international applicants quickly. All students who applied are likely to receive the confirmation (if qualified, or rejection if disqualified) in a week’s time.
  • You can send the documents along with passport for Visa to the embassy for student’s visa, once you receive confirmation. It is a very easy process.

Subsequently, you get admission and confirmation letter from the respective university.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission in Poland

You will require the following documents at the time of admission to any MBBS university or college in Poland:-

  • Duly filled application form
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • 10th & 12th certificate
  • Leaving Certificate of class 12
  • A valid passport

Top MBBS Universities/Colleges in Poland (MCI Recognized)

You have gained all the necessary information and knowledge till now about studying MBBS in Poland, eligibility criteria for it, it’s advantages, admission process, required documents, etc.

Not only gaining this knowledge is useful, but you must also need to have information about which are the best MBBS colleges and universities in Poland.


Jagiellonian University Medical College

  • This is the second oldest university in Central Europe.
  • King Kazimierz Wielki (Casimir the Great) of Poland founded this prestigious University in Krakow city in 1364.
  • The Jagiellonian University is a self-governed university and it is a public higher education institution.
  • The Jagiellonian University Medical College is one of the leading polish scientific institutions with state-of-the-art infrastructure and eminent researcher and it collaborates with major academic centers from all over the world.
  • The largest medical academies in Poland are the faculties of pharmacy & medicine that are publicly praised.

Fee Structure of Jagiellonian University Medical College

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $12,530 $12,530 $12,530 $13000 $13000 $13000
Hostel (Approx) $2650 $2650 $2650 $2650 $2650 $2650
Food (Approx) $1320 $1320 $1320 $1320 $1320 $1320
Total (US $) $16,500 $16,500 $16,500 $16,970 $16,970 $16,970
Total (Rs) ₹.11.55 lacs ₹.11.55 lacs ₹.11.55 lacs ₹.11.55 lacs ₹.11.55 lacs ₹.11.55 lacs

University of Warsaw

  • It is the leading research center in the country and the largest university in Poland.
  • It offers a wide range of graduate and undergraduate study programs.
  • The University of Warsaw was established in 1816.
  • Warsaw is an international university, with thousands of foreign students, academics, and researchers.
  • The University of Warsaw is the leading university in Poland and it is among the top 2% of the world’s universities.
  • The courses from the University of Warsaw hold high positions in international rankings.
  • The 3,500 teaching staff of the university includes more than 820 professors, while the students can work on research teams and they also have the opportunity to study under experienced lecturers.
  • It offers courses in humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences as well as a range of interdisciplinary programs.
  • The university offers more than 20 programs which are taught in English, including economics, political science, and business, though most of the teaching is in Polish.

Fee Structure of the University of Warsaw

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $14,144 $12,362 $12,362 $12,362 $12,362 $12,362
Hostel (Approx) $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000 $3000
Food (Approx) $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000 $2000
Total (US $) $19,144 $17,362 $17,362 $17,362 $17,362 $17,362
Total (Rs) ₹.13,40,080 ₹.12,15,340 ₹.12,15,340 ₹.12,15,340 ₹.12,15,340 ₹.12,15,340

Medical University of Lublin

  • In 1950, the medical university of Lublin was established. It is a non-profit public higher education institution.
  • Based on entrance examinations and students' past academic record and grades, the university has a selective admission policy. International candidates are also eligible to apply for enrollment.
  • The department of dentistry was added in the total departments at the university in 1973.

Fee Structure of the Medical University of Lublin

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $13,371 $12,702 $12,702 $12,702 $12,702 $12,702
Hostel (Approx) $1470 $1470 $1470 $1470 $1470 $1470
Food (Approx) $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800
Total (US $) $16,641 $15,972 $15,972 $15,972 $15,972 $15,972
Total (Rs) ₹.11,64,870 ₹.11,18,040 ₹.11,18,040 ₹.11,18,040 ₹.11,18,040 ₹.11,18,040

University of Lodz

  • On 24th May 1945, the University of Lodz was established which was the period just after the end of the second world war in Europe.
  • This is the most regarded university in Poland today.
  • There are overall 12 faculties at the University.
  • With a collection of around three million books, the University of Lodz is the home to one of the largest academic libraries in Central Europe.
  • The university has a large number of dormitories to accommodate a large number of students. It also provides modern sports facilities to students and an array of entertainment options.
  • Over 770 foreign students from various countries attend medical and dental programs taught entirely in English presently at this university.
  • MBBS program offered by the University of Lodz is a full-time study program based on the obligatory requirements for the Polish medical higher education institutions.

Fee Structure of the University of Lodz

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $12,480 $12,257 $12,257 $12,257 $12,257 $12,257
Hostel (Approx) $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600
Food (Approx) $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560
Total (US $) $15,640 $15,417 $15,417 $15,417 $15,417 $15,417
Total (Rs) ₹.10,94,800 ₹.10,79,190 ₹.10,79,190 ₹.10,79,190 ₹.10,79,190 ₹.10,79,190

The University of Silesia in Katowice

  • The University of Silesia in Katowice founded in 1968 is one of the largest public universities in Poland.
  • This University offers students a variety of programs and specialized fields of study, to best meet the needs of rapidly changing labor markets.
  • The university is a member of international associations such as the Interuniversity Centre for Research and Cooperation with Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CIRCE'S), the European University Association (EUA), etc.
  • The Medical University of Silesia was established on the 20th of March 1948 and it is the largest medical school in Poland.
  • Every academic year the university offers more than 70 programs and more than 200 specializations that are designed to help students and alumni meet the challenges of a changing labor market.

Fee Structure of the University of Silesia in Katowice

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $7200 $7200 $7200 $7200 $7200 $7200
Hostel (Approx) $2776 $2776 $2776 $2776 $2776 $2776
Food (Approx) $2005 $2005 $2005 $2005 $2005 $2005
Total (US $) $11,981 $11,981 $11,981 $11,981 $11,981 $11,981
Total (Rs) ₹.8,38,670 ₹.8,38,670 ₹.8,38,670 ₹.8,38,670 ₹.8,38,670 ₹.8,38,670

University of Wroclaw

  • The university has a rich history of more than three centuries as this university was established in the year 1702.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, the university had five Faculties: Catholic theology, evangelical theology, philosophy, law, and medicine. Later it was expanded by laboratories, numerous sections, and a natural museum, which exists until today.
  • Wroclaw Medical University was established in the year 1946 and it is one of the most renowned public medical schools in Poland.
  • The University of Wroclaw participates in numerous international exchange programs such as ISEP, Erasmus, CEEPUS, Fullbright, and others and it also has different exchange agreements with many higher education institutions all over the world.
  • The Wroclaw Medical University consists of 5 faculties: Medicine, Dentistry, Public Health, Pharmacy, and Postgraduate Education, out of which Dentistry and medical as the main faculties.
  • With other universities abroad, Wroclaw Medical University has signed 200 international agreements of cooperation.
  • About 6,000 students study at the Medical University of Wroclaw and 1093 academic professors and teachers work at the Medical University.

Fee Structure of the University of Wroclaw

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $13,000 $13,000 $13,000 $13,000 $13,000 $13,000
Hostel (Approx) $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560 $1560
Food (Approx) $1870 $1870 $1870 $1870 $1870 $1870
Total (US $) $16,430 $16,430 $16,430 $16,430 $16,430 $16,430
Total (Rs) ₹.11,50,100 ₹.11,50,100 ₹.11,50,100 ₹.11,50,100 ₹.11,50,100 ₹.11,50,100

Nicolaus Copernicus Medical University

  • The university currently consists of 17 faculties and it is one of the largest universities in Poland.
  • The University provides students with individually focused teaching methods.
  • There are three faculties at the university namely medicine, health sciences and pharmacy which provide a broad range of programs covering various areas of medicine, and all follow the most recent advancements in science.
  • The University offers a total of 15 medical programs out of which medicine, nursing, and physiotherapy are taught entirely in English.

Fee Structure of the Nicolaus Copernicus Medical University

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $12,740 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700
Hostel (Approx) $1872 $1872 $1872 $1872 $1872 $1872
Food (Approx) $1650 $1650 $1650 $1650 $1650 $1650
Total (US $) $16,262 $15,222 $15,222 $15,222 $15,222 $15,222
Total (Rs) ₹.11,38,340 ₹.10,65,540 ₹.10,65,540 ₹.10,65,540 ₹.10,65,540 ₹.10,65,540

Poznan Medical University

  • The Poznan University of Medical Sciences is one of the best and largest medical universities in Poland, with great growth potential and it was established in 1919.
  • The six-year M.D. Program at the Poznan Medical University is based on the Polish curriculum and designed for international candidates who have graduated from high school, and who have obtained good grades in: Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English. The Medical Board of California recognizes this course fully.
  • This is a leading medical school in Poland and is currently recognized as the largest research, educational, and clinical center in Poland.
  • In close partnership with six clinical hospitals, Research, and clinical teaching is conducted.
  • Expansion of the various forms of collaboration in the areas of teaching and research is one of the top priorities for the continued growth of the University.

Fee Structure of the Poznan Medical University

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $12,740 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700 $11,700
Hostel (Approx) $2020 $2020 $2020 $2020 $2020 $2020
Food (Approx) $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500 $1500
Total (US $) $16,260 $15,220 $15,220 $15,220 $15,220 $15,220
Total (Rs) ₹.11,38,200 ₹.10,65,400 ₹.10,65,400 ₹.10,65,400 ₹.10,65,400 ₹.10,65,400

Gdańsk Medical University

  • The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) is located in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with an old town and beautiful sandy beaches and it is the largest medical university in northern Poland.
  • The Medical University of Gdańsk (MUG) offers English-taught programs including Polish and English Language Courses, a Premedical Course, Medicine Doctor Programme, Pharmacy Programme, Bachelor of Nursing Programme and Ph.D. Programmes.
  • On 8th October 1945, the university was founded. According to the Perspektywy Education Foundation’s 2018 higher education ranking, the MUG ranks among the top ten of the best Polish state universities (7th place) and it is the first medical school in the country.
  • The MUG teaches more than 6000 undergraduate and postgraduate students at 4 Faculties which are Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, and the Intercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology.
  • International students contribute more than 15% of the MUG’s students and represent more than half of all international students in Gdańsk.

Fee Structure of the Gdańsk Medical University

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $11,960 $11,440 $11,440 $11,440 $11,440 $11,440
Hostel (Approx) $1640 $1640 $1640 $1640 $1640 $1640
Food (Approx) $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800 $1800
Total (US $) $15,400 $14,880 $14,880 $14,880 $14,880 $14,880
Total (Rs) ₹.10,78,000 ₹.10,41,600 ₹.10,41,600 ₹.10,41,600 ₹.10,41,600 ₹.10,41,600

Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

  • Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin is a public university with an intramural full-time system of study.
  • There are two faculties at the university which offer studies in English medium of instruction and they are Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.
  • Since 1996, the University offers studies in English language on the Faculty of Medicine and since 2006, on the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • At present, both the faculties of Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin has over 600 students of the English Program.
  • At the PMU, over 250 students have already successfully graduated from their respective Faculties. Each year the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin offers 120 seats at the Faculty of Medicine and 30 seats at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.
  • Furthermore, the University cooperates with many other medical schools, clinics, and hospitals in Europe. Student with good grades can enter the ERASMUS program and can study abroad for one or two semesters.
  • PMU has signed agreements with the Universities in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Fee Structure of the Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin

Fee Structure Year - 1 Year - 2 Year - 3 Year - 4 Year - 5 Year - 6
Tuition Fee $11788.5 $11788.5 $12350 $12350 $12350 $12350
Hostel (Approx) $2050 $2050 $2050 $2050 $2050 $2050
Food (Approx) $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600 $1600
Total (US $) $15438.5 $15438.5 $16000 $16000 $16000 $16000
Total (Rs) ₹.10,80,695 ₹.10,80,695 ₹.11,20,000 ₹.11,20,000 ₹.11,20,000 ₹.11,20,000

Thus, you must have gained necessary information about MBBS education in Poland till now, its advantages, eligibility criteria, admission process, etc. You also now have sufficient knowledge about which are the good medical colleges or universities in Poland.

So, you can now decide and choose the college or university according to your choice and your budget. Because selecting a good university is as important as choosing a good study course.

Now, studying hard to become successful is in your hands…

All the best for your future!!

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