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Posted on 05th April, 2019 Posted By Smita Medhekar

From last few years, the number of Indian students who study MBBS abroad has increased drastically.

Are you one of them who want to study MBBS abroad?

In India, teachers and parents recommend studying either engineering or medicine to their children from childhood

Hence, many of you grow with a dream and aim of becoming an engineer or a doctor in the future. It is a dream of many Indian parents too.

But then, why this dream remains only dream in case of many of the Indian students?

What are those things which become a hurdle in their path of becoming a doctor?

Let us try to explore!

  • Though engineering seats in India have increased drastically, this is not the same case with MBBS seats.
  • In India, 10 lakh students appear in various All India & State Level Entrance tests every year, whereas there are approximately 50,000 seats available in all over India.
  • Moreover, it is not easy for Indian students to get admission in Private or Government medical colleges in India .
  • As Private medical colleges in India, charge fees from Rs.75 lakhs and upwards , Indian students cannot afford these higher fees and thus, the last option is to study MBBS abroad in an MCI approved medical university .

Hence, we can say that still, hopes are there for Indian medical aspirants!

Now, you may say that is this really as easy as it looks to study MBBS abroad?

And how will it be beneficial for me?

Studying MBBS in abroad has become more easy and comfortable than ever before now, as the world has become a global village.

Find out what are the different advantages of studying abroad?

1. No Donation or Capitation Fees

  • Universities abroad do not charge donation or capitation fees like Indian universities.
  • Apart from the yearly fee, medical universities in India charge huge amount as a donation or capitation fee.
  • In comparison to the Indian private colleges, the fees of private medical colleges in abroad are very low in between the range of Rs.2.5 Lakhs - 4.5 Lakhs every year .

2. No Entrance Test for Admission

  • To secure admission in private medical colleges abroad, there is no need to give any kind of entrance test .
  • Admission in private medical colleges abroad will be strictly based on your performance in standard 12th and on first cum first served basis .
  • Also, preference will be given to the students with more than 75% of marks in their standard 12th exam.

3. World Class Infrastructure

  • The campuses across many different countries like China, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines etc. have world-class infrastructure and they also provide modern equipment in the hospitals.
  • The universities abroad are equipped with modern equipment of study.

4.Low Cost of Living

  • You may also be wondering how can be the cost of living in abroad less.
  • But this is true. Though most of the countries to study abroad are from Europe, they have a very low cost of living .
  • If you study in Asian countries like China, there also the cost of living will be very low which is in between Rs.7k to Rs.15k per month .
  • Of course, your lifestyle would also be responsible for the cost of living in any foreign country.

5. International Exposure

  • The students who study in foreign countries are surrounded by fellow students from different countries, having different cultures and backgrounds etc. and thus they get international exposure .
  • Also, due to the large population, countries like China provide great opportunities for MBBS students to get exposed to a large number of patients.

6. An Opportunity to see the World

  • If you choose to study abroad, then you will get an opportunity to see the world.
  • You will experience a brand new country with a new culture, new looks, customs, and traditions.
  • You will see new terrains, museums, landmarks, and natural wonders etc. of your host nation.

7. Enhance Your Language Skills

  • By studying abroad you get an excellent opportunity to learn new languages, like languages which are specific to that country.
  • Studying any new language will be easier when you learn it in a country where it has originated.

8. Career Opportunities in the Home Country

  • When you return home after completing your study abroad program, you will be having a new perspective on language skills, culture, a great education, and willingness to learn.
  • And your future employers would get definitely attracted towards your skills, experience, and education which will be beneficial for your future career as you will be able to get the best job offers in your home country.

9. Lifetime Experience

  • Studying abroad can be the lifetime experience for you as it would make positive changes in your personality, you will learn new languages, will be more confident and independent.
  • It will change your perspective of looking at things. And thus, this experience is not like any other and it can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for you.


  • When you start studying abroad you will start living in a completely different environment and you will start managing everything on your own.
  • Thus, you will learn how to be independent and responsible .
  • Loneliness is the only thing which will teach you to take your own decisions and also it will also teach you to tackle everyday problems.
  • This will improve your personality and self-confidence .

Best Countries to Study MBBS Abroad

After looking at all the above benefits of studying abroad , you must be now interested to pursue MBBS abroad.

As we have seen studying MBBS in India is more expensive than studying it in any other country.

We have seen that there are many benefits of studying MBBS abroad, only the thing is you should choose the right country and university from that country.

Hence, to help you with choosing the right country, find below a given list of best countries to study MBBS in abroad.

Country Best Medical College
China China Medical University
Philippines AMA School of Medicine, Manila
Nepal National Medical College
Kyrgyzstan Jalalabad Medical University
Russia Siberian State Medical University
Ukraine Bogomolets National Medical University
Poland Medical University of Gdansk
Bangladesh East West Medical College
Germany Lubeck Medical University
USA University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Thus, select a country which best suits all your needs and fits in your criteria and conditions and choose the best college from that country and then you are done and ready to fly high and fulfill your dreams!

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