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Posted on 08th April, 2019 Posted By Smita Medhekar

There is no other experience as enriching as studying abroad .

Anyone and everyone who wishes to explore the globe and the various specialities each place carries can go for studying abroad.

Studying abroad is not only a great way to add additional academic skillsto your profile but in comparison to an Indian degree, the Indian companies give preference to a reputed international university.

Quality education, focus, and better infrastructure are some of the parameters because of which students prefer studying abroad.

So, why don’t you think about studying abroad?

To be sure, let us look at some more benefits of studying abroad.

Why students prefer studying abroad?

A constant rise in the number of Indian students enrolling for a degree away from their home country can be seen in the Universities worldwide. Following are some of the reasons behind it:

  • Top quality higher education and far better facilitiesare provided by universities from several countries.
  • More focus is given on research in Universities abroad than Indian universities.
  • Compared to an Indian’s Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the Indian job market appreciates a degree from a top international university more.
  • From enjoying local festivals and cuisines to making new friends, there is a lot which one can do in a new place.
  • Indian students are class apart in terms of hard work and brilliance and thus they are warmly welcomed by foreign universities.
  • If you want international job opportunities then studying abroad is one of the best ways.

The top countries to study abroad have undergone changes over the period of time, as students are becoming more aware about the overseas education opportunities. The list of top destinations to study abroad for Indian students had only countries like the USA, the UK, and Australia approximately 10 years ago. But today, as the trend has changed, the students are also experimenting with new countries and courses to get a degree.

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Factors to choose a country

Then, how to decide which countries can be a part of the list ‘Top 10 Countries to Study Abroad in 2019’?

This decision can be made based on some of the following factors. Let’s have a look:

  • Cultural Accessibility
  • Number of Cultural attractions
  • Quality of education
  • Low fees or free study facility
  • The wideness of professional network
  • Preference to attend university in that country

Following are some interesting facts that you would like to know about students who studied abroad according to a survey by the Institute for International Education of Students (IES):

  • According to a survey, 95% of the students admitted that studying abroad helped them to mature personally.
  • An increase in self confidence was reported by 96% of the students.
  • A lasting impact on the worldview of 95% of the students was reported.
  • Study abroad experience of 94% of the students continued to influence interactions with people from different cultures.
  • A more sophisticated way of looking at the world was developed according to 82% of the students.
  • According to 98% of the students, study abroad helped them better understand their own cultural values.

Do you wish to experience something like mentioned above?

Then, studying abroad would be a best decision for you.

Below are the top 10 countries to study abroad in 2019-20:

1 USA (The United States of America)

  • USA is one of the most sought after study abroad destinations for international students and thus it is one of the top countries to study abroad.
  • This country is a dominant choice for students not just from India but also from other countries, as over 9,00,000 international students are enrolled in its various universities.
  • The USA boasts of some of the highly ranked institutions in the world like Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and MIT etc. to name a few.
  • As wide range of programmes like Engineering, business management, MBBS etc. are offered by universities in USA, USA has become a hotspot for education.


Top Courses to Study in USA

Courses Introduction No. of Students Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - For MBBS in USA, more than 1000 Indian students apply with top MCI approved universities of medicine.
- San Diego School of Medicine located at California is the top medical university in USA.
2,01,428 Rs. 50 Lakhs to Rs.65 Lakhs
Business - Students like to learn Business management in the USA,because students who have got their training for 1,89,258 Rs.8 Lakhs - Rs.30 Lakhs
Management -business management in the USA canget-immediate returns on their investments.
-Harvard University situated at Boston is the top university for management studies in USA
Engineering -There are many top engineering universities in the USA.
-Compared to any other countries in the world,Engineers in the US earn more salaries.
-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the top Engineering university in USA.
1,76,750 Rs.25 lakhs - Rs.50 lakhs
Maths & Computer Science - Though Mathematics and Computer Science is an uncommon major, it has many popular schools in USA.
- University of Illinois at Urbana, Champaign is a top university in USA for Mathematics and Computer Science.
1,09,950 Rs.15 lakhs - Rs.1 crore
Social Sciences -There are 150 institutionsin the US offering Social Sciences.
- A wide range of careers in the public and private sectors can be offered to graduates in social science.
80,951 Rs.6 lakhs - Rs.42 lakhs
Physical & Life Sciences - The US has concentrated many top colleges for life sciences.
- Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are the top institutes to study physical and life sciences.
78,838 Rs.9 lakhs - Rs.20 lakhs

You can get more information about how is the ‘Study in USA’ here.

2 UK (United Kingdom)

  • It is a popular study abroad country among students around the world.
  • The UK has the oldest and best universities in the world such as Cambridge and Oxford. These universities offer a wide range of courses in Engineering and management and other domains right from various undergraduate degrees to one-year post graduate degrees.
  • Currently, Universities across UK have over 5 lakh students enrolled out of which 25,000 are Indian students.


Courses to study in UK

Courses Introduction Number of Students Total Fees (Approximately)
Business Management - It is a broad degree which encompasses many areas, and students will be highly employable and can think about pursuing roles in advertising, banking, consultancy, general management, human resource management and marketing.
- University of Oxford, University of St. Andrews, University of Warwick etc. are the top universities in UK
1,38,335 Rs.12 lakhs
Engineering - Some of the best and highest ranked engineering schools in the world are in the UK.
- Engineering-led industry contributes about 40% of Uk’s gross domestic product and is a key part of the national economy of UK. - University of Cambridge, University of Bristol, University of Oxfordare some of the Uk’s best engineering universities.
59,015 Rs.11 lakhs - Rs.35 lakhs
Social Sciences - At undergraduate and postgraduate levels by universities and other higher education institutions, social science courses are offered at the UK.
- The UK is a popular destination to study social science course and UK based courses would lean towards the study of politics and international studies.
45,620 Rs.9 lakhs - Rs.25 lakhs
Physical & Life Sciences - The UK has concentrated many top colleges for life sciences.
- In subjects like Physics, Material science, Forensic and archaeological sciences, Physical Geographical sciences, Astronomy, Geology etc. courses are offered by universities or colleges in the UK.
42,505 Rs.15 lakhs - Rs.20 lakhs
Fine and Applied Arts - Visual arts graduates can follow careers as industrial designers, cartoonists, illustrators, and more.
- All the modern and unique features of UK universities enable you to experience top quality teaching and learning and engage in ground-breaking research.
41,095 Rs.7 lakhs - Rs.27 lakhs

3 Australia

  • The job opportunities and the education system are very good in Australia.
  • From the rest of the countries, the Grading system in Australia differs.
  • There are many renowned universities in Australia. Six universities in Australia are in the top 100 worldwide.
  • Outside the classroom, students have lots of things to enjoy in Australia as Australia has everything from rainforests and deserts to alpine mountains and underwater ecosystems.


Top Courses to Study in Australia

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
Business Management - In Australia, there are a number of management courses and good management schools.
- A management course is studied by thousands of international students in Australia.
- Melbourne Business School is the top business school in Australia.
Rs.30 lakhs - Rs.60 lakhs
Engineering - In a highly practical environment in Australia, International students can attain high skills and qualifications in any of the faculties of engineering.
- Australia has a great history of engineering with its achievements in the field of engineering.
- University of New South Wales is one of the top engineering university in Australia.
Rs.64 lakhs - Rs.72 lakhs
MBBS - Australian medical schools are known globally, due to its excellent quality of training and research.
- In the world’s top 50 schools for medicine, University of Queensland has been ranked.
Rs.1.5 Crore - Rs.2.10 Crore
Mass Communication - Out of top 100 universities for Mass Communication in the world, Australia has 7 universities .
- Queensland university of technology, Royal Melbourne University of Technology, are some of the major universities for Mass Communication in Australia.
Rs.30 lakhs - Rs.60 lakhs
Law - The students will be eligible to do legal practice in Australia, who study from the law schools in Australia.
- Australian law education has become more internationalized in recent years.
- The University of Melbourne is the top university for studying law.
Rs.15 Lakhs - Rs.60 Lakhs
Environmental Science -As there are serious issues of water and climate change, many universities are getting extra funding from the government for doing research in the field.
- The field of environmental science has many related specializations like agriculture, built environment, education and training, engineering and technology, business and management, humanities and social sciences, sciences, and sport.
- Murdoch University in Perth is the top University for Environmental Science.
Rs.39 Lakhs - Rs.48 Lakhs

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4 Canada

  • Universities in Canada haveexcellent teaching quality and career goals and hence it proudly features top universities.
  • Similar value is given to a degree from a Canadian university as the degree obtained from the US, Australia, and other European countries and it is accepted globally.
  • Students can get the best education at the top universities in Canada in minimum fees as they can get scholarship opportunities which will reduce the fees and other educational expenses.
  • The reason why Canadian teenagers rank among the best in the world is that Canadian schools and colleges try to give the best knowledge to their students as much they can.


Top Courses to Study in Canada

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
Business Management - The MBA fees are more affordable in Canada, compared to USA, Australia, and the UK.
- Among the Global rankings such as academic rankings of world universities, QS research and Times higher education, top Canadian business schools have been ranked.
Rs.10 lakhs - Rs.25 lakhs
Engineering -Canada is a hub for many technical and IT industries, thus after studying Engineering in Canada, students can get a number of post-study work options.
- While choosing the faculty of engineering, students get a wide variety of choices.
- The University of Toronto is one of the top engineering university in Canada.
Rs.24 lakhs - Rs.1 Crore
MBBS - In many of the top universities in Canada, there are plenty of MBBS seats available.
- The amenities, the apparatus, the practical training and the course content all these things are most advanced and excellent in Canada, thus the Quality of education is high.
- McGill University is one of the top 10 universities in Canada.
Rs.62 lakhs- Rs.95 lakhs
Computer Science & IT - In the field of computer science, Canadian institutes offer a wide variety of courses.
- The University of British Columbia is one of the top universities for Computer Science and IT in Canada.
Rs.5 lakhs - Rs.50 lakhs
Media & Journalism - For Media & Journalism courses, a wide variety of courses are available at Canadian Institutes.
- For media and communication, Canada has some of the best schools.
- The University of Toronto is one of the best universities for media and journalism in Canada.
Rs.8 Lakhs - Rs.60 Lakhs
Mathematics - In Canada, most of the institutes teach mathematics courses in English.
- In affordable fees, they provide quality education in Canada.
- The University of Toronto is one of the best universities for mathematics in Canada
Rs.2 Lakhs - Rs.22 Lakhs

Learn more about how ‘Study in Canada’ can be beneficial for you

5 Ukraine

  • Courses offered by universities in Ukraine are recognized by WHO, UNESCO, European council etc.
  • The Ranking of the universities in Ukraine is very high considering other international universities and thus Ukraine offers quality education.
  • For admission into Ukrainian universities, no entrance test is required.
  • At the Ukrainian universities, equal focus is given on practical knowledge along with theoretical knowledge.
  • A wide variety of courses are available in Ukraine for students to choose from.


Top Courses to Study in Ukraine

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
Business Management -A lot of interesting career opportunities are offered by MBA in Ukraine.
- The management degree from Ukraine has a great value.
- Kiev Business School’is one of the top business schools in Ukraine.
Rs.5 lakhs - Rs.6 lakhs
Engineering -Lots of specializations are offered by engineering universities in Ukraine.
- The teaching methods and structure of engineering in Ukraine is highly advanced and modernized.
- I.I.Mechnikov Odessa National University is the top engineering university in Ukraine.
Rs.15 lakhs - Rs.20 lakhs
MBBS - There are many popular MBBS colleges in Ukraine.
- Admission process of Ukrainian medical universities is very easy.
- O.O.Bogomolets national medical university is the top medical university in Ukraine.
Rs.16 lakhs- Rs.22 lakhs
Arts -The creative art courses are offered by Ukrainian universities.
- The universities in Ukraine offer different Arts courses with low tuition fees
- Kiev State Institute of Decorative Applied Arts and Design is one of the top universities in Ukraine.
Rs.12 lakhs - Rs.13 lakhs
Aviation - Advanced teaching methods are used at Ukrainian aviation colleges and their staff is highly professional .
- Ukraine has the most advanced aviation industry.
- The ‘Ivan Kozhedub Kharkiv National University of Air Force’ located at Kharkiv is the top aviation institute in Ukraine.
Rs.5 Lakhs - Rs.18 Lakhs

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6 China

  • Studying in China is affordable for many international students, as China is cheaper than any other European countries in the world like Japan, the U.S., and South Korea.
  • China is trying to build more and more world-class universities, and it is heavily in higher education.
  • Over the last 10 years, the number of international students in China is increasing.
  • More than 40,000 scholarships at 277 institutions across the country are offered.


Top Courses to Study in China

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - The medical universities in China are recognized globally.
- The medical universities in China are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.
- Studying MBBS in China is 70% cheaper than any other universities from the US or UK.
Rs.18 lakhs - Rs.50 lakhs
Finance - In China, students will learn about capital markets and the financing decisions that businesses and organizations need to make.
- Chinese universities are excellent in teaching finance.
- The University of International Business and Economics located at Beijing is one of the top finance universities in China.
Rs.10 lakhs - Rs.35 lakhs
MBA - The students who have graduated from China’s best MBA schools can get 80-100% salary increment after their graduation.
- A large number of scholarships are offered by MBA schools of China.
- Peking University - Guanghua School of Management, is one of the leading business schools in China.
Rs.4 lakhs- Rs.50 lakhs
Economics/strong> - Students who study economics at the universities of China can get a chance to work in insurance, communication, banking, transport, and manufacturing industries.
- In China, Economics is taught in English language.
- University of International Business and Economics is the top university in China.
Rs.2 Lakhs - Rs.10 Lakhs
Computer Science & IT - Computer science education in China is according to the international education standards, that is, it is a quality education.
- There are many opportunities for students who study Computer Science & IT from China.
- Tsinghua University is one of the leading computer science universities in China.
Rs.14 lakhs - Rs.24 lakhs

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7 Ireland

  • Ireland’s education system is one of the best education systemsin Europe.
  • It becomes easier for students to communicate with people around, as Ireland is an English speaking country.
  • Some of the top universities in the world are in Ireland.
  • In the World University Rankings, ‘Trinity college, Dublin’has 131st rank.
  • The ‘University of Dublin’ and ‘National university of Ireland, Galway’ is ranked 201- 25th respectively in the World University Rankings.
  • For students from all the fields, there are loads of job opportunities.
  • Ireland is a perfect destination for students who want to study abroad.


Top Courses to Study in Ireland

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - In Ireland, 5 years medical program is available.
- In Ireland, in order to communicate with the patients, there is no need to study any other language. For students, direct communication in English with the patients is possible.
-In the USA, Canada, Europe, India and other Asian countries, medical degrees from Ireland are accepted.
- There are many top medical universities in Ireland. Trinity college Dublin is one of them.
Rs.1.3 Crore - Rs.1.5 Crore
Engineering - Some of the world’s topmost colleges for engineering are in Ireland.
- Engineering colleges in Ireland offer various types of engineering degrees.
- In Ireland, there are many best engineering colleges and universities to study engineering.
- Among the world’s best engineering universities and colleges, Trinity college Dublin (TCD) stands 117t .
- Engineering at Trinity College Dublin is the best in Ireland.
Rs.32 lakhs - Rs.80 lakhs
Business Management - Due to low fees of the MBA courses, American and other students from foreign countries prefer doing MBA courses in Ireland.
- Students of MBA courses in Ireland get benefits like advice, workshops and one to one coaching too.
- Ireland’s MBA programs save time and money of students, as Ireland’s institutes offer MBA programs which are of only 1 year duration compared to 2 years programs from other countries.
- University college Dublin is the top management college in Ireland.
Rs.7 lakhs - Rs.28 lakhs

Learn more about how ‘Study in Ireland’ can be beneficial for you.

8 Russia

  • In Russia, international students can get a high qualityof education.
  • In Moscow and St. Petersburg, most of the top universities in Russia are located.
  • Russian universities have very low fees compared to universities in other countries.
  • In Russia, students can find it interesting to study music, dance and Russian languages.
  • Russian Government offers various scholarships for which international students can apply.
  • Many of the Russian universities can offer dual diplomas to their students as they have implemented joint programs with the foreign universities. So that, an international student can get a Russian diploma and a European diploma.


Top Courses to Study in Russia

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - It is very easy for a student to take admission to MBBS course in Russia, as there is no entrance examto study MBBS in Russia.
- Compared to other countries in the world, fees for MBBS in Russia are very low.
- MBBS degree from Russia is valid all over the world, because all the medical universities in Russia are MCI and WHO approved.
- Tver State Medical University is the top medical university in Russia.
Rs.15 lakhs - Rs.40 lakhs
MD in Medicine - MD in Russia can be studied by Students who have completed MBBS from India or from Russia or any other country.
- All the benefits for MD in Russia are same as they are for MBBS in Russia.
- I. M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical and Tver State Medical University are the top medical universities in Russia.
Rs.4 lakhs - Rs.15 lakhs
Engineering - Russia is famous for its different fields in engineering like electrical, aerospace, electronics engineering, mechanical, computer, and many such fields.
- Many topmost universitiesfor engineering from the world like Moscow state university and st. Petersburg state university are in Russia.
- National University of Science and Technology located at Moscow is one of the top engineering universities in the world.
Rs.13 lakhs - Rs.14 lakhs (for undergraduate courses in engineering)

Rs.13 lakhs - Rs.14 lakhs (for undergraduate courses in engineering)
Aviation - Some of the best Aviation universities from the world are in Russia.
- Lots of job opportunities in aircraft design or testing or in other fields are there related to this field.
- Aerospace Engineering University of Moscow is one of the top universities for Aviation in Moscow.
Rs.4 lakhs - Rs.11 lakhs

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9 Belarus

  • Education system in Belarus is known for its academic excellence.
  • A wide range of study programs for students are offered by higher education.
  • Lowest tuition fees in the world are offered by Universities in Belarus and thus the cost of education in Belarus is easily affordable.
  • IELTS and TOEFL is not required for admission for universities in Belarus.
  • The courses offered by institutes in Belarus are of very high standard and Higher education institutes at Belarus are recognized globally.


Top Courses to Study in Belarus

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - The medical universities at Belarus are among the best medical universities in the world, because Belarus medical courses are of standard quality.
- After studying MBBS from Belarus, students can apply for license exams like MCI, PMDC, USMLE, PLAB, etc.
- Belarus medical universities have very easy admission process.
- Gomel state medical university is one of the top medical universities in Russia.
Rs.12 lakhs - Rs.30 lakhs
Business Management - Management institutes in Belarus offer degrees which meet international standards.
- Management courses at Belarus are taught in English language.
- After studying management diplomas in Belarus, students can work as managers, marketers, business analysts and economists in Belarus and abroad also.
- Eurasian Management and Administration School located at Minsk is the top management school in Belarus.
Rs.7 lakhs - Rs.8 lakhs
Economics - In Belarus, Economics is taught in two languages, Russian and English.
- A variety of courses in Economics are offered in Belarus.
- Belarusian state economic university situated at Minsk is the top university for studying Economics.
Rs.6 lakhs - Rs.8 lakhs
Law Studies - As international law is taught in English language, the law education given in Belarus is of world standard.
- The law degree from Belarus is recognized all over the world.
- After taking law degree for 4 years, students become lawyer.
- Belarusian state university (BSU) is one of the top universities for law in Belarus.
Rs.6 lakhs - Rs.9 lakhs

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10 Poland

  • Many old universities in Europe are situated at Poland.
  • There are about 400-500 courses which are offered in English language in Poland.
  • Jagiellon University is one of the oldest universities in Poland, as Poland has many old universities in Europe.
  • The cost of studying and living in Poland is cheaper than any other parts of Europe.
  • Poland has a well developed system of higher education.


Top Courses to Study in Poland

Courses Introduction Total Fees (Approximately)
MBBS - Medical universities in Poland are recognized by international bodies such as WHO, MCI etc.
- For pursuing MBBS in Poland, there is no need of any entrance exam.
- Jagiellonian Universityis one of the top medical universities in Poland.
Rs.28 lakhs - Rs.34 lakhs
Business Management - There is no entrance exam for studying MBA in Poland.
- For MBA in Poland, there are 16 different faculties.
- University of Warsaw, Faculty of Management is one of the top management universities in Poland.
Rs.1 lakh - Rs.5 lakhs
Economics - The two disciplines of Economics in Poland are Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.
- Investment analysts, Financial managers, Auditors, and Economic consultants are the career opportunities for students who have taken a degree in Economics.
- University of Gdanskis the top university for Economics in Poland.
Rs.2 lakhs - Rs.10 lakhs
Engineering - Engineering can be studied in Poland at low cost.
- International students from all over the world are accepted by technical universities in Poland.
- AGH University of Science and Technology located at Krakow is the top engineering university.
Rs.6 lakhs - Rs.13 lakhs

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Thus, every country has something unique to offer. These countries are great and ready for you, though they are having large cultural, language, and social differences.

So, it doesn't really matter whether you want to go for a jungle adventure, a posh tea party, some mental serenity or anything else…!

Whatever your wish is, there is always a perfect country just waiting to be explored…inside and outside of the classroom...for fulfilling your wishes!!

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