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Posted on 08th April, 2019 Posted By Smita Medhekar

Top Courses to Study Abroad For Indian Students

Studying abroad as well as working abroad is a dream of many Indian students.

Thus, every student wants to study a course which comes with personal satisfaction and fulfillment, financial gains and most importantly many career opportunities .

Hence, students find that to get international job opportunities, studying abroad is one of the best ways .

However, one of the major problems among students is that lack of information about the courses and career paths that can help them to get employed overseas.

The main hurdles in their path are choosing the right course and the right country which plays a vital role in job placements. Though all the courses cannot get you employment across all the countries, there are few courses that can certainly improve your chances of getting jobs overseas especially, in few countries.

You just need to identify the right career path along with the right course and destination country.

The purpose of this blog is to make you aware of different courses and careers which will help you to get a job abroad easily.

Few points to keep in mind for students are:

  • Candidates with only graduate degrees or diplomas have fewer chances of success than those with postgraduate degrees. Thus, it is important to have a postgraduate degree.
  • The reputation of the college or university matters for you a lot. If you have done your graduate or postgraduate degree from top 10 schools then nothing like it, as it will create a great positive impact on your resume.
  • A few qualities or attributes are nice to have for you like general awareness, computer literacy, communication skills, people skills, confidence, motivation, and willingness to learn, as it will boost your candidature.
  • It is important for you that you score good in exams like GMAT , TOEFL , IELTS or GRE etc .

Let us find out some advantages of landing a job abroad . Here are the reasons why Indian students want to work abroad:

  • Better remuneration.
  • Gaining an International perspective.
  • Improved career growth.
  • A chance to experience a new culture.
  • Acquire advanced skills.
  • Better living standards.

So, let us look at the ‘top courses to study abroad for Indian students’.

We will take a quick look at various courses and sectors that have the most potential for jobs overseas and which can get you lucrative salaries.

1. Healthcare and Pharmacy

  • By 2020, the global pharmaceutical industry will witness major growth .
  • The healthcare sector will see tremendous growth, with the increase in the aging population.
  • All the Healthcare professionals work in sync, and deliver a plethora of services across many levels, from public health and preventive services in the community, to emergency health services, hospital-based treatment, primary health care, and rehabilitation and palliative care.
  • These healthcare providers include pharmacists, dentists, nurses, medical practitioners, and allied health science professionals.

2. Engineering and Technology

  • A huge number of job opportunities are expected to generate with the broad sector of engineering services.
  • More than IT and computer science, core engineering disciplines have been in more demand.
  • There are more opportunities for infrastructure related jobs in the middle east.
  • For international job opportunities below are the hottest streams in engineering:

Mechanical Engineering Electrical & Computer Science Engineering
IT & Telecom Mechatronics
Civil & Environmental Engineering Robotics
Biomedical Engineering Petroleum Engineering
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Geophysical Engineering

3. Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology

  • Biotechnology is currently one of the top fields globally at present.
  • You could land with a job offer with a handsome salary, after completing a degree in Biomedical Sciences or Biotechnology.
  • A pay hike of 5-15% can be expected every year.
  • You can also opt for MBA or Ph.D. (with specializations in Innovation Management, Technology Management, Strategic Management, International Business or Entrepreneurship, Marketing) after working as a research assistant or staff scientist.
  • The life sciences is the domain which will help you to achieve great success in your career.

4. Agricultural Science and Food Technology

  • There are problems in food production due to the increase in the global population. Because of the assurance of a job overseas, agricultural science is slowly gaining popularity .
  • Due to rapid urbanization and lifestyle changes worldwide, the field of food science is growing.
  • Just like Biomedical science, Food Science is very multidisciplinary in nature.
  • There is an increasing demand for easy to consume (e.g. ready-to-eat meals) and easy to prepare food items (e.g. frozen pizza, Maggi) and, due to the rapid technological advancements and our hectic daily life.
  • Factors like safety and nutrition are of supreme quality apart from quality.
  • Therefore, there is a growing market demand for sophistication and more advancements in the field of food science and technology globally.

5. Hospitality and Tourism

  • Due to good career prospects and employment potential, Hospitality and tourism have become trendy.
  • In recent times, countries like Australia and New Zealand are among the best.
  • In terms of job prospects, UAE, Canada, UK, France, Switzerland, and the US are also very popular.
  • This sector is ever growing and dynamic sector.

6. Law

  • There will always be a high demand for lawyers as law and order is a daily part of our lives.
  • This is a popular course which offers an academic degree in general law.
  • For the many professional career paths in law, this degree in law will prepare you.
  • You will get positions like a chartered legal executive, barrister, paralegal or as a solicitor.
  • You can pursue a career in any of these branches of law like commercial law, banking law, criminal law, corporate law, employment law, human rights, and intellectual property law.

7. Marine Biology

  • A scientific study of marine life and organisms in the sea is known as Marine Biology.
  • Though it is not one of the popular courses that people study, it is rated among the best courses to study in the world .
  • Thus, you should have a great interest in sea life, if you want to study this course. To build a good career, you will need a strong commitment and hard work.

8. Medicine

  • To meet the medical needs of the people, to improve the prevention of diseases, and to improve the health and well being of people doctors in every specialty are in high demand all over the world.
  • hus, a wide range of career possibilities are offered by a degree in medicine.
  • Medicine is a very highly competitive course that takes a long time to build a career and it requires excellent academic marks, hard work, diligence, and a high level of commitment.

9. Nursing

  • Nurses provide hospital care and hospitality to the patients and hence they are closer to the patients more than doctors.
  • If you want to help people improve the quality of health and life of people, if you like caring for them, and if you don’t mind helping physician, then you can go for Nursing course.

10 Occupational Therapy

  • The profession that deals with the care of disabled, injured, and ill patients so that they can be able to carry out their everyday tasks or activities is known as Occupational Therapy. It is an allied health profession.
  • The one who helps people with social or physical disabilities or mental health problems to be effective in their occupations and complete their daily tasks is an Occupational Therapist.
  • Studies have shown that this course is one of the best courses to study now as it is one of the professions in which the employment figures are more likely to rise in coming years.

11. MBA (Master of Business Administration)

  • It is a very popular degree in management at the postgraduate level.
  • There is always a high demand for management professionals in many fields across the world, thus this course is popular among students.
  • MBA offers a wide variety of specializations like Finance, International Business, Banking, Banking and Finance, Economics etc.
  • USA and India are the two biggest markets in the world for MBA graduates. Thus, the top 5 business schools are from USA which provide highest packages to students.
  • Additionally, this course is one of the highest paying courses in the world.

12. Translation and Interpretation

  • Today, everywhere in the world, translators and interpreters are needed.
  • The reason behind this is many organizations in the world are expanding globally and they now work with international clients.
  • Thus, you will get a lot of career opportunities and lucrative packages if you build a career in this course.
  • If you love languages then you can go for this course.

13. Computer Science and Mathematics

  • This is a joint degree course in which the understanding of computing is combined with the appreciation of mathematical reasoning.
  • A lot of potential career paths can be opened by studying this course.
  • You can build a career as an IT consultant, a system administrator or a developer with a degree in this course.
  • A wide range of possibilities for growth and professional development are offered with these careers.

14. Digital and Interactive Media and Communication

  • The media has got a huge impact as so many events are happening every minute and everywhere.
  • Media is no more a field of mere humanities and creativity in today’s digital age but you should have an acute understanding of technology.
  • Digital media is a way of supporting yourself in a range of industries.
  • It is a very vast field and thus, it has many upcoming career opportunities.

15. Statistics, Data Science and Analytics

  • We are surrounded by a huge amount of data and it is expanding at an exponential rate. Hence, it is very important to extract knowledge or insights from the data around us.
  • Data science consists of 3 pillars: Computer Science, & Software Development, Statistics & Machine Learning, and Domain Knowledge.
  • Analytics is a fast-growing field and presents exciting career opportunities for students and professionals with strong analytical and quantitative skills.
  • The analytics field combines statistical and quantitative analysis, extensive use of data, fact-based management, and exploratory and predictive models.
  • Analytics gets used in various sectors that include healthcare, travel, FMCG, financial services, retail, media etc.
  • To get a competitive edge, recently, unconventional sectors like education, manufacturing, and sports are also implementing the innovative use of analytics.
  • Hence, it’s demand across the world as a career is increasing day by day.

You must have understood until now that choosing a course is not easy. You should not forget what kind of person you are, your ambitions and your passions.

Choosing a course that offers excellent career and job prospects is very important! After all, job satisfaction matters a lot along with money!

Apart from choosing the right course, you should also choose the University carefully.

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