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Posted on 26th December, 2018 Posted By Akash Yende

Do you wish to study MBBS in China?

Interested in knowing more about medical universities or colleges in China to study MBBS?

Why are they useful, what are the benefits and perks which you can get by studying there or how is the admission process for studying in any medical university in China etc?

Then, here we are going to provide you with a list of best MBBS universities in China to study MBBS.

For this, first of all, let us have a closer look at Medical education in China.

Introduction to MBBS Education in China

For its top-ranked medical universities, China is getting popularity among Indian students. Over the past few years, the number of students studying MBBS program in China is increasing rapidly.

Studying MBBS in China is a great option for medical aspirants to complete their dream of becoming doctors.

High-quality education is ensured by all the medical colleges in China. Low tuition fees and living costs, world-class education system, a safe environment to live, and state of the art infrastructure facilities, are some of the main reasons which make medical aspirants to apply for medical universities in China.

World health organization, Medical Council of India and many other prominent medical bodies in the world have given their recognition to MBBS in China.

The medium of instruction for MBBS education in China is English. But to easily interact with local patients and to live easily in Chinas local environment, students are taught Mandarin.

Once you complete MBBS education in China, then to practice in your home country, you will need to appear for screening tests such as PMDC, PLAB, MCI, USMLE etc.

MBBS in China - Quick Highlights

Eligibility Criteria 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology for general category, 40% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology for reserved category
NEET Exam Required, with qualifying marks.
IELTS/TOEFL Not required.
Lowest fees for MBBS in China 21,000 RMB per year (Rs.2.18 Lakhs/year)
Highest fees for MBBS in China 48,000 RMB per year (Rs.4.98 Lakhs/year)
Living Cost 150 USD/month (Rs.9,000/month)
Course Duration 5+1 years
Medium of Instruction English and Chinese
Top medical universities in China China Medical University, Dalian Medical University
Recognition MCI and WHO approved.

Why Study MBBS in China especially for Indian Students?

In India, students find it difficult to complete their dream of becoming a doctor due to high competition and a huge amounts of fees at the medical colleges. Thus, students from India are giving preference to medical education in China as they can get it at a reasonable cost.

So, let us try to look at different advantages of pursuing MBBS in China .

Some other advantages of pursuing MBBS in China

  • The tuition fees in China are very low, they cost you around Rs.2.5 to 4.5 lakhs per year. Thus, these are very low fees compared to Indian private medical colleges.
  • You will be not required to appear for any entrance test as the admissions are done on the basis of marks obtained in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at 12th standard.
  • No donation or capitation fees are required at the time of admission.
  • Living expenses in China are also affordable for students as they are around 7,000 to 9,000 per month.
  • Every medical college and university in China has excellent infrastructure and also excellent accommodation options.
  • Chinas weather is almost similar to India, so Indian students do not face major difficulties while adjusting in China.
  • You can get to handle different cases in hospitals as the country of China has a huge population.

By looking at these advantages you must be now clear with your decision of studying at a medical university in China.

Admission Process for MBBS in China

  • Research carefully about the university where you are planning to pursue your MBBS education and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Following are the documents which are needed to apply online:- Scanned copies of Mark sheets of 10th and 12th, scanned copy of school leaving certificate, a copy of the passport.
  • After the university accepts the application, it issues the letter of confirmation of admission to you.
  • After receiving the confirmation letter, the next step is you would need to pay the fees.
  • After payment of fees, you should apply for the visa.
  • Once you receive the visa, you can book the tickets to China.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission in China

The following is a list of documents for MBBS Admission in China.

  • 10th and 12th Certificate with mark sheets.
  • Official invitation letter from the respective university.
  • HIV Test reports.
  • Passport with minimum 18 months validity.
  • 10 Photos of size 4.5 x 3.5 cm.
  • Birth certificate in English.
  • Respective embassies legalization for all the documents.
  • Bank receipt of the tuition fees payment of the first year.
  • Visa fees.

Top MBBS Universities/Colleges in China

Let us have a look at the list of top medical universities or colleges in China to study MBBS and their detailed information so that you can choose the one.

  • 1
    Yangzhou University
  • 2
    China Medical University
  • 3
    Jilin University
  • 4
    Nanjing Medical University
  • 5
    Xian Jiaotong University
  • 6
    Ningxia University
  • 7
    Qiqihar Medical University
  • 8
    Xinjiang University
  • 9
    Dalian Medical University
  • 10
    Hebei University

Yangzhou University

  • The Yangzhou University was established in 1902.
  • YZU was also the winner of the Special Award in Teaching in Higher Education and the winner of the Second Prize of National Award in Teaching in Jiangsu.
  • The Yangzhou University has seven different campuses and all are closely located in the downtown area of Yangzhou.
  • The Yangzhou University also established five other colleges along with this medical college and thus the medical college was renamed eventually as College of medicine of Yangzhou University.
  • The combined study of western and Chinese medicine is also introduced by this Yangzhou University.
  • School of Medicine of Yangzhou University is the first medical school in China to establish the study of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Fee Structure of Yangzhou University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Application Fee 400
Residence Permit Fee 400/year
Registration Fee Registration Fee
Insurance Fee 600/year
Physical Examination Fee 60-300
Tuition 22,000/year
Bedding 200
Living Cost 500-1000/month
Total 24,400/year (approx.)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

China Medical University

  • China Medical University was founded in the Jiangxi province in 1931 in the city of Ruijin. It is located in Shenyang city, Liaoning.
  • This medical university was first established as China Medical College on 6th June 1958 and then it transformed into China Medical University in 2003.
  • The university has renowned faculty members from all over Taiwan and around the world.
  • Chinese medicine and pharmacy are the programs which are first provided by this academic institution in Taiwan.
  • China Medical University provides a total approach to medical education in a caring, well-equipped and nurturing environment as China Medical University has two comprehensive teaching hospitals, top-ranked laboratories, a library and reference center, and a strong staff commitment to students etc.
  • This medical university has been graded A by WHO and it is one of the best universities in China. This is one of the MCI approved university.

Fee Structure of China Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition 40,000/year
Hostel 7000/year
Miscellaneous 1000
Total 48,000/year (approx.)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Jilin University

  • Jilin University is among the top 10 national research universities in China.
  • MBBS in Jilin University is a course which commences every year in the month of September. The duration of MBBS course at Jilin University is 6 years.
  • Jilin University was founded in 1946 and it is one of the key extensive research university under the Ministry of Education.
  • The Jilin University is located in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin Province in Northeastern China. The Jilin University has eight campuses in five districts which are home to thirty-nine colleges covering eleven academic disciplines.
  • Ranking of the MBBS at Jilin University is among the top 500 universities in the world and top 10 key universities in China.
  • Medical programs at the masters or postgraduate level at Jilin University include Emergency medicine, Etiological Biology, Forensic Medicine, Nursing, Otolaryngology, Gynecology, Internal Medicine, Public Health, Pediatrics, Pathology, Surgery, Radiation Medicine etc.
  • Jilin University is among the top 10 national research universities in China.

Fee Structure of Jilin University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition 25,000/year
Hostel 6300
Miscellaneous 1000-2000
Total 34,000/year (approx.)
Rs.3.50 Lakhs/year (approx.)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Nanjing Medical University

  • Nanjing Medical University is internationally renowned for teaching in clinical medicine, pharmacology, and toxicology and it offers esteemed medical degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • Nanjing Medical University was established in 1934 in Zhenjiang, but in 1957 it got relocated to Nanjing. It is a university in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China.
  • The Nanjing Medical University was approved to offer masters and doctoral degree programs in 1981.
  • In 1993, the University was renamed as Nanjing Medical University and it is now among the top Chinese medical universities.
  • Ranking of the MBBS at Nanjing Medical University is 120th among Asia University Rankings. And it ranks between 601-800th among world university rankings.
  • International students started getting admissions at the University from the year 2002 and there are around 500 international students every year who take admission at the Nanjing Medical University.

Fee Structure of Nanjing Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 34000 RMB per year (approx. INR – Rs. 3,50,000/-)
Accommodation fee 5000 – 8000 RMB/year (approx. INR – Rs. 70,000/-)
Refundable deposit 4000 RMB (approx. INR – Rs. 41,200/-)
Residence Permit Application Fee Included in the tuition fee
Books Fee Free
Cost of Living 800 to 1000 RMB/year (approx. INR – Rs. 8,000/-)
Total 53,110~58,510 RMB/year (approx. INR – Rs. 5,47,033/- to Rs. 5,98,557/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Xian Jiaotong Medical University

  • Xian Jiaotong Medical University was founded in Shanghai in 1896 as the Nanyang Public College.
  • In nine areas including medicine, economics, management, science, engineering, literature and arts, law, and philosophy, Xi'an Jiaotong University offers different programmes.
  • Xi'an Jiaotong Medical University offers Master degrees in 18 areas, including clinical medicine, engineering, MPA and business; it has 20 research facilities for post-doctoral students, four national key laboratories, two national engineering research centers, four national special laboratories, and 59 key research centers and laboratories at the provincial and ministerial level.
  • The graduates of MBBS program from Xian Jiaotong University are eligible to take the Medical Licensing Examinations held by the medical councils in different countries such as MCI, PMDC, USMLE, MMC, NMC etc. and is also recognized by WHO.
  • Ranking of the MBBS in Xian Jiaotong Medical University is 90th among Asia University Rankings. And it ranks between 501-600th among world university rankings.
  • Xi'an Jiaotong University is located in the urban setting of the large city of Xi'an.
  • Extensive tie ups to the world of international scholarship and research have been set by the Xi'an Jiaotong Medical University.

Fee Structure of Xian Jiaotong Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 40000 CNY per year (approx. INR – Rs.4,08,000/-)
Accommodation fee Double room: 7700 CNY/YEAR- 8700 CNY/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.78,540 to Rs.88,740/-)
Single room: 9000 CNY/YEAR – 17400 CNY/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.91,800 to Rs.1,77,480/-)
Suit: 8300 CNY/YEAR – 12300 CNY/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.85,600 to Rs.1,25,460/-)
Health Insurance 800 CNY/Year (mandatory) (approx. INR – Rs.8,160/-)
Food Cost 900 CNY/month (approx. INR – Rs.1,10,160/-/Year)
Total Fees 60,300~68,600 CNY/year (approx. INR – Rs. 6,15,060/- to Rs. 6,99,720/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Ningxia University

  • Ningxia University is built in partnership with the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Regions Peoples Government and the Ministry of Education, it is a comprehensive higher education institution.
  • In the Xixia District of Yinchuan City, the Ningxia University is located. The Ningxia school was founded in 1958.
  • In February 2002, it formed the new Ningxia University after it was merged with Ningxia Agricultural College.
  • The University enrolls more than 15,000 undergraduates and over 1,300 graduates, students. Out of which more than 600 are minority preparatory students.
  • For academic exchanges and researches, the university has affiliations with international exchange programs.
  • The ranking of the Ningxia University is 209 among the country and 1605 among the world.
  • Ningxia University provides facilities like advanced laboratories, multipurpose centers, a modern library with rich collections, wide-spread information networks, regulation sports ground and stadium, and fully equipped students dormitories etc.

Fee Structure of Ningxia University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 12800 CNY per year (approx. INR – Rs.1,30,560/-)
Accommodation fee Double room 1: 6000 RMB/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.61,200)
Double room 1: 3000 RMB/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.30,600)
Single room: 10800 RMB/YEAR – (approx. INR –Rs.1,10,160/-)
Food Cost $150/month (approx. INR – Rs.1,08,000/-/Year)
Total Fees 25,000~29,000 CNY/year (approx. INR – Rs. 2,55,000/- to Rs. 2,95,800/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Qiqihar Medical University

  • The University has been founded in 1946 and it is located in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang Province.
  • QMU (Qiqihar Medical University) stands on the banks of the scenic river, Nenjiang. It is one of the older medical universities in China.
  • The University has 30 teaching and training hospitals and 9 affiliated hospitals. The beds in the affiliated hospital can meet the needs of the practice and clinical teaching to the fullest extent.
  • For the ease of the transition into a different culture, QMU provides Free Chinese language classes to first-year students.
  • MBBS Course in Qiqihar Medical University has a duration of 6 years and it is taught in English.
  • Journal of Qiqihar Medical University, Chinese Modern Nursing, and Nervous Diseases and Mental Hygiene, are the 3 Journals sponsored by the University which are issued domestically and abroad.
  • The ranking of the Ningxia University is 649th among the country and 4211 among the world.
  • The University campus is extensive as it covers 6 affiliated hospitals, 8 schools, 4 practice-based schools, and 25 teaching hospitals.

Fee Structure of Qiqihar Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 16000 RMB per year (approx. INR – Rs.1,66,080/-)
Accommodation fee (Hostel fees) 3,000 RMB/year (approx. INR - 31,140/-)
Food Cost 7000 RMB/year (approx. INR – Rs.72,660/-/Year)
Miscellaneous expenses 1000 RMB/year (INR - 10,380/- /year)
Total Fees 27,000 RMB/year (approx. INR Rs. 2,80,260/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Xinjiang University

  • Xinjiang University is the oldest university in Xinjiang as it was founded in 1924.
  • Xinjiang University (XJU) is a medium-sized coeducational higher education institution. Xinjiang University (XJU), is located in Urumqi - the capital city of Xinjiang in the northwestern region of China.
  • Xinjiang University has established cooperative ties with many universities and research institutes worldwide and it lays a great emphasis on international cooperation and exchanges.
  • At the campus of the Xinjiang University, large cultural diversity can be found because of the international students and teachers from all over the world.
  • Now, the University offers a broad range of programs, including 70 undergraduate programs, 83 master programs, and about 12 doctoral programs. It is a natural whole with the disciplines of economics, law, medicine, Chinese languages, literature, management, education, etc.
  • Xinjiang University has 1 teaching and research department, 4 teaching practice centers, 22 colleges, 8 research institutes, 1 independent college, and 1 international arid and semi-arid area sustainable development research center.
  • MBBS duration at Xinjiang University is of 6 years including 1 year internship.

Fee Structure of Xinjiang Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 30000 CNY per year (approx. INR – Rs.3,01,200/- per year)
Accommodation fee Double room 1: 4500 CNY/YEAR (approx. INR –Rs.45,180 per year)
Single room: 10000 CNY/YEAR – (approx. INR –Rs.1,00,400/- per year)
Food Cost $150/month (approx. INR – Rs.1,08,000/- per Year)
Total Fees 47,000~53,000 CNY/year approx. (approx. INR – Rs. 4,71,880/- to Rs. 5,32,120/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Dalian Medical University

  • Dalian Medical University was founded in 1947 as Guangdong Medical College.
  • Dalian Medical University has been converted into a multi-disciplinary medical university and it is located in the coastal city Dalian.
  • Dalian medical university has enrolled 1300 students from 82 different countries in different degree programs, thus it is the largest medical university in China.
  • There are 580 professors, 680 associate professors, and 910 doctoral and master tutors in the universitys staff team of 4500 members.
  • Clinical MEdicine, Oral Medicine or Nursing are the Bachelors degree programs taught in English or Chinese to which 246 international students are admitted.
  • In 2004, the MBBS program for international students was set in Dalian Medical University and in 2007 the university was declared as the qualified university to offer English taught MBBS program by the MOE.
  • The university has been recognized and approved by Faimer, General Medical Council (GMC), WHO, Ghana Medical Council, New Zealand Medical Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), India Medical Council, Thailand Medical and Dental Council, Maldives Medical Council, Mauritius Medical Council etc.
  • There are 3 affiliated hospitals having more than 6000 beds.

Fee Structure of Dalian Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 30000 RMB to 45000 RMB per year (approx. INR 3,11,400 - INR 4,67,100/-)
Accommodation fee (Hostel fees) 11,000 RMB/year (approx. INR - 1,14,180/-)
Application Fees 600 to 800 RMB (approx. INR - 6,228 to 8,304/-)
Service Fee USD 50 (approx. INR 3,000/-)
Living expenses 2200 to 2800 RMB/month (INR - 22,836/- to 29,064/month that is, 2.74 lakhs/year)
Total Fees 86,889 RMB/year (approx. INR Rs. 8,66,280/- per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)

Hebei University

  • In the year 1894, Hebei Medical University was founded.
  • It is AAA graded as well as one of the oldest medical schools in China.
  • Out of 7100 total staff members, 836 are professors, senior researchers and chief physicians and 1350 are associate professors.
  • Hebei Medical University is a university located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, P. R. China, and it comes under the provincial government.
  • There are 25,600 students studying in this Medical University at present.
  • The university has 4,566 beds for patients in its 6 affiliated hospitals. In addition, it also provides students with sites of clinical teaching, specialist teaching and practice in its 60 teaching hospitals and practice bases.
  • Hebei Medical University offers various facilities like 6 hospitals, 60 teaching hospitals, 8 libraries, 8 provincial research institutes, 16 secondary hospitals, and much more.

Fee Structure of Hebei Medical University

Fee Type Amount (RMB)
Tuition fees 38535 RMB per year (approx. INR 4 lakhs)
Accommodation fee (Hostel fees) 5780 RMB/year (approx. INR - 60,000/- per year)
Food Expenses 1926 RMB /month (approx. INR 20,000/- per month, that is, Rs.2 lakhs /year approx.)
Living expenses 6743 RMB/month (INR - 70,000/- /year)
Total Fees 52,984 RMB/year (approx. INR Rs. 5.50 lakhs per year)

Please Note: 1RMB= Rs.10.38 (approx.)


The above information must have given you a clear idea about how and which are the top universities in China to study MBBS, their fee structure, their history and current information, facilities offered by these different universities etc.

So that now it will be easier for you to make a decision that in which university you want to take your MBBS admission as all the universities are excellent and offer high quality of MBBS education to students.

We wish you all the best for your future studies and we wish you a brightening and successful career ahead!!

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