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Students are attracted to study in Ukraine because of their low fee structure great infrastructure and overall very low cost of living and a wonderful experience in a journey to become a respectable Medical practitioner in the field of Medicine.

Medical university in Ukraine provide a detailed and up-to-date syllabus to the colleges teaching MBBS course in Ukraine .These courses are recognised by MCI and WHO making anyone who takes the course and passes it successful be able to practice anywhere where it is recommended and welcomed.

But what will be the future of students who complete MBBS in Ukraine and want to practice it in Ukraine itself? There is an easy solution to this as there are many a colleges and universities and private hospitals where services by a qualified Medicine practitioner are required and most preferably the practitioner must have completed MBBS from Ukraine.

Plus the top universities in Ukraine have internship policy for the students for the period of over 1 year where they can learn first handed the medical conditions and diseases faced by the population of Ukraine.

One is able to practice there after the availability of licence given by the respected universities.

There is further simple steps one need to follow to settle down in Ukraine
  • Get work permit from the one who has hired you.
  • Apply for work visa
  • Give up the citizenship of your country and get settled in Ukraine

The government ok Ukraine pays utmost attention to the education department specially related to Health and medicine sector as they say it is very important for development of a country.

Fully responsible the government takes all what is needed to maintain the quality of knowledge provided in Ukrainian colleges and universities. Working in any part of the country and allotted parts of the world where their Medical degree is recognised.

Working in Ukraine is allowed to the students who have either completed their MBBS here or have been practicing MBBS from a place which is recognised by their university. The native language is with Russian speaking majority of Population hence students who are working there need to know basic Russian and other language in order to know the sufferings and ailments required by the patients.

Even if Indian students who are willing to come back and practice medicine in India are welcomed back but are supposed to give an eligibility test, passing this test the MBBS professionals can practice MBBS back in India also.

So if you are holding a degree from any valid Ukrainian university you are welcome to stay and practice Medicine .Also as a bonus point you will get to learn a great deal about European climate and people enabling you to learn about the diseases and problems they face enabling you to become an Expert doctors and an expert medical professional.

Philippines is a country located to the eastern side of India .Both are Asian countries with differences in language and way of living but have one similar connection in between them that is climate and hence both countries have a similar disease chart making the study also somewhat same.

India has a very rigid and complex way of selecting the right candidate who will then be allowed to take up MBBS course in top MBBS colleges in India .Indian students have to give exams like the AFMC which allows students to serve as a doctor in the armed forces or even the newly inducted NEET exams where the qualifying scores are very high and there is cutthroat competition.

This gruelling filtering process makes sure only a handful of students get admission and the rest are left to make difficult and career altering decisions for the rest of their lives.

Out of the lakhs applying every year only a few thousands are selected the remaining have no choise left but to seek admission elsewhere.

Foreign countries like Philippines provide quality education with education fees and overall cost lesser than that of India. Philippines rather has a better passing percentage than many top MBBS study providers like Russia, china, Ukraine, Armenia etc. with a staggering 25%.With fees ranging from 12 lakh to the highest 25 lakh it is definitely safe to say Philippines provides education at a lower rate than that of India.

One of the major reasons for Indian students to go abroad and study is the rise in competition. MBBS in India is always a plus point as after completing MBBS in India one can practice here without any further exams.

Whereas on the other hand If you are going to study abroad but have an intention to come back to India for further Medical practices then one would have go through the screening test conducted by the Medical council of India (MCI) which is also called as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE) .

This test cannot be skipped and everyone who has studied MBBS outside the country is obligated to attend the exam and pass it in order to start the Medical practices in India. This exam has a success rate of just 19%.

Plus studying outside of India and then coming back one must learn the diseases which are common here but were not in the syllabus of other countries as they were not prevailing there.

Philippines do promise practical clinical training with is unique, But even if 93% of the population is literate many are not well versed in the English language and hence the doctor has to ask the patients about their problem and give the proper medication to the patient in their local language itself.

These are some of the pros and cons of studying MBBS in Philippines as well as in India it is certainly up to the student and his desire to achieve what he wants more in his life that will separate him from the rest of the crowd. Be it from Philippines or be it in India.

Studying MBBS in a country outside their own is a big achievement for many as well as a big challenge also at the same time. There are many things to consider while taking up MBBS abroad, like if you are planning to stay back or returning home, the various procedures one has to go through to do so.

Studying MBBS from China or any other country has both its advantages and disadvantages as a rose which always comes with a thorn.

The major belief of everyone is that a majority of the portion of Indian students studying abroad is because of the cut throat competition we have here in India for MBBS admission. But what they don’t realise is many students go there all by themselves as a pre-planned decision taken in order to study and settle there or perhaps even come back to their country oneday.

But coming back dosent seem so easy, as even if one has studied in MCI (medical council of India) registered the particular student who now wants to practice Medicine back in INDIA has to give back a test which has a very terrible record regarding the passing percentage.

A candidate from the outside now has to give a screening test as suggested also called as foreign medical graduates test (FMGE). This test is a compulsory one as it is what will determine if a practitioner will be allowed to Practice in India or not.

The only thing that is depressing here is nothing but the passing percentage which is very low as only 19-20% of students who have come back from abroad managed to clear the test.

And the hardship doesn’t end here but in order to get registered in India one has to do internship lasting about 12 months compulsorily.

Students studying abroad, be it MBBS in China or any other developed countries would have to come back to India and learn various diseases like leprosy, Tb and many more as the education Indian students taking Broad is mainly related to diseases and ailments of the people residing in that country with distinct climate and history of diseases.

Many a country have education syllabus designed especially for students coming from other countries and also give internship to students for a period of a year for which one must learn local language , as it is important to communicate with the patient in first place to diagnose their problem.

But looking at the current scenario in India with limited amount of seats and a huge Fee accompanying it is also a good decision at times to study abroad.

Many countries abroad like Ukraine, Russia, and China etc. have reasonably low fees and have very good reputation of creating world class doctors through their dedicated faculty and syllabus. Theses universities or colleges from abroad offer flexible fee structure. Some of the college fees are almost half of that being collected by MBBS colleges in India.

Plus the students after the completion of heir course and internship can work there itself by gaining the work visa from the respective country. The ease of admission is also a bonus point as it removes the unnecessary tensions that normal admission process in Indian Medical colleges give. Rest assured hard work is what which will decide which doctors are the best .

Many countries offer quality education outside India. Indian students aspiring to join MBBS course outside India look for two things generally the budget and the quality of education. Based on these two things there are many universities around the world who offer quality education with affordable fees too.

Main countries which are targeted by Indian students include Ukraine, Philippines, Russia china. Let’s take a look at these countries and divide them one by one according to budget , duration of course and syllabus and living standards.

MBBS in Russia has been a main target of Indian students since the beginning of studying abroad become popular. The government there has been very helpful to students from all around the world by tendering to their needs and providing the Medical schools and colleges with great infrastructure and a lot of facilities in and out of the college campus.

The normal duration of MBBS course in Russia is 6 years of your precious time which is worth the wait as it is very high quality education provided by an experienced staff.

The total expenditure of doing MBBS is around 27-30 lakh which is a figure less than India. The quality of education can be seen through stats itself as Russia has second best MBBS student passing ratio as stated by a recent study.

Ukraine is the most important country in the whole of Europe when it comes to Medical studies. MBBS in Ukraine is very much preferred not only by the European students but also by many foreign students. Ukrainian MBBS colleges with their world class faculty and syllabus have been at the top of the charts from a long time.

Any top rated MBBS college in Ukraine will cost you around 23 lakh which is much lower and much more affordable than many of Indian MBBS colleges.

The total duration required for an aspiring student to become a professional is about 5 years with one year added internship. With best faculty, some of them even from countries abroad Ukraine universities and colleges have a great passing percentage enabling more graduates to chase their dreams and become a dedicated professional.

Their trademark infrastructure and advanced libraries are ones to watch out for when comparing with the rest of the world.

China as we all know is one of the biggest and most developed countries of the world. With their advancement in technology and big infrastructures to go with it is and always be a dream destination for Indian students who have dreamt of getting admission in top Medical college to do the MBBS course.

China ranks 4th in terms of area and has rooted itself as one of the top rated Medical education providers not only in Asia but also all over the world. But having such a huge stature in the world China has been efficiently providing quality education to aspiring students with very low fee structure, In fact lesser fees than Indian medical universities and colleges.

The total expenditure over there is almost similar to that of Indian market rates depending on the area you stay of the facilities you avail for your services.

Even the top rated colleges in China have a fee structure of about 25-30 lakh in INR for their total duration beating the MBBS fees in India by quite a margin.

Learning their local language is a little formality that is required during your stay there as an intern. Rest assured Indian students are treated well with all the facilities they require in and out of campus.

Budget: budget here is the lowest among all the foreign MBBS course providing countries ranging from 12 lakh up to 20 lakh. The most trusted and top rated colleges in Philippines cost very much less than many of the leading MBBS course providers around the world.

So going according to the above data it is evident that Philippines is the country with the least budget required. But according to other stats China Ukraine and Russia are also not far away.

It is according to the will of the students and how far are the willing to go to achieve their dreams as quality education is assured in all the universities with fees lower than that of MBBS courses offered by Indian universities and colleges.

Best place to study MBBS can be determined in various ways like the duration of the course, the language in which it is taught the amount of money that is spent for the course or even the total expenditure of staying there.

Quality of education may vary from place to place too, it may be because of the level of understanding of the students or perhaps even depends on the passing percentage of each university

Lest see the advantages of studying in each


Kazakhstan being one of the most economically developed country and the 9th biggest country in terms of area is one of the most sought after destination for Medical studies. The main advantage here for Indian students is the ease of admission in their esteemed colleges and universities.

Along with Ukraine Kazakhstan is also one of the most developed nations in terms of both education and economy.

Like other foreign nations the fee structure is also very low as compared to India. Not only is the fees less but also the other expenses are very low compared to their high standard of living.

Easy to get visa

WHO recognised colleges and universities.

Awesome climate through the year.

Top Medical Universities

  • 1
    Kazakh national medical university
  • 2
    Astana medical university of Kazakhstan
  • 3
    Skymkent state medical university


Ukraine is the most sought after MBBS course studying destination specially for the student from the south Asian subcontinent.

The total duration of the course is of 6 years excluding the internship. Cold and nourishing climate throughout the year Big classrooms with from all around the world, this indeed helps students to share knowledge with each other enabling them to grow personally and professionally.

MBBS students in Ukraine have a unique chance to even travel and explore other European countries like Germany and Poland through the student exchange program.

Very much affordable fees for quality education MBBS course providing university gives. Many universities provide education in English language. MCI and WHO recognised syllabus allowing Students to practice Medicine outside their country.

The Philippines

Philippines, the friendly country located in Southeast Asia region whit 93% of literacy rate and a high volume of English speaking population.

Students normally who don’t get admission in Indian universities opt for the Philippines based universities due to their low fee structure and also the high quality of education provided. The total duration of MBBS course in Philippines is 5 years and plus one complete year after completion for internship.

Similar climatic conditions as in India makes it favourable climate for many a Asian as well as other foreign students as well.

Excellent infrastructure and even bigger libraries both digital and manual making study material available to all the students

Good student to teacher ratio enables personal attention to be provided to each and every student helping them in their doubts.

So in short if you want to have MBBS in a short span of time and affordable fees then go for studying in Philippines, if you want to do it thoroughly but with a little high amount of fees then go for it in Ukraine and if you want to do it in low fees as well as short time go for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Note: if a student wants to come back to practice MBBS in India then each candidate is supposed to give and pass the MCI exam.

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