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Admission Process

Admission process to study Abroad for every Indian student is not a big concern for us in selectyouruniversity it is very simple you do not have to do anything our representative will give all needed counselling to you in appropriate manner

→   Admission process to study Abroad, Firstly you have to choose in which university you have to take admission based on your interest and credentials

→  Now you have to select preferred Course fit to your choice

→ Then we will help you apply online application form to the chosen University and select your course, in which field you have to take Education in abroad

While Applying Online you have to keep
  • 1) Copy of ID card or your international Passport (valid)
  • 2)  Copy of higher secondary school certificate (with subjects)
  • 3)  And all the other required documents means necessary documents
  • 4)  Within 10 working days your confirmation of admission in selected university will be revert back from university

   After receive of acceptance letter from University -

You are ready to go abroad for your study, here admission process to study Abroad is almost complete after receiving acceptance letter from university.

After receiving your university acceptance letter we will manage other necessary things like visa approval, for the selected country and accommodation and your tickets for travelling’s.

Make sure you have scan all the original documents clearly and in proper way so that it should be readable

You can send us the documents by email or by fax or you can visit us at our nearest office or contact our representative.

Payment of Fees

You can send the Payment to us through bank exchange, Western Union or Money Gram.

  • payment details and receipt will be provided to you in the office only
  • If you’re sending payment through online or net banking
  • Don’t worry our MENS are ready on the way to help anytime.
  • please send copy of payment receipt to us for confirming payment.

After receiving documents and payment, we will send you the Original Invitation letter at your postal address or you can collect from us and we can discuss about the further procedures.

Visa Requirement

Visa plays vital role in admission process to study abroad, After getting invitation letter from SELECTYOURUNIVERSITY student should contact the nearest abroad Embassy which you’re going (depends on country of university).

After getting visa you should buy the ticket and inform us complete details of your arrival (the flight number, date of arrival and time) at least a week before your arrival.

The representative of SELECTYOURUNIVERSITY will receive you at the airport. And you will be escort to the chosen university and to your accommodation facilities

Course started from-

Our International Office staff will complete all the formalities that you should start your classes in 4-5 working days

But before that you need to complete these things mentioned below

  1. 1.Student should keep original complete documents and Full First year Expenses or Payment Receipt of complete first year expenses paid
  2. To avoid problems during the Migration Clearance in at the abroad airport students are requested to pay their first year fees before or after getting visa.
  3. 2. It is very strongly suggested that every student to be registered at University in three working days after arrival in the Foreign land.
  4. 3. After Arrival in Chosen country, you should submit the complete documents and the first year complete expenses as is mentioned in Admission Confirmation Letter to International Department. .
  5. Staff of International Relations office will complete the admission process to study abroad and registration process in 1-3 working days and after that they will allow you to start the classes..
Eligibility criteria for study abroad
  1. Eligibility criteria for study abroad are no restriction of marks/grades for any of the candidates you just need Grade 12 or Higher Secondary School Passing certificate with any grades or points.
  2. No International English Language Testing System (IELTS),
  3. No Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

For admission in MBBS from Abroad & Eligibility criteria for study abroad MBBS there are some following courses

Medicine, Paediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Vet. Medicine

To take admission, Eligibility criteria for study abroad MBBS in above mentioned course you must have pass following subjects in HSC at school

» Visa form filled
» Biology
» Chemistry.
» Physics
» And for Admission in Engineering and other IT course you need to pass the Mathematics along with
» Physics & Chemistry.

For Economics, Arts and Culture, Agriculture and every single Course

For Admission in Economics, expressions and culture, agribusiness and some other courses, we don't require a particular subjects or checks or marks in school endorsement.

There is no Eligibility criteria for study abroad for these courses !

What we require is just the HSC School leaving certificate with pass marks and respected subjects.

We don't require a particular checks or grades in above subjects for affirmation


Master’s in Public Health, MBA, M.Phil. And all other Masters programs Eligibility criteria for study abroad are:

We require the following for admission in Masters Courses

  1. 4 years Bachelor’s degree in with transcripts.
  2. Higher secondary school certificate.
Visa fees and extra costs

Visa fees cannot be transferred to another person
Visa fees are not refundable and are subject to change without notice.

The Embassy of India reserves the right to provide the type of visa / schedule and decision based on the rate granted at the time of the request.

  1. VISA does not grant the right to enter in the Ukraine or India.
  2. India and immigration is based on the discretion of the authorities.
  3. Visa fees are only granted to Indian citizens. Holders of non-Indian passports must submit an application to the Embassy in person.
  4. In case of urgent treatment, twice consular fees will be applied
Student Visa for Indian Students

The process for applying visa will be the different country it might differ in Poland and India But don’t worry just gather the papers our Representative will do it for you

» Visa form filled
» Original passport arrangement
» Official letter from Poland (message of acceptance to the school).
» Your high school and graduate certificates
» Certificate of language you knew (English or polish).
» Make sure you have enough funds for study and living in Poland
» Make sure you have Health insurance
» And your latest photos

All the listed Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI)


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