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Indian Student-visa for Ukraine

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indian student visa for ukraines

Indian student visa for Ukraine

→   Visa candidates, Including kids, must pay a non-refundable visa application fees before applying for a non-immigrant visa.

→   The visa application fees must be paid regardless of visa issuance.

→  The type of visa required determines the amount of the commission.

Importent information
  • 1)  The duration and type of Visa granted is the discretion of the Indian Embassy. Visa Fees is non-refundable
  • 2)  Once the visa is issued no alterations/changes are possible
  • 3)  Full visa fee is payable for each child whose name is included in parent's passport and is travelling with the parent.
  • 4)  “Earlier, normal visa took 30-days to process, but now normal visas from India will be processed in 10 days,” said the source..

   This information explains the visa application procedure

Registration of Applicants (Step-1)

Nationals of India and other countries for submitting visa applications and personal interviewing (if necessary) is to be conducted by our representative.

  • You will receive a receipt after paying the registration fee.
  • This receipt is valid for one year from the date of fees submission and permits you to schedule the interview at the Embassy.
  • Don’t worry our MENS are ready on the way to help anytime.
  • You must schedule the interview while the receipt is valid, which means that the interview must be booked within a year from the payment of the fees.
Common Visa Requests

Correct visa fees – Fees for visa service are accepted at the Embassy in cash in dollars. Kindly note that tampered currency notes will not be accepted

  1. One Current passport-size photograph
  2. Supporting papers (Documents), where necessary
  3. All nationals applying for Visa are requested to submit a copy of International Passport, as well as National Passport (first page and registration page) along with the Application Form
  4. Bank Statement for the last 2 months in the name of the applicant or travellers cheque showing sufficient funds to cover expenses for visit to Ukraine
  5. Details of arrangement for stay in Ukraine ((hotel bookings-“Accommodations”) including local host)
  6. Requirements for Digital photograph for online application form

Ukraine’s online visa application allows the applicant to upload a digital photo of his/her to complete the online visa application.

Indian student visa for Ukraine

Digital photography that will be uploaded together with the Visa application must meet the following requirements:

  1. Format – JPEG
  2. Size Minimum 10 KB
  3. Without borders
  4.  The height and width of the Photo must be equal. The minimum dimensions are 350 pixels (width) x 350 pixels (height).
  5. Photo should present Full face, front view, and eyes open complete head within frame and present full head from top of hair to bottom of chin.
  6. Background should be plain light colour or white background
  7. No shades on the face and no shadow on the background
  8. Photo should be a digital version of the physical photograph
Receive visas (Step-2)

Indian student visa for Ukraine

After succesfull completion of first step you will able to travel to abroad and you can recieve visa from the Authorized personal.

VISA SERVICE (Indian passport holders)
Issuing of transit visa (Type B)*: $ / INR 1
Single, double, multiple entry 85 / 5695  
Issuing of short term visa (Type C)*:   2
Single entry 85 / 5695  
Double entry 130 / 8710  
Multiple entry (up to 1 year) 130 / 8710  
Multiple entry (up to 5 years) 250 / 16750  
Issuing of long term visa (Type D)* 85 / 5695 3
Issuing of long term employment visa (Type D)* 120 / 8040  4


Visa fees and extra costs

Visa fees cannot be transferred to another person
Visa fees are not refundable and are subject to change without notice.

The Embassy of India reserves the right to provide the type of visa / schedule and decision based on the rate granted at the time of the request.

  1. VISA does not grant the right to enter in the Ukraine or India.
  2. India and immigration is based on the discretion of the authorities.
  3. Visa fees are only granted to Indian citizens. Holders of non-Indian passports must submit an application to the Embassy in person.
  4. In case of urgent treatment, twice consular fees will be applied
Student Visa for Indian Students

The process for applying visa will be the different country it might differ in Poland and India But don’t worry just gather the papers our Representative will do it for you

» Visa form filled
» Original passport arrangement
» Official letter from Poland (message of acceptance to the school).
» Your high school and graduate certificates
» Certificate of language you knew (English or polish).
» Make sure you have enough funds for study and living in Poland
» Make sure you have Health insurance
» And your latest photos

Visa on arrival
Introduction of Biometric Procedure for Visas 
'Biometric Procedure' has been introduced for grant of visa to all foreigners except for Diplomatic/Official passport holders travelling on official purposes. All those who are applying for visas whether Ukrainian or foreign passport holders would be required to come personally for the Biometrics procedure at the Embassy
Payment Information
Although fees are listed in Ukrainians dollars, payment must be made using local currency.
Assistance for Student Visa

→  will disclose to you how to apply for an international ID and a visa.

→  Just follow our checklist to know what documents you will need for submission to the passport and visa office

→ Use our online material to gather all the information you need to apply for a passport and visa.

→  Also, you can get to our tips and test inquiries to comprehend the motivation behind the meeting. Being clear with your destinations and answers should enable you to conquer any pre-talk with nerves. In the event that you take after our rules and recommendations, you are certain to arrive a visa before your joining date.

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