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About MBBS in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is a sought after course which attracts many international students from different regions of the entire world.

A highly developed Belarusian education system helps it to become one of the targeted locations for the medical aspirants who want to study MBBS outside India.

It is surrounded by some of the major nations like Russia, Poland, Ukraine and thus the influence of educational system and the high standard of the same affect the educational excellence of the state of Belarus as well.

The younger generation prefers studying MBBS in Belarus because of the exceptionally well designed medical modules, experienced faculty members and the educational environment of the country besides other reasons.

There are many MCI recognized medical schools in Belarus which are a prime attraction for the Indian students to take up the rigorous medical education.

Belarusian medical university

Climate MBBS in Belarus

The country of Belarus experience cold and chilly weather most of the time where the minimum temperatures on an average range between negative four degrees to negative 8 degrees.

In the month of January, most of the cities witness extreme cold climate. The country experiences both of continental and maritime weather.

During the summertime, the maximum temperatures range between 22-25 degree centigrade which is actually a very favorable weather for the Indians who are studying or working there.

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The economy of Belarus might grow at a subtle rate around 1.5% but the manufacturing industry in the country is really strong which contributes more than 1/3rd to the GDP of the nation.

The next industry which falls on the list is the service industry in which 1/3rd of the population are into.

So, you can gauge the number of job opportunities in the service sector as it is well developed. The country experiences a high inflation rate, though the government is trying to deflate the currency to bring the rate of inflation down.

As a student of MBBS in Belarus you might find the costs little higher but provided the stable economic condition, you have lots of opportunities as well to earn.

mbbs cost in belarus

Language They Speak

The country has Russian as well as Belarusian speaking people and both the languages are official.

There are few other languages which they use but the mother tongue of most of the people is either of the two languages.

Since you are going from India you might face little difficulty when communicating with the localities but in the colleges where you would take up the MBBS in Belarus course, you can find the module is delivered in English only.

mbbs in belarus fee structure

Demographical structure

The number of people e living in the country is around 9.49 million according to the census of 2016 which have increased a bit by now.

The country has most of its populace as its own native people with few Russians, Ukrainians etc. The educational quality of Belarus can be determined by the fact that over ninety-nine percent of the naa native population is educated who are fifteen years old or above.

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Top Medical Universities In Belarus

The list of medical universities in Belarus includes top 4 universities of the country and these are having their name enlisted under top MBBS universities in the European continent. The list includes

This medical school was established in the year 1921 and it was founded as non-profit making institution for the students seeking higher education.

The college is situated in the city of Minsk which is also one of the biggest cities in the country.

The Belarusian state medical university ranking is quite impressive and it is actually the top university of the country with a student’s strength of around 8000.

The university is also granted permission from the Medical Council of India and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus has also granted the university.

It offers different modules which are for the students who are into the medical education. The university holds a repute of being of the best universities and the students of the university has always stood out.

The university has always produced a good amount of qualified and great doctors who are established across the globe. The university is going to a century old and it has that much of pride in its roots.

There are lots of international students who enroll for the MBBS in Belarus under this university. It offers not only bachelors but also you can pursue your post graduation from this college.

The college shortly known as BSMU is a mid-sized university but the standard of education is too high to match.

Thus the students from the nation as well as outside always seek admission in the college. The university has around 1000 faculty members which make the student to teacher ratio equals to 1:7 and which is a very good ratio.

It determines that the teachers can look after every individual student and none of them are left behind. The academy has various facilities ranging from the library to accommodation arrangements to the sports which are mandatory for the students.

There is also the scope for having scholarships provided you have such a merit to crack the scholarship criteria.

The Belarusian state medical university ranking is always on the top due to various reasons which are its excellent quality of education provided which is actually very practical and helps the students to be employable.

The university accepts an application for the admission for the MBBS course until the month of August, the dates are changes every year and you need to apply early to book a seat positively.

There are courses in general medicine, Preventive medicine, dentistry and even pharmacy for the students and thus the post-graduation aspirants have a huge scope of finding their real passion in the field they want to excel.

The Belarusian state medical university ranking stands out also because of its recognition which is from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, and Council of the Republic as well as the President of the Republic of Belarus.

The list of medical universities in Belarus also includes the Gomel State Medical University and it is also ranked as the top universities in the country.

The duration of the MBBS in Belarus course in this university is of six consecutive years with one year of the internship included in it.

The student’s strength includes more than 3.5k learners from different foreign lands including Indian students which are also very good in number.

You can find Indians students in this medical academy. The best part about the school for the Indian student is that the university is a MCI granted university and thus the students of Indian origin don’t find it at all tough to head back to their motherland after the completion of the mbbs in Belarus course for their further practice and study.

The Indian students in this university find it easy to get admission and the admission criteria are also not that rigid.

The deadline for the application for the admission process ends in the month of July and thus all the learners seeking admission in this university are required to fill the forms as early as in the month of June or even May if possible.

The course is very systematic and thus the students get the opportunity to prosper as doctors and in their profession.

The university has the latest technologies for the students to learn and the patients to treat. The ranking of this university is within the top 10 medical schools in the nation which inspires the students to take up the MBBS course in this university and prosper.

The list of medical universities in Belarus enlists this university on the top as this is one of the most advanced medical universities in the country.

The course of medical education is not only dynamic but also the excellent faculty members make it more interesting for the students. The university not only ranks at the top in Belarus but also in Europe and thus students across the globe prefer studying here.

The university was incorporated in the year 1934 and thus it has a long experience in making the doctors more qualified and noble which is the essence of the profession.

There are over thirty-two departments in the university providing different medical education to the students.

The students get hands-on experience of practicing the medical profession in the university and its affiliated hospitals.

The students across the globe come to study in this university and it has opened its door for the international students since 1987 after which it conducts various courses of medical education for the international students as well.

There you can find preparatory courses, as well as the post graduation courses and the MBBS in Belarus, is obviously there. The college campus is really student friendly and you can get all the facilities like a hostel for the accommodation, kitchen and cafeteria for cooking and having food and both you can do.

Mostly the Indian students in Belarus prefer having cooked food by themselves as the foods are different though you can get Indian food there as well.

The other facilities include the laundry services, internet facilities, sports clubs and the markets are also nearby so you don’t have to go far from the college in order to buy your required stuff.

The university is on the top list of medical universities in Belarus and it is also recognized by the MCI of India which assures a great prospect of the Indian students studying there.

The list of medical universities in Belarus has this university in it and it is also one of the most prestigious medical schools in the country.

It was established in the year of 1958 and with the sixty years of experience it holds pride for its excellent members of academic as well as non-academic section beside its highly admired students and past students.

It has been training the international students from the year 1992 and the Indians prefer this university because of the ranking, facilities, quality of the education it has.

The university has also a ranking of the top 500 medical schools in the world. More than 500 international students are studying this university and that too from different nations and the number of such nations is around thirty.

There are international collaborations as well and there are exchange programs where the students can take part and for that, the students get huge exposure besides the education provided in the classroom.

The medical school got accreditation from many of the world’s leading medical certification bodies which are MCI, the medical council of UK, it has also been recognized by the Sri Lankan Medical council, USA medical commission as well as WHO.

This assures the students that they can work and study after completing the MBBS from this university as they will be recognized as one of the qualified doctors.

The university not only provides facilities which are common to all like accommodation, food etc.

but a library which has a collection of four lacs and twenty thousand of books which can be used by the students of the university only in their preparation.

There is an internet connection in the library and the library is really advanced in its technology having a biomedical database of the students.

There are many other facilities and precious books and journals in the library and it is no doubt of the best place when you want to study alone.

Another motivating factor is that this university provides practical training in hospitals abroad which provides huge knowledge to the students.

Indian Students In MBBS in Belarus Module

As Indians, we have the best brains in the world and it is not just a word of mouth but it has been established and proved by many Indians across the globe. But in India, the education system is not that well developed at the current point in time.

Though earlier it was hugely developed but now with the colleges and universities having the business mindset ensure a poor quality of education and this is not permissible in the medical education for the students who are actually interested in making their career in medicine.

The Indian students who are aspiring to do MBBS in Belarus can find the nation very welcoming, the universities are really well developed, maintained and the study chart is entirely different from the India structure of the study.

Moreover, there are more than 15k students who come from different nations to study MBBS in Belarus and out this number Indians are in a good ratio.

The life is not that hard in Belarus and the government is also not that rigid and thus the students can have a great time and can explore a new country and new possibilities.

Eligibility for MBBS in Belarus

The Indian students seeking admission in Belarusian universities must have the following criteria matching to their profile

  • The contenders or the aspirants must be having a minimum of fifty-five percent in their 12th standard board's examination and this mark should be obtained in the subjects which are physical, biological and chemical science. Beside this student must have to clear their 12th board examination overall.

  • The students must be very good in the English language as the medium of teaching in the universities of Belarus is in English for the MBBS in Belarus modules.

  • The students must have a valid international passport which is necessary for making the application to the universities in Belarus.

  • The students need not take any IELTS examination for getting admission in the MBBS in Belarus course and the universities providing the same.

    So, if an agent asks you to seat and clear this examination which also includes the TOEFL, don't fall for them. There is no such requirement for being eligible for MBBS in Belarus.

  • The students must have their birth certificate with valid attestation, school leaving documents and certificates to be eligible for the admission process.

Admission Procedure for Mbbs in Belarus

The Belarus university admissions are more or less very simple if you do it at the correct time. The time factor actually plays the main role in the admission process.

The universities open for admission in the month of May and June and the application has to be filed as soon as you can to reserve your seat and the seats get filled up very easily.

The requirements and process for admission is as follows

  • The students need to fill the form with the due timeline.

  • After filing the form and submitting the required certificates which are the mark sheet of the 10+2 standard's board exam, birth certificate, passport details and photographs, the university takes 30 days time to evaluate them and the students get the letter of accreditation from Belarus' Ministry of Education and Science.

  • The Belarus University admissions require permitted visa which takes another 30 days and the students must have a passport which is valid for the same and the letter of confirmation from the college.

  • The fee for the first year of education has to be deposited to the university's bank account once you receive the Visa.

  • The fee deposited once, and it has been approved, you can set for your departure.

Benefits of MBBS in Belarus

  • Easy Eligibility Criteria

    The eligibility for getting into MBBS in Belarus courses and the colleges is really easy which helps the students to fulfill their dreams.

    The students who have the passion for pursuing medicine often find it difficult in Indian universities as there are lots of rigidness, bureaucracy and endless business involved in the process.

    But in Belarus, there is no such ambiguity.

  • English Medium
    The courses are delivered in the English language making it easier for the international students and especially for the students from India.

  • Worldwide Recognitions
    The universities in the country are recognized by the WHO and other big medical associations of the world which ensures a prospective career of the students studying in the Belarusian universities.

    The MCI also recognizes the universities and the courses and thus the Indian students have no problem in taking up the MBBS course in Belarus.

  • Preparations for Screening Tests
    The universities mentioned under the list of most regarded medical universities and all other universities provide sessions for the screening tests of various major nations like the MCI's FMGE, USMLE or the SCHS or PMDC etc.

    This helps the students to clear the examinations to get accreditation from the same country's government to practice and study further in the country.

    For example, the students of India can only practice in India and get into post-graduation only after clearing the FMGE test after pursuing MBBS in Belarus.

  • Admission is not hectic
    The admission process is really not hectic and actually not must of hassle. The only requirement is to duly submit the application and then the rest will be easily done.

  • Fees are low
    The expense of studying in Belarus is really affordable compared to other European nations. The fee structures are very accommodative and one can also get scholarships according to their merit.

  • Educational Standards
    The standard of education is obviously at par with the best of the medical colleges in the world and thus the top medical colleges of the country are also in the list of the top medical universities of the world.

    A high standard of education in the medical field is a necessary requirement.

  • Campus Environment
    The environment of the campus of the universities is really noteworthy and the students from different parts globe mix well here.

    The value exchange helps the students a lot in the career in the future.

  • Future Assistance
    The universities of Belarus assists the students get into an internship in the best hospitals in the country as well as it sends them to abroad.

  • Guidance from World Class Faculty
    The faulty of the universities of Belarus are highly qualified and having expertise in the field of medicine and surgery for years which helps the students gather knowledge from the real world of medicine.

  • Modern Practices
    The universities and the hospitals in Belarus are equipped with the best modern-day technologies, medicines and there is huge scope for research as well.

  • Visa Guarantee
    The Belarus university admissions are in synch with the Visa approval and thus if the students get a confirmation letter, the visa is approved in 99% cases.

Thing to Remember for MBBS in Belarus

The official language is not English which makes it difficult for the students and the apprentice to communicate with the patients of Belarus.

The extreme cold weather can be a problem for the Indian students.

Career Prospects after MBBS in Belarus

Since the colleges and the universities and the MBBS in Belarus course in them are approved by the WHO, MCI, the Indian students find great career prospects in India as well as in rest of the pars of the world.

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