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MBBS in Georgia’ has always been an attraction for Indian students. Georgia is the most famous destination among students for medical education in abroad. MBBS in Georgia offers world class research infrastructure, quality education, and cross-cultural experience.

The experience of studying ‘MBBS in European Countries’ has always proved to be the best for Indian students and Georgia is famous for its medical education across the world.

There is a wish which every student studying medicine has is to add an international degree in their curriculum vitae. For students who wish to study MBBS in Europe, MBBS in Georgia is really worth noticeable.

At the intersection of Europe and Asia, situated is the small country known as Georgia. The Georgian medical colleges are governed by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical bodies. Medical schools in Georgia offer best infrastructure and international standard of medical education.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has given accreditation to major institutions, colleges and universities in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia is also famous among medical students for its low cost medical education.Therefore, for Indian medical aspirants MBBS in Georgia could be the right choice.

MBBS in Georgia - Quick Overview

Last Date to Apply 1st September, 2019
Basic Eligibility 60% in PCB for General at 10+2 Science
40% for SC/ ST or reserve categories
NEET Exam Required, it is compulsory with qualifying marks.
IELTS and TOEFL Yes, required.
Minimum Course Fee Rs.2.52 Lakhs/Year
Maximum Course Fee Rs.5 Lakhs/Year
Cost of Living in Georgia Rs.12-15 Thousand/Month
Course Duration (In Year) 5 + 1 year Internship
Medium of Education English Language
Top Medical Universities Akaki Tsereteli State University
Tbilisi State University
Recognition of Universities MCI, WHO, WFME & many more

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Top MCI Recognized Medical Universities in Georgia & their Fee Structure

Name of the University Location Fees (per year)
Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Batumi Rs. 3.90 Lakhs
New Vision University Tbilisi Rs. 3.40 Lakhs
AIETI Medical schools Tbilisi Rs. 3.40 Lakhs
Akaki Tsereteli State University Kutaisi Rs. 3.60 Lakhs
David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia Tbilisi Rs. 2.88 Lakhs
David Tvildiani Medical University Tbilisi Rs. 4.32 Lakhs
European University Tbilisi Rs. 3.02 Lakhs
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Tbilisi Rs. 3.40 Lakhs
Kutaisi Medical Institute Kutaisi Rs. 3.24 Lakhs
LLC Caucasus International University Tbilisi Rs. 3.90 Lakhs
Tbilisi State Medical University Tbilisi Rs. 4.33 Lakhs
Geomedi Medical University Tbilisi Rs. 2.90 Lakhs

Benefits of Studying MBBS Course in Georgia for Indian Students

  • Medical universities in Georgia are recognized by WHO and UNESCO and thus they stick to the quality guidelines offered by them. Their main focus is that a student should acquire practical expertise. The university provides students with most advanced medical devices. Thus, a student gets an assurance about his/her success in the medical career after studying from the top medical colleges in Georgia.
  • Students who study MBBS in Georgia can get the opportunity to do the experiments and clinical clerkship from 1st semester onwards. This will also help to improve student’s skills.
  • Students get many best options for internships or further studies within the country itself.
  • The universities in Georgia are well equipped with great technology and infrastructure.
  • All the medical universities in Georgia provide very good accommodation facilities to the students and they also make Indian food easily available for the students.
  • MBBS admission in Georgia is actually a very affordable option for Indian students as there are many universities which offer low cost MBBS in Georgia.
  • Georgia is an absolutely safe country. Students can easily travel in public transport like buses, trains etc. without any problems.
  • Admission process for MBBS in Georgia is quite simple. MBBS admission is based on the score in Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects in the 12th standard. Students with minimum 50% marks in these subjects can take admission to MBBS in Georgia.
  • Outstanding international faculties.
  • Approximately, 50% discount on transportation for international students.

Recognition of Georgia Medical Universities

  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Ministry of Education, Georgia
  • World Federation for Medical Education (WFME)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)
  • The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER)

MBBS Course Duration in Georgia

To study medicine in Georgia, it requires a total of 6 years including 1 year of internship.

MBBS in Georgia - Is it safe for Indian students?

Studying MBBS in Georgia is much safer than any other country. According to Global Peace Index, Georgia stands on 85th position, while India holds 141st rank and USA stands on 103rd position according to it.

MBBS Syllabus in Georgia

The syllabus for MBBS course in Georgia covers a lot of different subjects including

Anatomy General Histology Biochemistry
Physiology Forensic medicine and toxicology Microbiology
Pathology Pharmacology Anesthesiology
Community medicine Dermatology and Venereology Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Ophthalmology Otorhinolaryngology
Pediatrics Surgery -

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

  • The year in which the admission is being taken, the student must be 17 years plus as on 31st December of that particular year.
  • The students must have completed class 12th from a recognized university or board and they must have qualified NEET exam.
  • Some universities have made it a compulsory criteria that students must have cleared IELTS/TOEFL with good score.
  • The universities which do not look for IELTS or TOEFL score, arrange personal interviews for students.
  • For students from General category, 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are compulsory and they must also have English as a compulsory subject at 12th level of their education. Students from SC/ST/OBC category must have 40% aggregate marks.

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Admission Procedure to Study Medicine in Georgia


The admission procedure to medicine course in Georgia is very simple.

Step 1: Along with the required documents, students are required to fill the online application form.

Step 2: As soon as university receives the application form, it issues an offer letter. Students can deposit the fees in the bank account of the university.

Step 3: The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia issues an accreditation letter to the students after 30 days, upon which a ministry order is received by the university and it issues an invitation letter to the students.

Step 4: Once the above procedure is complete, it takes 30 days for visa approval.

Step 5: The process of departure gets finished, once the fees get cleared.

Required Documents to get Georgia Student Visa


The persons who intend to travel Georgia for study purpose, the Study visas are issued to them.

Following documents are required for obtaining a study visa:

  • Original passport which should be valid for one year.
  • Six passport size photos.
  • Completely filled application form for visa for students.
  • Admission/offer letter Processing fee.
  • Bank statement of last six months and a copy of income tax return.
  • Admission or invitation letter from the university or the institution.
  • Photocopies of IELTS or academic score card.
  • Bank certificate of Rs.3-4 Lakhs and bank statement for last 3 months.
  • Photocopies of academics and IELTS score cards.
  • Two ways tickets of the student.

Career Options (After Completion of MBBS Degree)

  • The demand of MBBS is increasing day by day as the diseases are increasing worldwide. Also it is not going to end up in the nearer future. Therefore, students have a bright and successful career after MBBS in Georgia.
  • All the international bodies including European council, WHO and UNESCO are the government bodies whose accreditation has been given to the MBBS in Georgia. Thus, a MBBS degree in Georgia is recognized worldwide. Students who have taken their medical degree from Georgia can practice in any country, but for that they should give MCI Screening Test.
  • Georgian universities pay a significant attention on different qualities that a doctor should have and which will also help students to develop better career prospect and success, those qualities are

a. Developing the diagnosing ability by emphasizing more on practical,

b. Developing self confidence in students and seriousness towards responsibility,

c. Development of counselling skills and communication skills in students so that they can interact politely with patients.

With the above qualities, students can become successful in following different careers:

  • They can start their private clinic after completing MBBS degree in Georgia.
  • Students can also work with health corporations, medical health society, nursing home, health ministry and pharmaceutical industries, and also with medical college at different respected positions.
  • Students can also work as a Physician with the Government hospitals or private health firm.
  • Students who want to study further and do their post graduation have extensive options to select from after completing MBBS in Georgia such as MD or MS, Combined Medical Services (CMS), MBA, Clinical Research, Masters in Health Administration (MHA), M.Tech. in Biomedical Engineering and Biological Sciences, Masters in Medical Science and Technology (MMST), Masters in Public Health etc.

Address of Georgia Embassy in India

Georgia Embassy

169, Jor Bagh Colony Rd,

Jor Bagh, New Delhi,

Delhi 110003

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About Georgia

  • Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus region of Eurasia or at the crossroads or intersection of Europe and Asia. There are around 4 million people living in the country.
  • The country of Georgia is surrounded by Russia from North and Turkey and Armenia from South. The west boundary of Georgia is bounded by the black sea. From the southeast the country is bounded by the Azerbaijan.
  • The largest city of Georgia is Tbilisi which is the capital of Georgia.
  • Georgian (nationwide) and Abkhazian (Abkhazian AR) are the official language of Georgia. The Mingrelian, Svan and Bats are the recognised regional languages of Georgia.
  • Some of the Europe’s highest mountain peaks, are located in Georgia. The ‘Caucasus mountains’ is the name of mountain range running through Georgia. The Mount Shkhara at 5,068 m is the highest mountain of Georgia.
  • The Mtkvari river is the largest river in the Georgia and it covers an area of 726 Kilometers. The Tbilisi city lies on the banks of the Mtkvari river. Georgia has about 25,000 rivers.
  • Some of the UNESCO’s world heritage sites are located at Georgia.

Hostel Facilities Provided by Georgian Medical Universities

  • Georgia is affordable and cheap when it comes to living cost.
  • The MBBS universities in Georgia provides hostel facilities to students.
  • The rooms at the hostel are clean, tidy, well furnished and properly maintained by the hostel authorities.
  • There is an internet facility in computer labs and also at the hostel.
  • The Winter months in Georgia are freezing. Thus, during these freezing months, there is a heating facility in the classes and also in the hostel rooms.
  • 24 hours supply of electricity and hot and cold water.

Note: Students who don’t want to opt for hostel facility, can go for various off campus and other accommodation options. These options include rented flats or apartments, hotels, lodges, homestay with a host family, etc.

Students would need to check these options budget wise and comfort wise and would need to select the one which best suits their needs and living style.

Things to Remember While Choosing an Accommodation in Georgia

  • Students should be aware of all the expenses like electricity, water and food etc.
  • To avoid any confusion afterwards, students should always ask to see the contract beforehand.
  • They should contact the university in case of any query about housing.
  • They should take ample amount of time before making a final decision about any option.

Lifestyle in Georgia

  • When students go away from their home countries, in a different country then the locations around them differ from their regular lifestyle.
  • Thus, students should be flexible to adapt to new environment.
  • They should try and accept new people and traditions surrounding them.
  • Students should try to live the life of the local people, by tasting their food, communicating in their language, asking queries and then definitely studying MBBS in Georgia, far from their home country would be a joyful and memorable experience for students.

Below are some things which are part of lifestyle in Georgia

  • A local bank account - When students are studying in Georgia for longer than 3 months, then they need to open a local bank account there.
  • Insurance - All overseas students who pursue higher education in Georgia for more than 8 months, for them insurance coverage is necessary.
  • Communication - There is a coverage of 2G and 3G network across all the metropolitan areas and neighbourhood countries in Georgia. A sim card can be purchased by the student at a cellular phone shop.
  • Health and medical - The students who have any health issues should ask their doctor to get you a copy of the track record which they should have with them to consult with a doctor in Georgia.
  • Transportation - Road, waterway, air and rail are the 4 main modes of the transportation of the country. There has been a drastic change, growth and improvement in the transportation system of Georgia.

Climate Conditions

By the onshore flow from the black sea, the city’s climate is heavily influenced.

  • Depending on the eastern and western parts of the country, Georgia has dual climatic conditions. Also depending upon the altitude, the overall climatic conditions of the country differs.
  • In the autumn season, there is a dense rainfall. The country experiences condensation throughout the area. Lowlands are extremely hot throughout the year in the Western Georgia.
  • In Georgia, summer temperatures are between 20 degree celsius to 24 degree celsius. Temperature in winter is around 2 to 4 degree celsius.
  • January is the coldest month with a temperature of 0.9 degree celsius and July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 24 degree celsius.
  • Humidity is lower in Georgia and average rainfall is 500 to 800 mm per year.
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