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About MBBS in Germany

Germany is regarded as one of the favorite destinations amongst the EU countries by the people who want to shift for work and education from other nations.

It has always been on the list of top countries where people from across the world want to go for doing their higher studies in Germany.

It is because of the quality of the education, culture, and discipline in the country. It is a land from where famous poets and philosophers belong.

The candidates who are aspiring for studying medicine from India in another country can choose MBBS in Germany as there is various government-funded medical colleges and hospitals in Germany which provide education at the lowest cost and even free of cost to the national as well as foreign students.

Indian students easily mix in German culture and are found to be peacefully pursuing their education in medicine in the country. But before you choose MBBS in Germany, you must know some details about it.



When you are thinking about choosing the best Germany colleges and universities for your MBBS in Germany you need to be aware of the climate of the country and analyze whether you are comfortable in such a weather or not.

More or less, MBBS in Germany for Indian students is a comfortable journey if you think about the climate and weather of Germany.

The country has a very moderate or temperate climate, mostly humid as the winds from western side dominate most of the regions.

The summers are warm when the winters are averagely cool which is quite similar to Indian climate, though the summers are not that extreme like in India. The temperature in Germany is quite comfortable for the students going to pursue MBBS in Germany.

But the eastern side of the country gets to extreme climate as well where the summers can be too hot and dry for longer periods of time while the winters are too chilly and cold.



For the students who are interested to study masters in Germany should know how the economy of Germany is and how it works.

Germany is one of those countries which have the most number of skilled labors and capital, both at the same time, which give it an avenue to prosper in all sectors.

The country is world's 4th biggest nation in terms of Gross Domestic Product (Nominal) and it is also 3rd largest in the world in terms of export of good.

If you see the service sector where the candidates who want to study medicine in Germany will join in the future contributes to more than 3/4th of the economy's GDP.

Germany has also one of the lowest rates of unemployment which gives the students of MBBS in Germany the assurance of finding a good job with a decent pay in their dream sector.



In 2015, the population of Germany was around 82 million which gives the candidates, wants to study MBBS in Germany, the assumption of the minimum number of patients they would get to handle once they complete their MBBS in Germany.

It is the populous country in the EU and 2nd populous in the whole of Europe.

The country once faced a higher death rate than birth rate but due to the increase in birth rate and increased number of emigrants who are highly educated and cultured has given the country a balance in its demographic structure.


The country speaks and uses mostly its own language which is German and it is the official language as well.

Since the students who are going from India to pursue MBBS in Germany, most probably won’t understand or known to this language, they are given special one-year training along with students from any other nation to learn the language.

Though the MBBS in Germany in English is available and the course can be learned in English but the students need to learn the German language on a mandatory basis as they need to communicate with the patients in the country who might not know English.

Top Medical Colleges In Germany

The list of universities in Germany for international students which pertain medical education are as follows

The University was founded in the year 1966 and it is famous for its high standard in medical education and not in the education but also in the hospital which offers medical services to the patients in the country and let the medical students learns and earn by studying and doing an internship in the hospital.

There are various facilities to learn the new techniques and innovations in the medical field in this university as it has an entire wing dedicated to the research department.

The university has student strength of almost 2500-3000.

This is a university which offers medical ailment to almost sixty thousands of patients and there are more than 10000 of medical practitioners who work in this hospital.

The medical center is not only dedicated to its patient but also to its student and thus it is under the top ten list of universities in Germany for international students to study and practice medicine.

It has the latest technologies, machines, medicines to teach and treat the students and the patients respectively.

It is one of the best universities for the foreignstudents in the country of Germany as it has various interactive sessions for the students which make them comfortable to be and deal in a foreign environment and study dedicatedly.

The Department of Medical study in this university has also the most developed machines; technologies to treat the patients and the students learn to engross themselves in the field of medicines.

There are several opportunities for the Medical candidates for engaging themselves in the research and development as well in this university.

The list of universities in Germany for international students in the medical study also include this university which is one of the oldest medical institutions in Germany and it holds many pride and recognition to itself for being one of the best in the field.

The university has various departments of medicine like dental, general medicine, natural science, nursing etc.

Since the college is private the fee is higher than the government universities and the medical colleges but the fee is comparatively lower than other universities in different European countries.

The strength of students in this university in the medical vertical is around 1200 including both foreign and national students.

It is the 2nd oldest medical school in the country of Germany which is situated at Saxony.

This university was attended by reputed and renowned German persons and thus this is one of the most historically famous universities as well.

The university is dedicated to delivering the best possible education, teaching to the students, and treatment and develops and research about new medicines and treatments to cure the patients.

The university enrolls more than 3000 students in its medical school.

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The other most popular and famous medical universities in the list of universities in Germany for international students are Tubingen University which is a classical university of its time and being one of the oldest, it has a high standard of education and culture.

Munster University which is also a traditional university and it was incorporated long back in 1780 and it has one of the most numbers of intakes of students every year.

Then there are Wurzburg University, Magdeburg University, and Lubeck University which also falls on the top list of universities in Germany for international students.

Indian MBBS students in Germany

The best universities in Germany are one of the most sought-after universities by the Indian and other foreign students as the quality of the Medical education and practice is very high in the country whereas the cost of pursuing the same is very low.

The students from India who are looking to pursue master programs in Germany in medicines can have a better exposure in terms of studies, culture and they can get a better platform to learn and earn as well.

Since the standard of education is too high and the cost of education is too low, it is little difficult to get admission in the best universities in Germany.

The program structure of the MBBS in Germany is comprised of 2 years of basic science studies which is followed by an examination, if cleared then 3 years of clinical science which is again followed by an examination and then 1 year of clinical rotation after which the final examination has to be cleared to get the Degree and start practicing.

But before the start of these 6 years, there is a mandatory language learning course of German Language which is necessary for every Indian medical aspirant in Germany to study and clear the examinations.

For foreign students, there is only five to ten percent of the seats in the best universities in Germany are reserved, so the competition is tough enough to get in the best universities in Germany for studying MBBS in Germany.

Future Perspect

The career prospect of the Indian students after completing MBBS in Germany from medical colleges in Germany is full of opportunities if they take it in the right path.

The journey begins from the first year only when they enter the clinical line.

The best universities in Germany are always there by the side of the students to make them perfect in their job during the course of higher studies in Germany in the medical department.

The medical universities in Germany are recognized by the WHO, UN, MCI, ECTS which is the European Credit Transfer System and by many foreign bodies and organization.

The Indian students can sit for MCI examination and can practice and pursue higher studies in India or pursue higher studies in Germany. If you want to continue with ms in Germany, you can do that after MBBS in Germany.

You can also travel to another country to complete your further studies like PG or MS or MD and you can also practice in other countries as the medical universities in Germany are certified and recognized by World Health Organization.

Fee Structure

The MBBS in Germany is a course which has no fees attached to it.

The only fee payment you have to make is for the German language learning course which is a compulsion for every student who is not a German citizen, in the first year of the medical course (6 years of clinical course, so total 7 years of course including 1 year German language classes).

For the compulsory Germany language learning, the MBBS in Germany fee structure includes a fee which is INR 5, 00, 000 which is added up by accommodation charges of 3.5 lacs and living and another cost of INR 2 lacs per year. So, on an average, the cost of studying MBBS in Germany from universities in Germany for international students is around 22-23 lacs.

But the students are allowed to work 20 hours in a week from the 2nd year of the course of a 1st year of the clinical course and by working they can easily earn the living and accommodation cost every month.

So, if the accommodation and living cost is deducted then the average cost of studying MBBS in Germany fee structure is around 13 lacs which are very reasonable if you compare it with any other European nation.

Living Cost

As mentioned above in the MBBS in Germany fee structure, the living cost is around 1.5 lacs per year excluding the other expenses which you can earn from the 2nd year of the course if you work 20 hours per week. Here is a categorization of the living cost

  • Accommodation
    If you stay in the hostel for rest of the years then per year you would have to pay 3.5 lacs. But let us see what other options are available for you in Germany to stay while doing post-graduation in Germany.

    You can take a Single apartment on rent which would cost you around 650 Euros in the city and around 500 Euros in the countryside or outskirts of the city.

  • Food
    The food cost per year as mentioned will be around 1 lac in INR but you can cook on your own if you want to save your pocket.

  • Travel
    The study in Germany cost for Indian students also include the traveling cost which is reasonable in Germany if you compare with other EU nations.

    You have to pay 2.5-3 Euros for a ride in public transport but you can buy monthly passes which will cost you around 70 Euros.

  • Others
    The study in Germany cost for Indian students will also include the other expenses which are like the cost of mobile facilities, internet facilities which would cost around 26-27 Euros per month, basic necessities like electricity, cooling, water etc will add up to another 200 Euros per month.

Eligibility For Admission in MBBS in Germany

The Eligibility Criteria for studying MBBS in Germany from medical colleges in Germany are as follows

    The candidate must have scored more than 50 percent in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry in his or her 10+2 Board’s Examination.

    Then the Candidate must be of 18 years of age and above before the month of application for the medical colleges in Germany.

    The candidate must be willing to learn the German Language for the first year in Germany and sit for the examination and clear the Language tests.

    The candidate must learn the basic of the German language from India only.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Germany

  • The medical colleges in Germany and the medical universities in Germany as well are one of the most budget institutions to study medicine in Germany.

  • There are several opportunities for the students whether from the country or abroad to prosper in their dream career.

  • The stipend of the intern candidates after MBBS in Germany is around 40-50k Euros.

  • They can turn their internship into permanent employment with their dedication and they are allowed to stay after their 7.5 years, of course, to work in Germany. After which they can apply for PR as well or find good opportunities in the country and extend their Visa.

  • Once they complete their medical pg in Germany, they can easily apply for the PR.

  • The scholarships are also available for the first year which is only chargeable for the language course and if a candidate receives a scholarship of 100%, they need not spend any money from their own pockets except their living and other expenses.

  • It is one of the safest countries in the world with the ranking of 14th in the whole world.

  • The students just need to pay 500 Euros for their entire education in Germany to support the free education in the country.

  • The cost of living in Germany is comparatively lower than most of the countries in Europe. The standard of education is very up and thus the students get the motivation and inspiration for their work and to serve the patients.

  • The curriculum of the study of medicine in Germany is updated with every new findings and innovation in the world in the field of medicine. This helps the student to be at par with other students from different countries and to treat the patients in the best way possible.

  • The students can engage themselves in research and development as well as there is huge scope for the same.

  • Since Europe and Germany is regarded as continent and country of pride respectively, the students get enough recognition from pursuing their MBBS in Germany.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Germany

  • Living in a democratic country and in a bureaucratic country is different; Germany being the later one can be a difficult place to stay for the candidates who have a very democratic overview of life.

  • The admission process might get too delayed because of the same bureaucracy in the administration of the colleges.

  • Indian students are sometimes deprived of the technological advancement in the medical field as the cost of the study is low for them which in turn affect their career.

  • The marking or the examination scoring system in Germany is little confusing for the students from other countries, especially from India.

  • The foreign students are bound to learn German even if they are not comfortable with it.

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