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About MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

Why MBBS in Kyrgyzstan? While in India, pursuing MBBS is a much talked about a thing but those who actually clears the NEET examination and get into the painstaking curriculum, they know how much it takes to get there only. Later the journey becomes even coarser as the life of a doctor is not as easy as it seems.

Thus people seeking to fulfill their fantasized career in medicine look for other countries where getting into the MBBS module is not that scrupulous but the eminence of education is alongside of India only and one such option is doing mbbs in Kyrgyzstan.

But due to the excessive competition in India which is mainly because of the overpopulation in the country, there are many aspiring learners who cannot make it to the medical institution of the state administration or national regulators, and pursuing MBBS from private colleges is costly and not that rewarding as well due to the recent strictness which has come for the doctors and the profession itself.

Kyrgyzstan is a nation which is situated amidst China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan and falls in the Central Asian region. The nation holds various cultures in it and it has always been the joint point for various historically important civilizations.



For the students who are going to take up mbbs in Kyrgyzstan must be aware of the weather and the climate of the state so that if someone is not comfortable might look for some other option.

The climate of the nation is more regional and thus some of the areas have extremely high temperatures in the summers whereas the others have chilly winters.

There is also a mix of continental climate as well as polar climate which makes the country an incredible one. From negative temperatures to 40-45 degrees of temperature are natural in this country.



Being one of the poorest countries in the world, its economy is not that strong.

The main source of income comes from agriculture and also a country is a place where there is the huge course of minerals and that is one good factor which helps this country to grow.

Mainly metals and the minerals are exported to the different nation from Kyrgyzstan.

So, Indian students who are aspiring to pursue MBBS course in the USA can find a job easily given the low unemployment rate, as well as the salary, would be much more than they would get in India.



It is a country with almost around 5.8-6 million of people and most of them lives under the below poverty line.

Only a section of people which is close to 30% who lives in urban areas and rest are rural areas.


The students who migrate to Kyrgyzstan can study in English but the official language of the country is Russian.

Though the actual language which the inhabitants are comfortable in speaking is Kyrgyz which is a language from the Turkish nation and there are many other languages which are followed in the country like French, Uzbek, German and etc.

Top Medical Colleges for MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

The list of mci recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan includes many colleges out of which these 5 stands at the top

This academy tops the list of the best medical schools in the country. It has a grade of B+ and it offers a high class of eminent education in the field of medicine.

Since the college is MCI approved, the Indian learners who have taken up or going to take up MBBS in Kyrgyzstan in this university can have a great future vision and no hassle related to finding work in any part of the country or in rest of the world.

The college has a history of more than 75 years and thus it has a good quality of education and lecturers are really helpful.

Moreover, for the Indian students, they can find familiar faces as the college has a populace of around 360 Indian students at the current point in time.

The module is completely taught in English so that the foreign students can accept the course easily.

There are hospitals which are affiliated to this academe and thus the students also find work after their completion of the course. The admission application deadline for this university is 31st of July, so people seeking admission here must apply beforehand.

The course duration is of 5 years of clinical study and one year of clinical practice as an apprentice or intern.

The institute is familiarly known as ASMI which is situated in Kant city. The best thing for the Indian students in this academy is that there is almost 15% of the contenders are from India.

The college has a student’s capacity of 6k and presently it is one of the renowned medical academies of the nation.

The course taught here is of complete six years and the fee is also very low for the students.

The session of this university for the MBBS module starts from the month of September and the deadline for application ends in the mid of August but the seats are mostly filled by the end of June only.

So, it is always better to fill the application in the starting of the admission process.

With students from more than 25 different countries, this university has a capacity for educating more than 12000 students and out this, more than fifteen percent are from different nations.

The students are provided with the great eminence of education.

They also prepare the students for the MCI test in India and the college has a record passing percentage of 46% and above in FMGE of MCI.

The admission deadline for the osh state medical university is on the last date of July and the session starts from September only.

This college is graded at B+ and the facilities and educational experience of the faculty is noteworthy.

This is a state university which is approved by the MCI of India as well as the FAIMER which is a great recognition for the medical colleges in the world.

The university offers a wide number of subject choices and course for the medical students and has a great panel of faculty members.

The university stand at the 4th position on the list of mci recognized medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan and has a student’s strength of 8000 and out of which 32% of the students passes the MCI test in one attempt.

The Indian contenders are in good number and there are lots of other countries whose citizen come to this university for their MBBS course.

The college has a great standard of education and the seats are filled up really fast so to acquire admission you need to apply as much in the beginning as you can.

You can start in the month of May when your results come out as seats are filled by June mostly.

It is a state-run medical academe which is under the regulation of the University of Kyrgyzstan.

It was established in the year of 1993. It offers an array of medicinal courses in which the students can enroll. The university has a great exposure for the students in the different field beside of medical knowledge.

The life on campus is noteworthy. The college is MCI approved and has many students from Indian cities.

It has also got good international relations and students are often traveling for exchange programs.

It has two sessions one starts in September and another one in February.

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Why Pursue MBBS In Kyrgyzstan?

Most of the students who are aspiring to join the tough medicinal line often ask why they take up mbbs in Kyrgyzstan Quora site.

The most vital reasons of joining the course in this nation are because of the low amount of competition, the huge difference of the fees charged by the colleges of Kyrgyzstan which is on the lower side of course.

Then the students are safe in this country and India is not too far from Kyrgyzstan as well. It takes only a few hours to travel to this nation.

The Kyrgyzstan mbbs colleges offer various degrees and modules which the candidates can choose and thus there are lots of opportunities for the candidates as well as an option.

The medical schools are well maintained and developed and use various new technologies for educating the youth of medicine.

The society is not much difficult to deal with and since it is an Asian country, one from India can find other Indian easily and life is not that difficult as well.

On the top, the quality of education is good enough and for the people traveling from India, who are fond of seeking new places and beauty of nature, can enjoy in this nation as it is too beautiful and have various scenic attractions.

MBBS In Kyrgyzstan For Indian Students

Indian students who seek admission in medical school of Kyrgyzstan often ask about mbbs in Kyrgyzstan quora and how is the scenario of the Indian in Kyrgyzstan and whether is ample opportunities for them or not.

To answer that, Indians are well treated in the country of Kyrgyzstan; almost every medical school has a good percentage of Indians studying in them.

The cities and the people are respectful towards Indian studying and working there. The medical schools have many hospitals affiliated with them and thus the students get an abundance of scope in practicing in those hospitals.

Life In Kyrgyzstan

With the educational standard matching the European and USA parameters and the exceptional beauty of the country and all the mentioned facilities above, the life of the mbbs in Kyrgyzstan students is really praised worthy.

They are safe in this country and have lots of things to learn which they are in their medical module. They can travel and explore the city, there is not much restriction.

With the living cost being very equitable compared to any European or western countries, the students can enjoy their stay here while concentrating on their studies.

mbbs in Kyrgyzstan is always a good option for them who are looking for studying abroad and if medical field is what they always have dreamt of.

mbbs in kyrgyzstan

Advantage Of MBBS In Kyrgyzstan

The advantages of mbbs in Kyrgyzstan are innumerable but let us see, which are the key benefits of studying in the medical schools and educational system in this country

  • The Indian aspiring contenders would be happy to know is that there is no scene of paying any donation or oiling anyone to get through in the best medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan.

    There is no donation or charges you required to pay an excess of the fee for the medical course to the college or the university.

  • The eminence of education in Kyrgyzstan’s medical schools are of top class and standard are on par with the best universities in the world.

    It may be a poor country but the educational system is very strong and thus pursuing mbbs in Kyrgyzstan is never a bad option.

  • There is no entrance test that you would have to write for getting admission in Kyrgyzstan's medical academies. The admission is fully based on the performance of yours in the 10+2 exam in India.

    Unlike in India, where there is no scope for pursuing MBBS even from private medical colleges without clearing NEET examination.

  • The universities providing medical education are not only MCI approved but they do prepare for MCI test – FMGE which is mandatory for the students studying mbbs in Kyrgyzstan to clear for practicing and studying further in India.

    The passing percentage is also around 45% in most of the colleges.

  • Recognition of MCI is there for the topmost colleges of Kyrgyzstan and not only MCI but also WHO and other prestigious Medical associations recognize the universities in Kyrgyzstan providing eminence education in the medical field.

  • The students from medical schools of Kyrgyzstan can appear for any international and national screening test for post-graduation like USMLE or PLAB etc.

  • The cost of living is very reasonable compared to any western or European countries. The students don't have to pay a huge amount for their stay for 6 years during the course.

  • The fee for the education is also highly affordable.

  • The students get hostel facilities and Indian cuisines are easily available.

  • The medium of teaching in the universities of medical study is in English though the official language and the local languages are different.

  • The administration of the colleges and the medical universities are regulated. There is no nuisance like in many of the state undertaken colleges in India related to politics or etc.

  • The students get excellent opportunities for research and education and there are lots of employment opportunities as well. The students who want to continue their research have huge scope for taking up the same.

  • The student and tech ratio is optimum and thus the teachers can look after the candidates and give individual attention to building the base of the students.

  • Since there are lots of opportunities to work in the hospitals; the students can start earning while doing their course.

  • The eligibility criteria are not much tough to get into the medical universities of Kyrgyzstan as well and neither the admission process is too hectic.

Is MBBS In Kyrgyzstan Is Good Or Bad?

Often the students who are in 10+2 ask that whether mbbs in Kyrgyzstan is a good or bad option. If you see the possibilities mentioned above and opportunities are given, it is obviously a good option.

It is not only good in terms of educational or professional direction but also there is a mix of culture which provides the students a great exposure which they can encash going ahead in their career.


For the getting admission in the top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan, the eligibility criteria are as follows

  • The prospective learners must be of the age of seventeen years or above as on the end date of the year of which they are going to take admission.

  • The students should obtain over and above fifty percent of marks in each and on average of the three mandatory subjects which are physical science, chemical science and biological science in their 10+2 higher secondary test of the individual board like ICSE, CBSE etc.

  • Many top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan also have cut-offs over 50%, so the students need to have that much of marks in order to apply for the specific universities.

  • The candidate must have a valid international passport.


The admission process starts in the month of May or June and since the rush is too high, the sooner you apply the better are your chances. So, for application for the admission in the top medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan you need to

  • Fill the application form within the deadline, it is advised to apply before June or in the month of June for the September session.

    You need to submit the mark sheet and the other documents required for the application process as mentioned by the respective colleges or the university.

  • The university will take another four to eight weeks to verify the documents, prepare merit list etc and then they will send the admission letter to your postal address or your mail id.

  • In another four weeks, you will get the invitation or the confirmation letter.

  • Then you need to apply for the visa and once the visa is issued, you can pack your bags and prepare for your departure.


The mci approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan provide various facilities to the students which are enumerated as follows

  • Accommodation

    The mci approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan often offer standard accommodation facilities for the international students.

    The hostels are mainly preferred by the Indian students as they are safe and there is no extra expense of traveling to and fro to college and your place if you are not staying in a hostel.

    The hostels are well maintained and the administration is rigid but for the good.

  • Reading Room

    The students have the privilege to study in the reading rooms of the college campus and in the hostel.

    It is very important for the learners to have peace of mind and silent environment to study and thus reading rooms are the best option when your friends are making noise and you want to study.

    Moreover, the reading rooms and library has huge collections of books which will help you to increase your knowledge.

  • Quality Food

    Since Kyrgyzstan is an Asian country there is not much difference in the food traits. Moreover, the students can cook their own food if they wish to.

  • Sports and other curricular activities

    The mci approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan offer various extracurricular activities for the students so that they can also enjoy the life there and remain engaged in bettering themselves.

    The college campuses have various playing courts for various sports as well.

  • Placement Assistance

    The college admin of the mci approved medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan prepares the students for internship, Pg examination, and MCI examination.

    They also help in making the students employable so that they can get a job in any hospital around the world.

Career Opportunities

Since, the universities mentioned above and other universities in Kyrgyzstan for medical education are approved by the MCI, WHO and other main medical boards of associations across the globe, the students passing from these universities find enough of career opportunities wherever they go.

They can work in Kyrgyzstan as well and acquire the PR of the country in due time.

The students are often absorbed as permanent employees in the hospitals after they complete their internship and provided they clear the examinations and perform really well in them.

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