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MBBS in Poland facilitating students with best Medical Universities in Poland which are recognized by MCI medical council of india & accredited by the Ministry of Education & Science and the Ministry of Health.

MBBS in Poland " A memorable moment when student creates his own tracks, he/she may spread the wings either to fly or sink into the flames to learn harsh lessons ".

From last 23 ages, Poland's universities group have been facilitating aspirants coming from other countries & potential candidates to own the greatest era of their existence throughout their education. Recognized by WHO & having Minimum 300,000 numbers of localite student and Intercontinental students got chance to build relationships and strong networks during MBBS in Poland.

Every student from the university have the golden chance to obtain new thing from these networks, they have met proficient specialists and tried to execute their knowledge in each industry. The time & ages, Scholar is going to invest in this academy. This is the phase to brighten their future, passions & gain particular outcomes.

About MBBS in Poland

MBBS In Poland Students

MBBS in poland For scholars outside the European continent who arise to study in Poland, MCI & WHO approved this can be the start of an attractive trip to see Europe. Being asked to study in Poland, it means that you have been invited to the European Union!

Poland is an active member state, which offers not only varied and fascinating cultures and opportunities connected with solid and innovative economies but also propose the best environment for an effective higher education training in an inspiring and friendly atmosphere.

With high rate of quality and globally known labels, almost no other area in the world can start your career so hopeful.

MBBS in Poland with affordable tuition fees

The Basic cost to study in Poland is very low.

  • Warsaw University of Technology

  • University of Information Technology and Management

  • Poznan University of Life Sciences

  • Poznan University of Technology

  • Medical University of Lodz

  • Warsaw University of Technology

History Of Poland

The custom of the Polish schooling was touched in 1364 when Governor Kasser started the University(Academy) of Krakow.

The College of Krakow was one of the initial in the world, after the university in Bolivia (city) & Padua (city), and after Prague (city), it was another university in central Europe.

Around 2 successive epochs, in 1579, King Stephen Bolter changed Valencia College in Valencia to Jelvivor College and in 1661, Jane Jennifer of Poland replaced Jyviet College at Levif College.

Likewise, until the finish of the seventh era, 3 prosperous schools offered at the University of Poland and Lithuania(country) offered to tutor to both nationwide and global students.

  • Institutional (FEES) structure of Poland is low for study abroad.

  • A very Simple admission procedure without entrance examination or admission test.

  • MBBS programs in Poland offered with High-quality education, teaching medium is English.

  • Having The best medical colleges for MBBS in Poland.

Information about Poland

  • Official name: Republic of Poland, Rzeczpospolita Polska (Polish: Polska)

  • Authorized Language(speech): Polish.

  • Position: Middle Europe. Poland borders closed to Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Democracy, Slovakia, Lithuania and Russia (the Kaliningrad exclave). Its north boundary (440 km extended) rounds laterally to the Baltic Sea.

  • Capital city (metropolitan): Warszawa (Warsaw: population 1.7 million (peoples) / Warsaw collection: 2.5 million)

  • Currency: 1 zloty (PLN) = 100 groszy (you can check present money

  • Calling country code: + 48; Internet country Domain: .pl

  • Weather: the Polish weather is modest central, with the quite cold winters (December-to-March) and warm summers after (June-to-August). January temp. are between -1 ° C (30 ° F) and -5 ° C (23 ° F). The normal temp. of (July-and-August) vary between 16.5 ° C (62 ° F) and 19 ° C (65 ° F), even if nearly days the temp. can range from the 35 ° C (95 ° F).

  • Poland is associate of World Health Organization (WHO), World Trade Organization (WTO), Organization for Cooperation and development (OECD) and many others

Some advanteges of the MBBS in Poland

  • Institutional (FEES) structure of Poland is low for study abroad.

  • A very Simple admission procedure without entrance examination or admission test.

  • MBBS programs in Poland offered with High-quality education, teaching medium is English.

  • Having The best medical colleges for MBBS in Poland.

Medium of studying MBBS is English

  • English language providing a very suitable and easy medium for medicine students.

  • A very Simple teaching procedure without any language problem for students.

  • MBBS programs in Poland offered with High-quality education, teaching medium is English.

  • Having The best medical colleges for MBBS in Poland for International Students in English which makes it popular among all Indian medical students who wants to become a successful doctor.

  • All medical schools in poland for international students are MCI approved with low fees structure.

Poland For Indian Students

How is Poland for Indian Student? First, it's fascinating.

Everything is clean, so many beautiful people around you; the teens and younger people usually know English and are helping.

Poland for Indian students is also good because in Poland the weather is cold most of the year. During winter the sun sets around 4pm which kind of sucks but the city (Warsaw & ALL OTHER CITIES IN UKRAINE) looks amazing at night.

Even better under the Christmas lights during December/January period. Polish cuisine is good. If you are a non-vegetarian, food won't be a problem for you. The university has students from different nationalities; you’ll find exchange students all year around.

Racism in Poland for Indian Students .Is it true? People claims they have faced that in Poland but personally speaking that's not true. I and my friends from Latin America, Africa, and Brazil etc. never faced any kind of racism.

Before going learn some basic phrases in Polish. It might help you sometime. To sum up the life is pretty good. You’ll have an amazing time.

Education In Poland

Keeping in mind the end goal to contemplate in Poland, you need finished a moment level instruction and have a leaving testament affirming you are qualified to apply to college.

On the off chance that you passed the International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate exams, you can unreservedly apply for undergrad learns at a Polish University.

If you talk about education in Poland then you should beAssuming, be that as it may, you just have a proportionate capability from your nation of origin; it should be legitimately perceived at one of the Polish discretionary stations or another suitable establishment.

Sanctioning means confirming that your certificate is in consistence with the law of the nation it was issued in. Next, you need to confirm it with the Polish law. This procedure of giving acknowledgment of a degree from a remote college is called nostrification.
For Education in Poland the nostrification board compares the student's education to the Czech national education

So also, with a specific end goal to be acknowledged for the postgraduate investigations, you have to show an undergrad certificate from a Polish foundation or an abroad proportional, additionally perceived in Poland.

You are obliged to introduce nostrification of your remote confirmation to a Polish University before the finish of the principal term. On the off chance that you don't know how to do that, please contact our Representative.

You are enquiring about education in Poland so it is very simple they will give all of you the data required.

On the off chance that you knew about the wonderful Tatra Mountains or the Masurian Lake District, you most likely needed to visit Poland. In the event that you are arranging an excursion for think about purposes, at that point you ought to likewise realize that Poland has a portion of the most established colleges on the planet.

Advancement additionally put its commitment through the improvement of establishments represented considerable authority in drug, oceanic administrations, armed force, expressions, financial matters, and others.

There are more than 400 advanced education foundations in Poland which welcome around 1.5 million understudies yearly. Poland is known to be an available European nation, with a solid history and expansive points of view.

Educational cost expenses are likewise beneath the European normal while the prizes of concentrate in Poland are high. Underneath you will discover all that you should think about this dynamic nation.

Educational in Poland – cost and all expenses

While Polish residents don't pay for educational cost expenses in state funded colleges, global understudies are accused of charges set up by the colleges. These cost the slightest:

  • 2,000 EUR for Bachelor, Master degree courses, and expert examinations

  • 3,000 EUR for Ph.D., specific and professional courses

Private colleges have normal educational cost charges of 50,000 EUR/year, contingent upon the level of training and specialization. Likewise, you have the privilege to apply for a state funded college and rival Polish understudies.

Nonetheless, affirmations have a higher trouble than in different cases and you will be selected in a program educated in Polish.

MBBS in Poland Fees structure

Poznan medical school

The Poznan University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) is truly outstanding and biggest medicinal colleges in Poland, with more than 91 years of sound scholarly involvement and an extraordinary development energy.

Our University is a main medicinal school in Poland and is right now perceived as the biggest instructive, inquire about, and clinical focus in Poland.

PUMS offers the most elevated number of projects for understudies to browse, and the examination and clinical educating is directed on grounds in close association with six clinical healing facilities.

In the scholastic year 2013-2014, there are more than 8,000 selected understudies in the University, including in excess of 1,000 global understudies.

Its scholarly work force is involved right around 1,000 employees and showing staff utilized in Medical Faculty I, Medical Faculty II, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Health Sciences, which are all associated with the five projects at the Center for Medical Education in English.

The vast majority of the showing staff is therapeutic professionals and specialists of medication, around a hundred, speak to various logical controls and about a hundred are specialists of dentistry.

Poznan medical school fees Structure

Educational cost and Fees: Incoming 2018/19

  • Educational cost FEE

  • Educational cost of 64 000 PLN:

Initial segment of the educational cost charge (up front instalment) in the measure of 3 000 PLN payable by June 30, 2018 or date showed in the acknowledgment letter (setting the instalment is the condition for being selected on the understudy list)

Second piece of the educational cost charge payable in two portions:

First portion payable by September 30, 2018 30 500 PLN
Second portion payable by February 15, 2019 30 500 PLN

Educational cost charge for the accompanying examination years can be changed by the University by close to 5% in connection to the earlier year, and the Student will be educated by the University about the change no later than before the finish of March of the given year.

Obligation/Malpractice Insurance

in the measure of 120 USD per semester payable to the United States Admissions Office

Residence FEES for the scholarly year 2017/2018

Contingent upon the residence, the month to month rental expenses are:

  • Twofold room

    365 PLN in Eskulap
    430 PLN in Medyk
    440 PLN in Aspirynka
    510 PLN in addition to meter charges for frosty and boiling water and power in Karolek
  • Twofold room (single inhabitance):

    730 PLN in Eskulap
    860 PLN in Medyk
    880 PLN in Aspirynka
    1020 PLN in addition to meter charges for icy and high temp water and power in Karolek.
  • Single room

    500 PLN in Eskulap
    520 PLN in Medyk 660 PLN in addition to meter charges for icy and high temp water and power in Karolek


1 500 PLN payable by June 30, 2018

Medical university of lodz

The Medical University of Lodz is one of the biggest therapeutic colleges in Poland. Its custom backpedals to the 1940s. We instruct future specialists and pros in restorative sciences and solution related fields.

Directly more than 770 outside understudies from different nations go to therapeutic and dental projects educated completely in English.

Our Dentistry Teaching Center and the recently open Medical Simulation Center actualize the world instructive models and speak to the most abnormal amount of advancement in the restorative training.

Why learn at MUL?

  • 70 years of custom

  • Multicultural condition - understudies from 62 unique nations

  • Worldwide acknowledgment

  • Reasonable educational cost

  • An ultra-current showing focus (apparition rooms, test systems)

  • The entire confirmation process - the selection test included - is directed on the web

6-year MD program is intended for secondary school/optional school graduates. It is a full-time examine program in view of necessities which are required for the Polish therapeutic advanced education organizations and is sufficient to EU gauges.

Top motivations to consider prescription at the Medical University of Lodz :

  • Great area

  • International acknowledgment

  • Multicultural condition

  • Modern offices – fresh out of the plastic new Medical Simulation Center!

  • Affordable educational cost

  • Online application

  • Skype selection test

6-year MD program

  • 11.200 EUR for the1st year

  • 11.000 EUR/year for quite a long time from the second to the sixth

MD Advanced program

  • 13.200 EUR for the third year

  • 13.000 EUR/year for quite a long time from the fourth to the sixth

5-year DMD program

  • 13.200 EUR for the first year

  • 13.000 EUR/year for quite a long time from the second to the fifth

5-year DMD program - "Taiwanese curricular pathway"

  • 15.400 EUR for the first year

  • 15.200 EUR/year for quite a long time from the second

3-year BSc Nursing

  • 5.700 EUR for the first year

  • 5.500 EUR/year for quite a long time from the second

If you don't mind take note of that there must be at least 36 candidates to begin the Nursing program.

Above charges ought to be affected to the record of the Medical University of Lodz

Medical University Of GDANSK (MUG), Poland

Particulars 1st Years 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year 6th Year Total
Fee in Polish 43000 43000 43000 43000 43000 43000 65,000
Total Fee in Indian Rupees 6,88,000 6,88,000 6,88,000 6,88,000 6,88,000 6,88,000 41,28,000

Wroclaw medical university

Wroclaw Medical University is a foundation of higher restorative training in Wroclaw, Poland. The Wroclaw Medical University comprises of 5 resources: Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Public Health and Postgraduate Education.

The Faculty of Medicine is the most seasoned and biggest workforce of Wroclaw Medical University. It was built up on November 14, 1945, as one of the six resources of Wroclaw's University and Technical University. It is one of the best option for study mbbs in Poland.

Two new resources, the Faculty of Postgraduate Medical Training in 1992 and Faculty of Dentistry in 2000, were made in view of the hierarchical structure and addressing staff of the Faculty of Medicine.

Wroclaw is the third biggest instructive focus of Poland, with 135,000 understudies in 30 universities which utilize around 7,400 staff.

Wroclaw medical university

The English program of prescription comprises of six progressive scholarly years of medicinal, preclinical and clinical examinations and is adjusted to the basic European program, with regards to the European affirmation principles for therapeutic instruction.

Part I of the examination, the preclinical (or hypothetical) two years at the Medical School, is committed to the accompanying subjects: science (inorganic and natural), biophysics, atomic science, life systems, histology with cytophysiology, human embryology, organic chemistry, physiology, pathomorphology, restorative first help and CPR

An awesome number of noticeable researchers have led inquire about at the Faculty of Medicine. By and large, 891 scholastic educators and instructors work at the Medical University and around 3 500 understudies proceed with their investigations that’s why this could be a destination for mbbs in Poland.

Wroclaw Medical University has 200 worldwide ascensions of co-task marked with different colleges abroad. There is a wide trade of understudies and showing staff inside the structure of the Socrates/Erasmus program of the European Union, particularly with France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands and England.

After effectively finishing all the work required amid these six years, and subsequent to having finished all the required examinations, the understudy (might be conceded the expert title, Medical Doctor") will get Diploma, i.e. Medical Doctor" (MD) .

This report qualifies a graduate understudy for get postgraduate preparing and to take the express specialist's exam. Understudies “Medical aspirants” will be required to go to the addresses, workshops, lab classes, clinical exhibits, rounds band different exercises recommended in the Curriculum, incorporating healing center preparing with night and end of the week participation.

Type of studies Tuition fees per year
EU citizens Non-EU citizens
Bachelor studies 1500 Euro 3000 Euro
Master studies 1500 Euro 3000 Euro
PhD studies 2500 Euro 3000 Euro
Bachelor of Biotechnology 2000 Euro 3000 Euro
Bachelor of Business and Administration 2000 Euro 3000 Euro
Bachelor of English Philology Free of charges 2200 Euro
Master of LLM International and European Law 2000 Euro 3000 Euro
Master of English Philology Free of charges 2200 Euro
  • All candidates are required to pay the registration fee: €50 if they want to study mbbs in Poland from this University.

  • The tuition fee for the first year is increased by €150.

MCI approved medical colleges in Poland

Education in Poland for Indian students becomes very reasonable and accessible because the availability of mci approved medical colleges in Poland. There is an extensive variety of restorative colleges in Poland.

Main full face transplant in the usa was finished by a group of specialists lead by a polish specialist maria siemionow who moved on from medical university in Poland. Poland medicinal school positioning is developing significantly.

Poland For the high-class medical education: List of all mci approved medical colleges in Poland is mentioned in this page. Restorative training in Poland has turned out to be better known since 2013 when ministry of education of Poland reported its rundown of affirmed MBBS universities in Poland.

Poland is getting to be one of the well-known destinations among Indian scholars- 'students' because of high class European training particularly for accessible to examine MBBS in Poland.

There are likewise English medicinal schools in Poland and other best restorative colleges in Poland. There are numerous understudies who are picking to consider dentistry in Poland or MBBS in Europe. It is certainly a superb affair to think about prescription in a flourishing European nation.

medical schools in poland for international students

Scholarship in Poland

A There are various grants accessible inside the breaking points characterized in respective understandings. They are financed either by the Polish or the outside accomplice's legislature, regularly with the expect to improve trade inside a particular field of study. The measure of a grant relies upon the sort of study attempted.

Likewise, college grants are accessible for scholastic brilliance.

The point of the program is to help the social and monetary development of creating nations (barring the Eastern Partnership nations) by expanding the level of instruction and expert aptitudes of the subjects of these nations. Moreover, the interest in the program is an awesome chance to get comfortable with Polish culture and dialect. It likewise offers plausibility to meet Polish understudies and scholastics.

Grants offered inside the program incorporate free both second degree considers (Master thinks about) and third degree examines (PhD ponders) directed at state funded colleges regulated by the priest in charge of advanced education. The program is essentially gone for the nationals of: Angola, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Program comprises of the two kinds of grants:

  • Ace examinations (went before by a one-year college preliminary course) in science, characteristic sciences, specialized science, farming, ranger service and veterinary sciences

  • PhD examines in the accompanying fields: arithmetic, material science, science, science, Earth science, specialized sciences, agrarian, ranger service and veterinary sciences.

Poland Scholarships and Financial Aid Positions: Polish understudies and global understudies who wish to think about in Poland and need to stay away from expenses of training can apply for different grants which either absolved them from paying an educational cost charge or fill in as a money related help in covering their everyday costs.

Clean Government Scholarships are granted to youthful analysts and understudies based on shared understandings between nations and also different associations to urge them to seek after their higher investigations. Observe our present posting of grants for Iranian and universal understudies at different levels i.e. undergrad, graduate, postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral. Investigate and apply for the best program.

Health & Security in Poland

Besides, on the off chance that you choose to examine in Poland, you have to get a specialist's testament affirming that you can unreservedly embrace contemplate in your preferred field. Moreover, you should be safeguarded amid your aggregate remain in Poland.

The wellbeing administration in Poland isn't allowed to open and along these lines you should hold a protection arrangement in case of a sickness or a mishap. On the off chance that you are an EU subject and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can exploit Polish wellbeing administrations gratis.

Assuming, be that as it may, you don't have such a card, you can purchase medical coverage in the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) for around 40 PLN every month.

In light of the two-sided nation understanding the natives of Great Britain, Sweden and Slovakia, can exploit Polish wellbeing administrations for nothing out of pocket, while Czech understudies can utilize it if there should arise an occurrence of a crisis or a sudden sickness.

In the event that you have any questions about which protection you should pick for your stay in Poland, don't dither to solicit one from our Think Poland operators.

Indian students health in Poland
mci approved medical colleges in poland medical universities in poland in English

Culture In Poland

The Polish culture has significantly advanced throughout the years having been impacted by the geographic area of the nation at the conversion of European areas with their particular societies. The most punctual culture in Poland follows its cause to the way of life of the Early Slavs who settled in the nation.

The Poles have dependably invited craftsmen from abroad and received social patterns of different nations to improve their own vivacious social scene.

Etymological Affiliation

Poland is very clean it has a place with the west Slavic gathering of dialects of the Indo-European dialect family. Posts utilize the Latin letter set. Abstract Polish created amid the sixteenth century and depends on the discourse of instructed city individuals; Poland culture includes high society use, and the Great Polish and Little Polish Dialects.

Beginning in the nineteenth century, innovative and social changes presented another vocabulary. Amid the 1930s, there was an endeavour to coin and present a Polish-determined vocabulary for the recently diffused innovation.

Something else, the new vocabulary is taken from German, Latin, Russian, and English. The spelling of diffused words is changed to mirror the Polish letters in order.

The Slovincian vernacular of Kashubian could be viewed as a different dialect.

Topographical territories have particular discourse designs. Poland culture Most Poles can recognize individuals' places of starting point by their discourse.

The real lingos are: Great Polish in the northwest fixated on Poznań; Kuyavian, east of "Extraordinary Poland"; and Little Polish, around Cracow. Kashubian, with around 200,000 speakers along the Baltic drift, has its own orthography and writing.

Extra study materials for Students

Amid your examination program, you should buy books, inquire about magazines, and different items. These are, as a rule, vital and they can be obtained even from a few colleges. Be that as it may, you are encouraged to get them from book shops with old or utilized items, keeping in mind the end goal to spare some cash.

Living costs in Poland for international students

The Basic cost to study in Poland is very low.

Poland is a reachable European land through a beautiful unchanging budget and living costs of 300-650 EUR/month.

You can alter your expenses reliant on the urban or zone you wish to learn in.

The cost of living in Poland is nominal for all the local personals as well as the Indian students.

Very suitable for the international students, there are many cheapest universities of Poland for international students.

The cost of education for the MBBS course in Poland is quite low due to the quality it offers.

Bigger cities such as Krakow or Warsaw need 450-550 EUR/month. If you will determine a degree program in a minor town as Radom, Sochaczew or Stalowa Wola. You will essential a total of 300- 350 EUR/month. The utmost luxury municipal in Poland is Pulkowice, wherever you will need about 600 -650 EUR/month.

Other costs related to Housing in Poland for Indian Students

As soon as you are living in Poland, in addition of rent you will also have little added expenditures which come after the facilities. The elementary onesarepower, heating system, water and trash(Garbage) and they have overall charges of round 150 EUR/month for 85 square meters flat.

Fooding costs
Diet for an international student generally charges 100 - 150 EUR/month. You can save around money if you choice to buy groceries and you shop from low-priced shops. Some of the most nearby ones are Tesco, Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc, and Lidl. You can love a dinner in a reachable eatery for only 5 EUR or wage 24 EUR for a 3-times food in a normal eatery for 2. A light beverage will price you only 2 EUR.

Transportation costs
local transportation is the foremost choice of 60 of the scholars who wage 24 EUR for a once-a-month permit.

Many of the Polish towns have pleasant panoramic sights and roads, so you can likewise walk by foot. If you like travel by Car in Poland, it will about 1 EUR/litre of fuel.

Study Books provided by the University
During your education programme, we require to procurement books, study journals, & other stuff. These are, in utmost cases, needed & they can be bought even from some academies. Though, we recommended to purchase them from bookshops with old or used, in demand to save some cash.

Accommodation costs in Poland

To get a house is a main topic in Poland meanwhile it denotes 37% of the entire every monthly expense, by the European study.

International students might have found opportunities in university houses, rooms or else remote rent flats that can too be communal. Also, academies have facilities keen towards scholars who pursue to home off-campus.

The charges of accommodation in Poland are a little than the European average of 200 -300 EUR/month.

Though, private rental flats have high values. Cost of house in Polish cities are following for scholars who live single: 368 EUR/month Scholars living with companion: 446 EUR/month Scholars living on university properties: 269 EUR/month On-campus housing is not too available to scholars.

Only 12% of them live in house halls and 57% of them are pleased with the facilities and housing itself. A one-bedroom flat in Krakow price about 290-390 EUR/month, though Warsaw has about of 380 -501 EUR/month.

Visa and education requirements

If you have decided to go to Poland for study, you have to complete following things. But don't get discouraged! They are not complex than those in our nation.

Don't worry our MENS are ready on the way to help anytime. Then, you need to make legal documents for your stay in Poland for the period of your studies.

Furthermore, you essential look after your security and health Lastly, choose the language (speech) you wish to study, you need to provide record approving your knowledge at a capable stage, whether it is in English or Polish.

Without any extra charge ( No Donation or Capitation Amount)
The student does not need to pay any donation or provide any proof of income. The student can obtain direct admission to MBBS in Europe at the economic university of Poland and obtain a quality education in Europe.

Student Visa for Indian Students

The process for applying visa will be the different country it might differ in Poland and India But don’t worry just gather the papers our Representative

  • Visa form filled

  • Original passport arrangement

  • Official letter from Poland (message of acceptance to the school).

  • Your high school and graduate certificates

  • Certificate of language you knew (English or polish).

  • Make sure you have enough funds for study and living in Poland

  • Make sure you have Health insurance

  • And your latest photos

It is approx. 10 lacks to 20 lacks for the complete MBBS course.

MBBS in Poland best Universities

Total Budget for MBBS in Poland

THE BUDGET INCLUDES University fees for all students studying abroad; Accommodation in the hostel during the entire course. Cost of food and life during the course.

Miscellaneous expenses, including health insurance, the extension of residence permit, textbooks, etc.

  • Studying in Poland without IELTS in economic schools in Poland and economic universities in Poland is a possibility.

  • There is a long list of medical universities in Poland with a low-cost MBBS structure in Poland.

  • There are many Indian students who have returned to India after completing their MBBS at an MBBS university in Poland. So, they passed the MCI test and are now practicing in various parts of the world, including India.

  • The electricity bill and the various expenses are added according to the real one

  • We represent more than 51 medical universities in different countries. Although studying medicine in the United States is an expensive proposition, it is still beneficial for Indian students and costs less than private medical universities in India!

MBBS in Poland - Study in Poland

The most effective method to APPLY FOR A VISA FROM INDIA TO POLAND IN 10 STEPS:

  • Discover your office

  • Pick your excursion's motivation

  • Check in the event that you require a visa

  • Read the rules from the department

  • Pick visa write

  • Begin gathering archives and cash

  • Round out a visa application shape and make an arrangement

  • Print out the visa application and pay the expense

  • Check visa choice status

  • Consider impermanent living arrangement allow as quickly as time permits


On the off chance that you live in:

  • Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jarkhand, West Bengal, Odisha, Sikkim, Asam, Tripura, Mizoram, Arunacal Pradesh, Nagaland, Meghalaya, or Manipur, please visit the site of Polish Embassy in New Delhi.

  • Maharashtra, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Pondichery, Gujrat, Lakshadveep, Daman and Diu, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Andaman or Nicobar Islands, please contact Polish Consulate General in Mumbai.


For this article suppose that your circumstance is run of the mill. You have neither relatives in the European Union, nor a living arrangement allow. You simply need to come to Poland as a traveler, or you'd get a kick out of the chance to think about here or work. Possibly you need to maintain your own business in Poland.

Each case is extraordinary. When you need to move to Poland, you have to demonstrate your trek's motivation. For instance, on the off chance that you need to contemplate, you have to apply to a Polish college first. Your Polish college will send you records that will qualifies you for apply for an understudy visa- ( Student Visa).

On the off chance that you need to work, you need a work allow before you apply for a visa. This circumstance is very confused. Here will you discover our tips on the most proficient method to land a position in Poland.

VISA Processing Time- 14 working days

Other essential Information

Understudy-(Student) needs to go to consulate in the early morning for the document accommodation, with respect to understudy it is compulsory to take an earlier arrangement and understudy will be given a token as indicated by which they need to present their visa application. Specialist can present the record for understudy's sake however required the approval letter from understudy.

Dialect capability tests, not obligatory. It is fitting to join CA report of understudy's family with the visa document.

Poland Visa for Members of Official Delegations:

  • The official welcome duplicate

  • Character of candidate

  • Reason for travel (arrangements, gatherings, occasion by intergovernmental associations, discussions)

  • Term of remain

  • Place of convenience

Poland Visa for Medical Purposes:

  • A nearby therapeutic report

  • A restorative confirmation from the healing center or specialist in Poland, affirming the date of your arrangement and your therapeutic circumstance

  • Instalment receipt of restorative charges

Poland Visa for Cultural, Sports, Film Crew or Religious Purposes:

  • Welcome letter from the previously mentioned specialists with points of interest upon the idea of occasions or exercises – motivation behind visit , cost scope

  • Names of the candidates (team individuals)

  • Length of remain

  • Travel schedule

Apply Now

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