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United States of America (USA) is a country which needs no introduction as it has incorporated itself as the superpower of the whole world after the World War II.

There is no such field where it has not progressed enough to make new inventions and development, whether it is medical or technological, this country has given its all to the invention which has bettered the lives of people not only in their own country but across the globe.

If you are aspiring to become a doctor and want to pursue MBBS in the USA, you have to work a lot from your school level to secure admission in best medical colleges in the USA.

The importance of pursuing MBBS from best medical schools in the US is huge and thus there are more than thousands of candidates who prepare from their high school level to pursue this course.

The competition is fierce but the investment you make both in time and money and your effort can reap a huge success as well.



Since the USA is a huge country the climatic condition is different in different cities and states. The geographical features changes from one state to another, you can find extremely cold regions in the hilly areas whereas a temperate climatic feature in the valleys and dry areas around and in the desert regions.

The climatic condition is not too extreme to live in but definitely, for a person going from India for pursuing MBBS in the USA, they would need some time to adjust to their climate.



The economy of USA is one of the most stable economies of the world though it crashed during the Great Recession of 2008. But it overcame that within a few years and now growing at almost 3% every year (GDP RATE).

There is inflation of around 2% and the unemployment rate is 4% in the USA. The MBBS course in the USA is expensive than most of the other countries but the remuneration the doctors get is also higher than most of the countries across the globe.

The wage rate in the USA is higher than the rest of the world and for the doctors, the median salary is around $185000 per annum which is more than a crore in INR.

So, Indian students who are aspiring to pursue MBBS course in the USA can find a job easily given the low unemployment rate, as well as the salary, would be much more than they would get in India.



The USA is the most populous country after China and India have more than 32 crores of people. So, if you are thinking about the number of patients that would come to you during or after the MBBS course in the USA, you can be assured of a good number because of this huge population.

The population is comprised of different people with different religion, values, and ethnicity. The most populated cities in the USA are New York, L.A, and Chicago.

There are more than twenty regional languages which are spoken in this country besides the English which is known as American English and it is the national language of the country.

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Indian MBBS students in the USA

In the USA, Indians are in very good number, either they are there for work, or residing there for years but you will find lots of Indians in the USA and thus life of the medical student in the USA who have gone from India is not to tough as they get to see relatable faces in almost every city.

Though the MBBS in the USA for Indian students fee structure is little too high compared to other colleges and universities for medical studies in the world, the quality of education is also very good.

The standard of education in the USA has always been a benchmark for every other country and medical school in the USA is famous for their qualitative study and technique of delivering the knowledge to the students.

Top universities to study MBBS in the USA

The list of universities in the USA includes top 10 universities in the USA which are also ranked top on the list in the list worldwide.

MBBS in the USA is one of the most renowned fields of study across the globe and there are lacs of applications which are forwarded every year to these universities. The top 10 universities in the USA includes-

It is not only the top medical universities in the USA but it is regarded as the top university in medical studies across the globe.

On the list of universities in the USA and in the world, this university has the rank of 1 which indicates as we all know that Harvard has both the quality of education and culture and everything that a student requires in their journey.

The intake in this university is around 20000 medical students every year. They either enroll for the advanced medical studies or the graduate course or the premedical course.

The university offers Ph.D. courses in neuroscience, biomedical sciences and many other medical and science-related fields.

It is one of the world's best medical research institutes which is also the first in the USA. The school is not only famous for its research-based studies but also for the graduate level that MBBS in the USA.

It is one of the first of its kind which opened in the USA to offer medical education to both the genders at the graduate level.

John Hopkins University is amongst the list of top 10 universities in the USA because of its unparallel contribution towards the medical research and development and obviously the high standard of education that it provides.

With over and above 5000 entries every year including both in the graduate and the postgraduate students.

The university has owned its reputation due to mainly two aspects of itself which are the quality of education and the contribution towards the society through its inventions and developments in the medical field.

The university is counted under the best universities in the USA for its unmatchable diversity in the streams of medical study, the way they teach their students to handle the patients, leadership etc.

It is one of the medical universities in the USA which was established in 1810 and thus regarded as the pioneer in the field of medical education in the country.

The university has its own to teach the medical students and the best part is that it involves advanced technology in its medical treatments and education.

The university once received award and recognition for able to control trauma in the human body with the help of robotics and thus this university can take to students to another level in the medical education by providing the most advanced and rarest form of treatments through technological developments.

MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology also owns a Medical school which is equally renowned and famous and ranked under the top 10 medical colleges in the USA.

It is a joint program on Health Science and Technology offered by MIT and Harvard University which is not at all related to Harvard's own medical school and MBBS course.

This course is provided in Cambridge which holds another pride for the students.

To study MBBS in the USA you can also choose this university which is popular for it's effective medical and health science practices.

It is prudent in teaching and also providing education on health care, patient care, health science and medical science etc.

The OHSU is regarded as one of the best medical colleges to study MBBS in the USA because of its variety of disciplines in which one can do their medical study and then the school has huge number of faculty who are well versed in the medical science and treatment and other things which a medical student needs to know.

More than 1000 students enroll every year for the graduate and in Medical field in this university.

It is ranked within the top five medical schools in the USA for its unparallel contribution towards research and development and helping students with funding to complete their studies in the medical arena.

There are more than ten different types of medical courses under which you can enroll yourself in this university. If you are seeking enrolment for MBBS in the USA, then it is ranked amongst the top universities on the list.

It is famous for its faculty, different types of medical studies, researchers and innovations, and developments. It is renowned for its contribution towards AID's research and also towards health programs for the women across the globe.

It has also received recognition for its unmatchable contribution in the program for alcohol abuse and drug addiction. It is a medical university where the students can grow by learning something new every day.

If you are aspiring for MBBS in the USA then this university has a lot more to offer. It is different courses like MBBS, ms in the USA, and Ph.D. in the USA.

which you can gradually pursue after completing MBBS in the USA. There are lots of the fields of study as well as medical technology, rehabilitation, neurobiology or neuroscience, bioengineering etc.

Besides these top 10 universities in the USA for study in the USA of medical science, you have other universities and colleges as well which are also renowned and the fee structure is generous and affordable.

Cost of studying MBBS in the USA

Fee Structure

The cost of MBBS in the USA might seem to be very high compared to other nations but it is almost on the same level as in Europe but the quality of education is very high in the USA.

The students spend almost 70-80 lacs in Indian currency to pursue the MBBS in the USA. Though this is the amount required to study in the top universities you can definitely reduce the cost by applying for scholarships, working part time etc.

If you talk about the MBBS in the USA for Indian students fee structure then it would be like $45000 per year for tuition fees for 4 years for the best and the top universities. Overall, the cost of MBBS in the USA around $280000-$310000 for 4 years MBBS in the USA if you include all other costs like accommodation, food, and travel etc.

The medical universities in the USA which has low fee charges around $19000 to $25000 as a total fee. You can get various scholarships as most of the universities are funded by the Federal government is USA which will reduce your cost of MBBS in the USA.


While pursuing MBBS in the USA, you can earn your own pocket money by working part-time and after the completion of the 4 years of MBBS in the USA you can intern and earn almost $4000-$5000 per month which will easily help you get back the money you have invested in the 4 years of MBBS.

Living Cost

  • Accomadation

    The students can choose to stay on campus which will save a lot of money for them. There are other accommodation facilities as well for Indian students like rented apartments or home-stay, Paying Guest option etc. The average cost of accommodation is around $6000-$8000 per year and it can rise up if you choose to stay in single sharing apartments taking them on rent.

  • Food

    The cost of food is around another $6000 per year provided you are cooking your own food most of the time. If you choose to dine outside or have food in coffee shops, restaurant every day, then definitely the cost is going to shoot up.

  • Travel

    The cost of traveling per year per student is around $5000 which includes traveling to the college, paying guest or the apartment as well as traveling for leisure etc.

  • Others

    This expense is completely dependent on student and how they live their lives in the United States. The average cost or charges for leisure activities and entertainment for the medical students is something around $2000-$3000 per year.

Future Prospects

If you are pursuing MBBS in the USA and from a right university or college then you need not worry about the future if you invest your time and effort properly in the present that is during the course of MBBS.

The recent changes in the citizenship and residential status of the international students in the USA after the election of Trump has disturbed the students and aspiring students a bit as they are now not allowed to practice after their PG in the USA without work permit but if you have done MBBS in the USA from a reputed college and recognized college, you can get admission in any part of the world in Postgraduate program or practice in any hospital across the globe.

Almost 1/4th of the medical students in the USA are from India and thus there is a strong network of professionals working around the world as well. The Indian origin doctors from the USA get employment opportunities in the top hospitals in the world and the remuneration is nothing less than that is in the USA.

The MBBS in USA students can either choose to come back to India and complete their post-graduation or serve in government or private hospitals or fly abroad to do the same.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in the USA

USA medical universities have great advantages for MBBS students. With well-developed education system USA provides opportunities within the best universities of USA list. The syllabus here is regularly monitored regularly for its quality and ease of learning.

MBBS in USA has attracted many Indian as well as foreign students to their land and have turned them into Medical professionals by enrolling them into Medical College in USA.

Quality of Education

The quality of education in the USA is no doubt unparallel to most of the other countries and the universities in those countries. The education in the USA is mostly filled with practical training so that the medical students can get actual exposure to the world of medical science and treatment of the patients.

MCI Screening not required

Only the students of the universities in USA which are recognized by the MCI of India are exempted to sit for the MCI examination and clear it to practice in India after completing MBBS in the USA. These students are allowed to practice and complete their post-graduation without MCI screening test.

The donation is not a concept of USA

The medical schools in the USA don’t accept any form of a donation to admit the students in their MBBS course in the USA. The students need to get admission on the basis of their results in 12th boards, MCAT, USMLE conducted by the medical council of USA.

Scholarships are readily available for the right candidate

Minimum amount of scholarships is around 12 to 14 lacs which is available for the right students who are meritorious as well as aware of these scholarships and apply on time. The value of scholarship depends and can increase according to the merit of the student and his or her performance. Scholarships can save a lot of cost of MBBS in the USA.

Admissions are easier than in India

In India, getting into a medical college has always been tough but with NEET examination, it has become tougher. In the USA, since the students have to do the pre-medical or the bachelors in science first after appearing and clearing the MCAT examination, by then they get a good amount of knowledge about the health science and medicine which the students in 12th standard don’t have. Thus, for the graduate students, it is easier to clear the entrance test and get to the medical universities.

Employment and wage rate is higher

The salary of doctors in USA averages at $180000 which is quite high compared to other nations. In some recent news, it came up that the doctors in America are over satisfied with their remuneration and they want it to be less to reduce the financial pressure on the patients. Thus, pursuing MBBS in the USA assures a steady income after the completion of the course if you stick to your ethics and roots.

The stipend for the PG studentsr

For the students who have completed the MBBS in the USA can join hospitals and earn a stipend for their internship and practice during the post-graduation with which they can fund their rest of the stay in the USA and earn the amount their parents spend on their study.

Visa Process is easy for Indian students

Though with the election of Trump, Visa approval has become little difficult but for the Indian students with merit and accolades, it is never that difficult to get into the top universities in the USA.

Technical Advancement

The world of health science and Medical treatment also depends on medical instruments which are upgraded from the betterment of the patients and the human race. In the USA, the students are taught using the latest machines, mechanisms, and instruments which help them understand the procedures better and implement in the future.

Reputation and Recognition

An MBBS in the USA is much more than just a degree for most of the Indian students. In India and across the world, they get recognition and reputation of being a good doctor with the knowledge to cure the patients and this helps them acquire patients and increase their service towards the society.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in USA

  • Fees are really too high for the students who are not able to get the scholarships in the USA for MBBS in the USA.

  • The duration of doing MBBS in the USA is more than other countries as it requires an undergraduate degree like B.Sc. to be pursued before applying for the MBBS course in the USA.

    The cost of studying MBBS also increases due to this, even if you pursue it from India and then apply for MBBS in the USA.

  • You need to do a thorough research on the medical universities and medical colleges in the USA to get the understanding of which university is reliable and which are not.

Life in USA

As we all know, life in the USA is fast but rewarding, it has all sorts of facilities and amenities to live life very smoothly. The students who are pursuing MBBS in USA course can explore a lot in USA, travel and get huge exposure.

Eligibility For Admission in MBBS in the USA

The students who aspire to join the MBBS course in the USA has to secure 60% and above to be eligible for MCAT examination

What is MCAT?

MCAT is an entrance test for studying MBBS in the USA. This examination is conducted worldwide. On a successful result of MCAT, the students can apply for the premedical course (BS) in the USA for 1 year, then clearing the BS course, they will be transferred to B.Sc. or bachelors course for 2 years.

Then after successful completion of this course, they can apply for the medical colleges in the USA.

The students need to clear the USMLE-1, 2 and 3 examinations as well at every stage like after the premedical course, then after Bachelors and then after MBBS course in the USA (respectively) to get the license of practicing medical treatment and procedures.

Admission Procedure

The MBBS admission in the USA is little difficult but one can get it done with right information and it is described below

  • Once you have cleared your 12th boards you can apply for MCAT.

  • According to the eligibility procedure, you have to enroll for each and every entrance examinations and then the rest of the admission procedure follows.

  • You need to apply for each of the three stages - Premedical, Bachelors, and MBBS individually on the successful attempt of USMLE.

  • The documents required are mark sheets of each and every examination from 12th board examinations till USMLE-2 respectively.

  • For the license, you need to clear the USMLE-3.

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