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NEET online form 2018

NEET is a new form of competitive examination in India for the medical aspirants who are seeking admission in the Indian colleges and universities for MBBS and BDS Medical courses.

Due to the excessive political and donation exploitation of the management quota for the admission of the students in the medical colleges bound the government, Medical Council of India and Ministry of Health and Family welfare to come across with one single entrance examination for the students who want to take up MBBS or Dentistry course.

The neet online form 2018 is now available on the sites of the Central Board of Education which is the site for the NEET examination and the admits cards will be sent in few days of time as the examination is approaching in the month of May.

neet online form 2018 exam

NEET examination is formulated according to the Act of 1956 of the MCI which was amended in this current year and under the new rule all the seats across the country in various colleges will only be provided to the students for medicine courses on clearing the NEET examination.

It is whether a private institution or a government institution. The Medical Council of India has made it mandatory for the aspirants to take up this examination and clear to in order to secure a place in the medical colleges in the country.

Only the students who are seeking admission in AIIMs and in JIPMER can seat only for the individual entrance test of these two medical institutes.

Rules and Regulations of NEET 2018

  • The candidates who can appear for the examination are Indian Nationals, Foreign Nationals, Person who have the origin in Indian but living abroad, and citizens who are living in foreign countries or OCIs and the NRIs.

  • In 2018 the foreign nationals are also counted under the 15% quota seats of NEET examination on entire India basis. Rather than this, all other nationals whether the OCIs or the NRIs and obvious the Indian nationals and PIOs can write the examination

  • The maximum number of attempts one can take to clear the examination to break into the Medical field of education is not there which means an aspirant can seat for the examination as many times as he wants to be provided he has the eligible age for doing the same.

  • All admissions in any MBBS or BDS course in any of the colleges in India will be made through NEET clearance only.

    Whether the seats fall under all India quota or State quota or Private medical universities, or NRI quota and even for the deemed universities and the pool quota seats of central, all will be done through NEET examination.

    There is no scope of getting admission in any medical college if you don't clear the NEET examination and there is no question of paying any donation after the NEET examination has come into play.

  • The NEET examination from 2018 will be conducted in 11 different languages but the regional languages will only be considered on a state level.

    For example, if you are from West Bengal, and you want to take up the examination in Bengali, then you can do it but if a person staying in Gujarat and wants to write the examination in Bengali, then he won’t get many opportunities in Gujarat, he has to fly down to Calcutta to write the examination in Bengali.

    English medium will be available in all the centers so only the people who are willing to take the test in their regional language must know that the centers will be allocated on the state-wise basis.

    Centers will be allotted on the basis of the chosen medium for the examination and thus one should very precisely choose the medium in which they want to write the examination.

  • The examination is conducted with pen and paper mode and there is no online examination of NEET.

  • The forms can be filled online though and the neet online form 2018 is also available on

  • The city of the allocated center in the admit card cannot be changed under any circumstances.

  • The students can choose the center in their state or in the neighboring states. The students can choose the center in their state or in the neighboring states.

    Rest the computerized mechanism will finalize the center for every contender and is not a single mind game involved of any human in selecting the centers for the contenders so there is no biases as well.

  • If the students are from NIOS or open school of education, they won’t be allowed to take up the examination. They are not eligible for the NEET examination in such a scenario.

  • The neet online form 2018 is only available in the site of CBSE and not in any bank. So, the interested candidates have to log into the site mentioned above to fill the form.

  • The reservation policies are applicable according to the state government rule of reservation in the state.

  • The qualifying criteria are decided by the Medical Council of India and the Indian Dental Council and the criteria are the final criteria for the examination results.

    The results are made and the ranks are given according to these criteria. The marks are provided on a percentile basis and ranks are given according to the percentile.

  • The neet rules and regulations 2018 for stuff you can bring to the center includes Admit card which is necessary for writing the examination, two passport sized pictures – one for the Admit card and another one for the attendance sheet which you have to bring to affix on the necessary documents.

    Besides these things, the students can only bring their pencil, pen and related things and nothing more than these items.

Tuition and Coaching For NEET Examination

The neet coaching is important for the students who are aspiring to sit for the NEET examination because the pattern and the syllabus are little different from the 10+2 board examination.

The neet coaching is important to take as there are multiple choice questions that come in the NEET examination which are not taught in the school for the board's examination.

The students take neet coaching for understanding the techniques to solve the question in few seconds as the examination has time limitation and on the top of that there are many questions which you need to answer in short time period and then there is also negative marking, so you need to understand various things like how to eliminate the wrong answers, how to find out solutions of the mathematical questions within doing the whole steps.

This neet coaching has been provided by many institutes in most of the states in the country. You can enroll in them from class 11 only or you can also join in 12th standard or even after giving 12th examination if you are planning to drop a year for preparing for the NEET examination.

How to apply for the NEET examination online?

For the NEET examination, you need to apply through the site where you have to fill the neet application form and upload it with the required documents.

The application process starts in the month of February and ends in the month of March and in between every aspirant need to fill the form.

If there is any correction in the form, one week time after the last date of application will be given, and if the contenders are not able to change the error within that period of time, then they won't be able to change it further as well.

For neet application, you would require to fill the form and also submit the required documents asked by them and then the fees should be deposited within the deadline as well.

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Eligibility for NEET Examination

  • In the 10+2 Standard and must have biology, physics, and chemistry as a part of their main subjects for the 12th board examination.

  • They must have continuously read these three subjects in 10+2 standards that in standard 11 and 12 and then they are applying for the NEET examination. The students need not have mathematics in their curriculum.

  • The contenders must have done their 10+2 from regular schools and board of examination and no students who are from NIOS or any open school of education are eligible for the NEET examination.

  • The general category of students needs to have 50% in their biology, physics, and chemical science subject on an average that is taking all three together.

  • For the ST or SC candidates and even for the OBCs the minimum qualifying marks to sit for the NEET examination is 40%.

  • For the Physically handicapped people, the minimum required mark in the mandatory three subjects is 45%.

  • The age of the students applying for the NEET examination must be of 17 years or older as on 31st December of the year of his or her admission into the medical college.

  • For the reserved category students, the age criteria have been relaxed up to 5 more years in case of the maximum age limit which is 25 years for the general category students.

  • So, the student from unreserved category must have born between 7th of May, 1993 and 1st of January, 2002.

  • For the reserved category students, the first date can be from the year 1988.

Syllabus for NEET Examination of 2018

The neet 2018 syllabus is made according to the guidelines of the Medical Council and it is always made according to the MCI rules and regulations.

The syllabus is more or less same to the 11th and 12th standard of education in the science stream with biology, physics, and chemistry in it. The detailed syllabus is as follows

The neet 2018 syllabus of biology includes the human physiology, plant physiology, photosynthesis, diversity in living world, cell theory, plant and animal cell, tissues, structural organization in animal and plants, morphology and modification in human beings, transport in plants, three domains of life and the cell structure and function from the syllabus of class 11.

From the 12th standard syllabus, the neet syllabus includes the chapter on reproduction, biology and human welfare, reproduction in organisms, genetics and evolution, biotechnology and the applications of the same, ecology and environment, principle and process of biotechnology besides the biodiversity and its conservation as well as the organism and the environment and last but one of the important chapters is heredity and variations.

The neet 2018 syllabus of physics includes the notion and potential energy from class 11, the physical world and the measurements, nature of physical laws, speed, work, power and energy, velocity, kinematics, laws of motion, motion of system of particles and rigid body, Kepler's law of planetary motion, static and kinetic friction, the universal law of gravitational pull, the behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theory, thermodynamics, properties of bulk matter, critical velocity and the bulk modulous, heat, oscillation and waves, work and internal energy all from class 11 physics.

From the 12th standard physics which are there is the neet syllabus are Electrostatics, electric dipole, electric charges and their conservation, magnetic effects of current and magnetism, Kirchhoff's Laws and Simple applications, Carbon resistors, electromagnetic induction and alternating current, concept of magnetic field, AC generator and transformer, the permanent magnets, dual nature of Matter and radiation, electromagnetic waves and the spectrum, current electricity, optics, and wave optics as well as optical instruments, conductors, atoms and nuclei, devices of electronics.

The neet 2018 syllabus includes the parts of 11th and 12th standard chemistry which are basic concepts of chemistry, structure of atom, isotopes and isobars, atomic numbers, laws of chemical combination, chemical bonding, ionic bond, molecular structure, covalent bonds, state of matters, thermodynamics, gasses and liquids, classification of elements and periodicity in properties.

Then there is the concept of equilibrium, electro-negativity, redox reactions, and equilibrium in physical and chemical process, hydrogen and physical and chemical properties of water, organic chemistry and some basic principles and techniques, s-block elements, some p-clock elements, environmental chemistry and hydrocarbons.

The 12th standard chemistry syllabus for NEET examination includes Band Theory of Metals, solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, elevation of boiling point, chemical kinetics, general principles, surface chemistry, process of isolation of elements, p-block elements, electrochemistry, f block elements, haloarenes, haloalkanes, alcohols, Phenols and others, physical and chemical properties of primary alcohol, aldehydes, ketones, amines, organic compounds containing nitrogen, cyanides, polymers and isocyanides, biomolecules cleansing agents detergents and soaps and chemistry in everyday life.

Preparation Ideas for NEET

The students are waiting for their neet 2018 admit card must follow these last-minute tips to succeed in the NET examination

  • Know and understand the syllabus from the beginning of the year and if you have done that then this is the time for revision.

  • You must follow a routine to study accordingly. Like few hours dedicated to each of the subjects.

  • Study materials and the tests books are very important throughout the years and to get a good rank in the NEET you need to understand the concepts really well, mugging up won't help much.

  • Solve as mush mock and test papers as you can and try to stick to the time of three hours to be fully prepared to complete the examination within time on the real date of the exam.

When NEET 2018 will be conducted?

The neet exam date for the year 2018 is on May 6th as declared by the Medical Council of India. The application process was started from the 8th of February and in the market mid, it ended.

The examination date of NEET changes every year but more or less it is conducted in the first week of May. The dare is crucial to every contender as there is no system of reexamination and the timing for the examination is from 10 in the morning to 1 p.m. in the afternoon.

Admit Card of NEET

The neet 2018 admit card is yet to be released and the probable dates for the release of the neet 2018 admit card is in the third week of April.

Once the admit cards are issues, the center location will be known to the candidates. The neet 2018 admit card is required to be carried in the examination center and the examination hall otherwise the candidate won't be allowed to sit for the examination.

Counseling Dates and other important dates

The examination of NEET 2018 will be held in the month of May on 6th (Probable). The results will be declared by the first week of June after which the counseling will start.

For the first round of counseling to be held from 12th of June and continue until 24th of the month for the All Indian quota counseling and the Deemed Cl counseling.

For the State counseling, the date for first counseling is 25th of June to 5th of the next month - July.

Following the first counseling's admission, the 2nd round of counseling will be held from 6th of July to 26th of July which includes 6-12th July for the All Indian quota seats and then for the states. Then the session will start from the month of August.

Exam Pattern

  • The test is conducted in pen and paper format where the contenders are provided with the OMR sheets in which they need to fill the circles beside the right answer option.

  • The number of question in NEET examination is exactly one hundred and eighty which needs to be answered but not necessarily all.

  • There are four options for each question out of which one is only the right option and the student needs to choose that in order to get the point.

  • The examination is conducted for three hours.

  • There are different languages in which the examination will be conducted from now besides the English language. The languages are – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Oriya, Assamese, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Telegu and Urdu.

  • There is a total of 45 questions from the physics section, another 45 from chemistry, 45 more from zoology, and remaining 45 questions from botany.

  • The total mark of the examination is 720 and this is the maximum marks if all answers are correct. This makes each question of 4 marks and thus having one correct answer means 4 marks.

  • Negative marking is there which reduces the score by 25% as each incorrect answer will deduct 1 mark from the score of correct answers.

  • Only blue and ballpoint pens are to be used.

  • If one selects more than one option for one question, then that will be regarded as incorrect and marks will be deducted.

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