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I'mConfused What degree course should I take? Do I want a job quickly after completing the education?"

not Satisfied with my job! What should I do? Can I change my career line?

My career has stopped growing. I'm not sure which career to take?

I'm confused about my career. I do not know what career to choose?

If you have questions like this, then you're in the right place for Study Abroad Career Counselling!

What we can offer you !

Our expert direction benefit is intended to enable you to pick your optimal goal. In case if you are working in job which you don’t like it then you will not achieve what you want to achieve or what you are looking for, here our work start, we will discuss about your work and like and dislike about the work you want to do, and we will put all our efforts to achieve you way towards destiny what your are seeking for.

Our Study Abroad Career Counsellor
  • Our professional consultants are expert on the subject and have extensive experience in a variety of fields.
  • Equipped with the professional and wide range of knowledge.
  • They have a wide research on the type of Education, college, abroad college, job calls, companies, and Abroad.
  • Our career adviser will give you hassle free & better planned career advice for your career.
  • Study Abroad Career Counsellor has a dedication and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • will ensure you receive the best information available to move forward in your career domain.
  • Our Working Hours Monday to Sunday, 24 x 7. means All the day 24x7 we are there to assist you.
We are always ready for carrer counselling

Who can take guidence from us ?

  1. Class 12 students who will choose a career and need guidance on the course and subjects.
  2. Graduates looking for professional advice and discussions on appropriate job options.
  3. People who are considering a master's course / professional course / university study
  4. Manage discussion and guidance about Study Abroad Career Counselling.
  5. We provide career counselling and services online, over the phone and in person.
The Career Counselling Programs
  • 1Understanding and analysing Present Student Profile.
  • We begin by understanding your desired profile better by accessing your education, interests, values and personality.
  • This can also be called career interest profiler.
  • 2Survey and selection of suitable Career Options.
  • The next step is to scan the world of education and occupations in different industries .
  • shortlist the most suitable and matching further education Course and / or Career Options.
  • Select right option MBBS from abroad, best MBBS colleges in the world, best Engineering colleges, best Mba colleges, etc.
  • 3.Presentation of Career Advice
  • This can also be called career interest profiler.
  • and all the information related to your career will be provided on time by time.
Course Selection Guidence for Top Ranked Universities - Study Abroad

→  University of Lodz
→  University of Gdansk
→ University of Warsaw
→ Jagiellonian University
→ University of Wroclaw
→ Lodz University of Technology
→ Nicolas Copernicus University
→ Warsaw University of Technology
→ Gdansk University of Technology
→ Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan
→ University of Silesia in Katowice
→ AGH University of Science & Technology
Student Visa for Indian Students

The process for applying visa will be the different country it might differ in Poland and India But don’t worry just gather the papers our Representative will do it for you

» Visa form filled
» Original passport arrangement
» Official letter (message of acceptance to the school).
» Your high school and graduate certificates
» Certificate of language you knew (English or polish or any other).
» Make sure you have enough funds for study and living
» Make sure you have Health insurance
» And your latest photos

All the listed Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI)


Medical Universities

University of Warsaw

Medical University

University of Wroclaw

Medical University

Lodz University of Technology


MBBS in Poland

Best Medical Universities

Top Medical Universities in Ukraine

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