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Study MBBS in Poland

Located to the east side of Germany, Poland has made its presence felt in the world of Medical studies. Gaining an MBBS degree from Poland signifies a lot and students pursuing medicine in Poland are welcomed with open arms in many a hospital and institutions.

European studies are supposed to yield great professionals.

Gaining an MBBS degree in European nation is still being speculated as weather is it good for aspiring students or not and if it is good then which are the Top Poland university listed and what is the cost of studying in Poland?

These questions have been answered by the experts and have ensured that there would be no change in any department of Medical studies in Poland and would continue to flourish as it were before.

Do you need to learn local language to study MBBS in Poland?

Well no. the staff in Top colleges of Poland is well versed in English language. Most of European study syllabus is in English language.

Each and every subject will be taught in English and even the doubts will be solved in the same language.

The whole syllabus is designed in English language with standards that are matched according to the European standards and other ones which matter the most in other parts of the world.

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why students from abroad study MBBS in Poland?

European studies have been the zenith of studies all over the world especially in the Medical department. Thus Poland becomes the perfect place for students from abroad to come and add wings to their careers by studying MBBS in Poland.

Get up-to-date knowledge from around the world with state of art facility and equipment. Meet students from around the globe Switzerland, Australia, UAE, Vietnam and many more.

Practice anywhere in the world with our world recognised syllabus to your Aid while doing MBBS in Poland. Also the university in Poland has its degree being listed on WHO and IMED directory making the degree recognised and allowing the MBBS students of Poland through European Union, UK, US Canada etc.

Top ranking Medical colleges in Europe consist of many colleges affiliated to universities of Poland. European studies are recognised as the highest standard there is in studies and many a student's thus come down to Poland with a dream to become a successful Medical practitioners in the field of Medicine.

Low cost tuitions are provided by Polish Universities and even the cost of living there is low with world class facilities provided. There are even dormitories in each and every university to students with good food and library facility, making sure students stay healthy and study hard.

Advantages of studying MBBS in poland

well-developed education system

With well-developed education system Poland provides opportunities within the best universities of Poland list. The syllabus here is regularly monitored regularly for its quality and ease of learning.

The Polish Accreditation Committee is responsible for the evaluation and main in charge of the quality of education being provided.

There is no course being allotted without its permission being granted. MBBS in Poland has attracted many Indian as well as foreign students to their land and have turned them into Medical professionals by enrolling tem into Medical College in Poland.

Studying abroad is a dream for many but studying in foreign land under European syllabus with low cost education in Poland is definitely an advantage.

Also Poland is the only country that saw rise in GDP in the European Union making everyone aware of its stable economy and strong infrastructure with high tech laboratories.

Cost Of Living

MBBS in Poland is very much affordable even more affordable is the cost of living over there. Living in European nation is and has been a dream come true for many MBBS students studying abroad and this dream is more cherished due to the fact that Poland offers competitive cost of living than what students spend on I other European countries.

Studying Medicine in Europe is more affordable now than ever. Some universities also give study abroad scholarships to the deserving students.

Other benefits of studying MBBS in Poland

  • Reasonable MBBS tuition fees in Poland.

  • Simplified online process for MBBS in Poland

  • Easy to get student visa with less processing time to get visa.

  • Cost of living is very competitive with other European nations.

  • Simple admission process to get into the top Medical colleges of Poland without any screening or entrance test.

  • Students applying for MBBS in Poland are then eligible to appear for various exams like MCI and many more allowing them to practice Medicine in other nations like USA.

  • Even after doing MBBS doing PG in Poland is quiet easy to do because of its ease of admission.

  • Having English speaking faculty in Top Medical universities and colleges of Poland

  • The people of Poland are very welcoming and the climate there is much suitable for anyone to thrive.

Visa process for MBBS in Poland


Students who want to apply for MBBS must apply for student visa for Poland. With the duration of the course being in years students must pick up the stay permit that empowers the students who want to stay in Poland to live in the country for an extended year.

An application form must be filled as usual with all the correct names and documents required. Poland has very strict guidelines for Poland student visa approval.

What after MBBS in Poland?

  • A student can very well reside in Poland if he wants after the course for which he must get a residence card.

  • Students not from Europe or students who are from India in Poland must apply for residence card before getting admission for MBBS in Poland.

  • Work in Poland is a good option for all students studying in Poland.

Admission Procedure

  • Online application with documentation charges and duplicate mark sheet submission of earlier grades.( 10th 11th 12th )

  • Confirmation within 4 working days of application.

  • After the college confirms you admission you will be allotted student visa.

  • Prepare yourself to your dream destination to study MBBS in Poland as after issuing a student visa you will get a university of Poland welcoming letter.

Accommodation and food

Usually depended on the university you enrol in the cost of staying in dormitories and hostels in Poland are very much affordable with all world class amenities.

Renting a flat with your fellow country mates is another option with costs depending mostly on the area and location of where the house is.

With as many Indian students in Poland studying MBBS and various other courses it is but natural Indian food is available just everywhere.

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