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It is True - One of the Best country to study MBBS in Phillipines ?

Study MBBS in Phillipines

mbbs in polandIf a scholor wants to study in phillipines so it is very easy to connect because India is a cultural diversity nation and also with international exposure Philippines provide a big promotion to Indian culture. Other than that coming back to MBBS education.

it also provides some selection criteria for MBBS i.e. As in India a student having 12th passed with 50% marks of Physics, Chemistry and Biology marks are allotted for MBBS in the same way!

Philippines also have eligibility criteria of 50% marks in PCB

If a student gets admission in Indian Government MBBS college it is well and good if  he/she doesn’t get admitted in government college in spite of being  admitted in private college by paying 50-60 lakhs of fees it is better to take admission in abroad countries like Philippines..

Facilities of getting MBBS education in Philippines

Climate. Weather condition or climate conditions in this region is very similar to that in India. As India is called as nation of golden bird in the same way Philippines have got climate condition like India.

Low Budge Collegest

  1. in terms of budget Philippines have both options .
  2. High budget college with fees around 30-40 Lakhs.

Time Duration :

study MBBS in Philippines takes between 5 to 6 years depending on the college. It also offers 4 yrs. program for graduates. Philippines has a higher MCI screening test passing rate than most of other countries.

Food Facilities :

They have their own Indian mess facilities with Indian food where you will get Indian Breakfast, Indian veg as well as non veg thalis along with other foods  to be ordered separately students  staying in their apartments will enjoy the facilities of 4 times Indian food, free laundry, free Internet access.

This Indian hostel and mess is managed by an Indian firm with 28 staffs to look after the daily needs of student all time.

Education :

It is recommended by U.K, U.S and another renowned universities. In embarks total education in English than other language. Gives best technical and practical knowledge.

* Studying Medical in Philippines has following advantages

  1. Philippines is the world’s third largest English Speaking country with a highest English literacy rate in Asia. The mode of instruction in all level of education is in English rather than any other language for business, education, communication and trade.
  2. Degree Recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI). The accreditation with MCI defines the MBBS holder from India and an MD holder from Philippines at the same level. This proves that India is quite best than other countries
  3. Climate and disease pattern is similar to that in India, giving the students a beforehand practical experience before they start practicing. It has similar tropical climate with disease pattern in India.

Study mbbs in phillipines

Some advantages to study in phillipines
  • MBBS degree of Philippine is recognized and accepted by World Health Organized (WHO).
  • Recognized and accepted by IMED, of ECFMG-USA, MCI, FAMIER, USMMLE AND similar other organization.
  • Modern teaching methods with first rate facilities and equipped with the well-established infrastructures.
  • Global exposure by working alongside with various nationalities as well
  • In Philippines it takes 5 years for complete degree
  • It is quite close to Indian as it is an Asian country.
  • Easy accessibility with several daily flight which leads to no travelling program
  • Extensive syllabus and curriculum similar as in India.
  • Affordable cost of Education which can bare a budget of even common man can afford it.
  • Sufficient Student-Patient ratio.
  • Excellent hands in Practice.

Option to start working on preparation for the United States medical licensing examination (USMLE) to study Post-Graduation degree

The Professors in Philippines are from different countries and are well educated and well experienced so this helps the students to get knowledge from all over the world. The faculties of Philippine medical colleges are cooperative as well as polite which makes the environment friendly and good for education.

No Donation

There is no donation criteria in Philippines colleges as they are managed by Philippine ministry of education. As Philippines is 12th most highly populated country in world, there are more opportunities to practice with variety and large number of people

Medical colleges in Philippines

Medical colleges in Philippines are the safest among the world as they have 24|7 security guards and CCTV cameras for Indian students. They feel safe even outside the college campus. The Philippines colleges are of very high standards as it follows American pattern of teaching.

Indian Medical Students

If we look at the past experience of Indian Medical Students who have studied from Philippines, they all are well settled and are standing at the highest peak of their achievements. The Philippines medical colleges provides best clinical exposure for Indian students to practice back in India Proficiently.

Philippines is the best suitable country for medical education for Indian students in all ways

Why MBBS in Russia?

Besides the fact that eligibility for doing MBBS in Russia is not that difficult, there are many other factors which influence the reason behind doing the course from this country.

If you are an aspiring Medical student then you must take a note that there is basically no entrance examination in Russia for getting admitted in MBBS course even not for the premier institutes pertaining the education in the field of medicine.

  1. There is a huge amount of subsidies available from the Russian government to finance the different education stream and overall educational departments in Russia and this, in turn, lowers the fees of education for the students in Russia and also for the students going to study in Russia from various other countries.
  2. For Indian students, it is a boon to many Indian universities especially the private medical colleges and universities charges in Lacks and crore for 5 years MBBS course
  3. The best part of pursuing MBBS from Russia is that the Medical colleges and the Universities which are registered in Russia are mostly accredited and approved by WHO and MCI.
  4. this ensures that the students pursuing MBBS from Russia can practice anywhere in the world without any restriction as their degree will be valued at par in all other countries as well.

All the listed Universities are approved by Medical Council of India (MCI)


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