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Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv national medical university which is locally known as KNMU is an establishment since 1805.

It was incorporated as the medical academic world of Kharkiv University in Ukraine. This university holds a reputation of being a premier institute for being in the field of medical study for years and there are few such universities in the country which are as aged as this but with the age, comes the wiser views and thus this university is now one of the well-liked and erstwhile universities in the country.

It is not only recognized in the country of Ukraine but it holds worldwide to honor and prestige for being one of the largely developed and innovative schools of medicine from time immemorial.

The Kharkiv national medical university holds esteemed recognition of being the member of UNESCO's International Association of Universities.

The university has a huge capacity of students and it yearly intake is around 7000 out of which more than 2000 are from foreign lands.

The strength of the teachers are also great which includes more than 100 doctors, around 400 candidates who are studying in a higher level like in Ph.D. or so and also practice in hospitals, scientists are around 20 and other people related to academics in the same field.

The Kharkiv national medical university is accredited by WHO which help its scholar to get into any hospital or college after they pass out from this university.

The university is also recognized by MCI which helps the Indian students to work across the regions on this planet and there is no a boundary.

The Indian scholar can get placed at any hospital with the degree of this college. The other recognitions are from General Medical Council which is another prestigious recognition to hold and much other accreditation and recognition are in its bag.

The Kharkiv national medical university is one of such institute of higher studies where you can get the best possible accommodation facilities with all the facilities and basic amenities.

You can choose single or sharing rooms, the environment of the hostels and the colleges are very polite and calm which helps the students to concentrate on their work properly.

There is internet available for free in the hostel and campus and one can us according to his or her whims. There are required stuff available like pillow, bed, chair, desk, wardrobe or almirah as you call it.

There is a heating system available for water so that you don’t have to get frozen during the winter to take a bath.

The fees of the hostels are very reasonable compared to the size and facilities they provide. There are other accommodations as well which includes, rented flats and apartments, paying guests, and mess.

The food is easily available in the hostels and you can make your own breakfast, lunch, and supper as well. There is no such restriction on making homely food if you prefer so.

There is a centre for playing games, communication and socializing in the youth center. There is a club for the people who love discussing intellectual topics around the world.

The club for funny and flamboyant people is there as well who love fun and happiness and there are various sports facilities to keep the scholar active and fit.

  • Surgery in the cardiovascular area

  • skin related diseases and its study dermatology

  • Specialization in ENT

  • Cardiology

  • Forensic medicine

  • Gastroenterology

  • Therapies as well

  • General medicine and family medicine

  • Gynecology

  • Neurology

  • Oncology

  • Cosmetic surgeries

  • Public healthcare

  • Pulmonology

  • Internal diseases

  • Radiology

  • Urology

  • Nuclear medicine

  • Neurosurgery

  • Social medicine

  • Ophthalmology

  • Pediatrics

  • Orthopedics

The eligibility criteria for getting admission in the Kharkiv national medical university is around 50-60% of marks that you need to obtain in your Higher Secondary Examination or 10+2 examination.

You need to get these marks in Physics, Biology, and chemistry beside other subjects in your curriculum.

The eligibility for admission is not that difficult if you study from the beginning of the year and can score this marks in your board’s examination.

The age of the candidate applying for the admission to the university must be of 17-18 years of age if not more.

If you meet these criteria then you can avail admission in this university provided you apply on the right time and don't get delayed.

For admission purpose, you need to submit the following documents along with the application form which is available online -

  • Mark sheet of class ten (10)

  • Mark sheet of 10+2 examination

  • A authenticate passport.

The admission process is simple where you have to submit these documents online, once they receive the documents, they will verify the same and if you are eligible for the admission and you have applied before the deadline and there are seats available you will be granted the admission.

On the confirmation of admission to the university you need to apply for the visa which is the most hectic process but if you have the confirmation letter of the academe, there will be hardly any hassle.

Once your visa is approved, you are ready to fly to Ukraine and pursue your dream career.


The university holds a great reputation for being one of the pioneers in the field of a medical university in the country. It has a great track record of successful scholar who are working all across the globe.

The learners are not only taught bookish knowledge rather there is practical exposure which helps them in becoming a great doctor of the future.

The accommodations for the learners are always available if they want to stay in the hostel.

The fees of studying medicine in Kharkiv national medical university are very affordable and thus it is one of the more desired academies of all times in Ukraine.

The eligibility and admission process is also very simple which helps to aspiring entrants to get through easily.


Tbilisi state medical university

The Tbilisi state medical university is a medical academic world ran by the government in the Caucasus Area.

It has a history of 100 years from now as it was established in the year 1918 as the medical school under the Tbilisi State University.

The location if you see on the roadmap then it is in Georgia and it is one of the well-liked institutes in the country.

The university doesn't only work on the basic medical education of the learners who enroll for the courses but also for the overall development of the students by making them participate in different medical camps and the university had an international connection, so learners exchange programs help the learners to learn and earn more.

The university is well known for its quality of the education and the high standards it maintains for years. This university is also one of the most reputed universities amongst the Ukraine medical university.

The main reason behind this success is the quality of education that it provides to its learners which is of the very high standard.

This is one of that Ukraine medical university which has the most number of foreign relations and also domestically it works with the hospitals as mentioned above.

The medium of teaching is in English and thus the learners who come from overseas don't face any problem regarding the medium of study.

This Ukraine medical university has a learner strength of 5200 and above every year who takes admission and out of this number almost more than twenty percentage of the learners are foreigners.

The Medical Council of India has recognized this university and thus the students from India can easily take admission in this university and also can find good work after they complete their education from this university.

The fundamental medical science departments which are there in this university where one can pursue their higher studies are

  • Medical Genetics and Molecular Genetics.

  • Anatomy of the human body (normal)

  • Cytology

  • Histology

  • Embryology

  • Anatomy (Topographic)

  • Therapy

  • Pathology

  • Cytopathology

  • Medical pharmacy

  • Immunology and Microbiology

  • Pathophysiology

  • Medical history and bioethics department.

  • Internal Medicine

  • Infectious Diseases

  • Family Medicine

  • Surgery

  • Phthisiology

  • Oncology

  • Hematology

The Tbilisi state medical university has a very simple eligibility measure which is they need to be the citizen of the country.

They must have done 10+2 education from a recognized board of education whether abroad or in the country.

The basic rule of admission remains the same as most of the academy that is 50% and above in PCB- physics, chemistry & biology in the 10+2 standard.

The Tbilisi state medical university has a hall or reading room with many books for the enlightment of the learners.

There is sports facilities, ground which are well decorated and maintained for the help for the apprentices so that they can spend quality time either with the books or the sports equipment and stay fit and fine ad become more knowledgeable and intelligent.

The apprentices who are in need of accommodation, they must know that the university doesn't provide any sort of living arrangement for the apprentices even for the overseas apprentices.

The accommodation, food, living arrangements need to be done by the apprentices themselves.

The Tbilisi state medical university has several benefits out of which some are mentioned below

  • You can read in one of the best universities in Georgia as it is one of the premier and erstwhile academe of all times.

  • The study structure here is more of research focus which helps the apprentices to get out of the books and realize the real world of medicine.

  • There is completely democratic and academic freedom in the country and in the university.

  • The Tbilisi state medical university is the biggest government-run University for Medical Study in the country.

  • It has provided more than 50000 doctors to the world. So, its experience cannot be ignored.

  • The university works and collaborates with medical hospitals in the country and thus apprentices of this university get the opportunity to closely work in the real medical arena.

  • The Tbilisi state medical university is recognized by WHO, World Federation for Medical Education and Educational Commission For Medical Education in the world and in Georgia and Europe, it is recognized by European Union Ministry of Education, Georgian Ministry of Health and Labor Affairs and Georgian Ministry of Education and Science.

  • The best part of studying in this university is that each class has only 10-14 candidates which make concentration level higher and the professors can focus on each of the learners to make them better.

  • The infrastructure of the university is top class and thus the contenders for the medical course studying there don’t have to face any problem regarding the same.

  • There is both heating and freezing technologies available within the classrooms.

  • The whole campus is having free internet connectivity.

  • There are a lot of international and national conferences held at the university in which the scholars can take part to learn and have wider exposure.

The documents required for the admission are as follows-

  • The application form which needs to be filled duly and with proper and accurate details.

  • Pictures of the contender – four copies,

  • Passport or any identity proof which is nationally recognized.

  • Certificate of health – fitness.

  • Mark sheets of 10+2 and the last two years of education in abroad.

  • The documents must be attested properly.

  • Once the application is approved you can apply for the Visa and you can check the details on Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia site.

  • And last but not the least, every apprentice need to have a medical insurance when they are Georgia for the course.

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