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Medical education in Ukraine is one of the prevalent courses in the country which are well-liked by most of the international students due to the lower fee and high standard of education with practical exposure.

Ukraine has always topped the list when it comes to favorable countries where MBBS education is of standard quality. There are more than 10 universities which are also approved by the medical council of India. Two of the most popular universities out of these


OO Bogomolets national medical university

The OO bogomolets national medical university is one of the former universities of Ukraine which is situated at shevchenka blvd., in Kyiv, Ukraine.

It is not only the erstwhile academe in the country but also the leader in the medical education field. The medical institute was established in the year 1841 and it acquired its name from after the famous scientist A.Bogomolets.

It is not only regarded as the top academe in the country but also in the entire continent of Europe. There are more than 65 countries whose students come to this university every year to study medicine.

The graduates from OO bogomolets national medical university are settled in their lives across the globe and practicing in best hospitals in different countries.

The medical school has knowledgeable and well-versed faculty members who are also practicing doctors so the quality of education is not only based on the books but also the apprentice get the real taste of the profession as the faculty member can share with them the real-life experiences of how a doctor should treat a patient.

The faculty members consisted of professors of dental care or dentistry, psychology, pediatrics, general medicine, preventive health care, pharmacy as well as military medical treatment.

For the doctors who are already in practice can continue their education with the faculty members who provide training to the practicing doctors for their future studies.

The postgraduates students have also their own faculty for their training and learning purpose in preventive health care treatment and medicine.

There are more than 1200 exceptionally talented professors and lecturers in the college who educates the apprentice across the eighty Sections of the medical school.

The OO bogomolets national medical university has a high quality of education where one can do research and development as well.

The team of research and development is comprised of well-known laureates from the field of medicine. This university holds huge opportunity for the students who are yearning to learn the medical science with its huge pace for scientific work.

It has a total of nine thesis committees who have specialization in nineteen different subjects.

There are more than 75 thousands of beds which are segregated amongst the 123 units of the hospital for the benefit of the patients as well as the apprentice who are learning the science. More than 200000 surgeries are annually done in this hospital.

The dental Sections have three hundred units for the dental checkup and more than 4 lacs of patients are treated annually.

More than eighty professors and twenty undergraduates of this school go to foreign universities for exchange program every year.

There is clinical exchange program in which various students take part which increases their exposure and makes them aware of many recent updates in the medical field.

The university has almost all the departments in which you can follow your education when you get into the post graduation module.

The departments are like Obstetrics, Gynecology along with clinical psychology, surgical Section- Children’s surgical department is separated along with oncology which is another branch.

Internal medicine, neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Radiation Therapy, and Radiation medicine, Infectious sickness – HIV, Parasitic diseases etc. These are just a few of the huge list of the Sections the medical academe has in it.

WHO or World Health Organization has recognized this university of OO bogomolets national medical university and it works in cooperation with other medical universities from different countries like in USA, Poland etc.

The university is a proud winner of the KIYV SOFIA award or prize for being the most liked and highly rated university in the country in the year 2001, 2004 and also in 2005.

There are many more such accolades in its pocket as it is undoubtedly one f the best universities in the country.

The admission process starts in the mid of the year and the session starts generally from the month of September.

In order to take admission in this college, you need to submit your documents to the admission commission by the deadline along with the application form. Once approved, you will be granted a confirmation letter.

Once you receive the confirmation letter, you can apply for your visa.

And you need to reach the university and report before the 1st of September in which the session will begin.

In case of late entries, they will be put under the preparatory module for the next year and then they can only join the MBBS course in the next year of their application being approved.

Almost 1000 apprentice from other countries get admission in the different medical module of this university every year.


The eligibility criteria for getting admission in OO bogomolets national medical university is similar to any university of Ukraine where you need to have more than 50% in your physics, biology, and Chemistry in the board's examination of class twelve.

The age of the candidates who are applying for the admission process must be over and above seventeen years in the year of admission.

Benefits of Studying at OO bogomolets national medical university

  • It is a national level university of Ukraine for studying medicines which are run by the government.

  • The OO bogomolets national medical university can be compared with the AIIMS of Delhi in Ukraine and thus you can understand the level of education provided here.

  • The MCI has recognized this university so you can study in Ukraine, India or any part of the world for that matter after completing your MBBS from this university as this is also recognized by World health organization.

  • It is an erstwhile university with rich culture and reputation for over 175 years which retains to date.

  • The course is of six years and the international students won't face any problem with the language as the module is delivered in English.

  • More than hundreds of Indian apprentice you can find on the campus. As this academe is one of the most preferred colleges for MBBS and medical education in Ukraine among the Indians.

  • There is pre-booking of the seats which can be done which mostly secures your admission to the college.

  • The students are provided with well-maintained and furnished hostels, Mess, and food facilities as well.


Odessa national medical university

The 2nd university which tops the list of MCI registered universities in Ukraine is Odessa national medical university.

The academia is known for being one of the enormous medical institutes for higher education in the country of Ukraine and also in Europe especially in the Eastern as well as in the western part of the continent.

It is also one of the earlier universities in the field medical study established in the country. It was incorporated in the year 1900 which is more than a century old.

The university was formerly known as Odessa Medical Institute and then with the help of the scientists and their great contribution and the doctors of the university and faculty the university got furthermore accreditation which made it a national university and its name changed to Odessa national medical university which is popularly known as ONMU.

It is one of the most sought-after universities in the country and many contenders for the MBBS study and even for post-graduation comes from the various parts of the country and the world as well.

The MBBS module is delivered in different languages in this university for the benefit of the international apprentice.

There are three types of the medium which the students can choose according to their suitable language – Russian, English and French.

The course is conducted over six years which includes pre-medical studies, clinical studies and practice, and internship.

The university is not only reputed for its MBBS module but also the post graduation and Ph.D. courses where the candidates can take up any specialization according to their merit and dream.

The eligibility to get into this university in Ukraine is that the apprentices have to score fifty-five percent in biology, chemistry, and physics (average).

The apprentice who have little lower marks than this but above 50% can also apply but the chances of admission are little cloudy.

The number of apprentice is lower and thus they intake students on first come first serve basis so there is no much hassle involved in the eligibility thing.

The campus of ONMU is one of the best campuses amongst the university in Ukraine as they provide all sorts of necessary amenities within the campus only.

You have well maintained, furnished hostels to stay, you can cook your own food or bring Indian food from outside and the best thing is that you can get Indian food in the hostel canteen as well if you order.

The campus is fully connected with Wi-Fi, there is a gymnasium, room for watching television, reading books etc.

The electricity supply is free of cost and unlimited without any sorts of power-cuts which are frequent in India.

The rooms of the mess are furnished with basic furniture like bed, wardrobes, washrooms which are attached as well. It is normally not seen in Indian universities so the Indian apprentice can relish in the university in Ukraine – ONMU.

There are many more facilities within and outside the college campus which make the life of the apprentice going from India easier in Ukraine.

The advantages of studying at Odessa national medical university-

  • It is considered as of the most eligible academia for studying medicine and surgery in Ukraine.

  • Every student here get the attention as the number of a faculty member is high and the ratio of the students is low. So, the lecturers can pay good attention to each of the students for their overall development.

  • The university is truly an institute of higher education and it justifies the word University as it has more than ninety-one post graduation modules on medicine and surgery.

  • The medium of education is English and for other foreign students, they can opt. for Russian medium or French.

  • The university is not only a great university in terms of education but it is economical as well and thus there are so many contenders take part in the admission process to get into the university.

  • The crime rate of the country is next to nil which makes the life of the students very safe and back home, their parents also feel safer.

  • There is no question of paying any donation to the management of the university. The only charges are the tuition fee and the accommodation and living cost.

  • The students are granted admission on the basis of merit and their performance in 12th boards. There is no entrance examination.

  • The Odessa national medical university is recognized by MCI and WHO and thus its students can practice and study anywhere in the world.

The admission process including the application for the visa and getting acceptance from the immigration department and then flying the new country and start of the session takes around three months time and if you are lucky enough then you might get your visa early which can reduce your time to two months.

The deadline for application is in end of July so you need to apply the moment you have your results in your hand of your 12th boards.

The students must fill the application forms duly and attach all the necessary documents. The documents must be attested by self and they should be in good condition so that they don't get rejected.

The documents will be verified and then if the contender can make the cut when he or she will be sent a confirmation letter.

On the arrival of the confirmation letter, the student can apply for the visa and then after the visa is in his or her hand provided approved, they can fly to Ukraine to join the session.

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