MBBS in Ireland

Duration: 5 + 1 Year with internship

Medicine has become one of the most popular subjects among international students for studying abroad. MBBS in abroad is also popular among Indian students.

Students are choosing MBBS in Ireland as the country has made heavy investment in education recently. Mostly, all medical universities in the Ireland have been ranked among the top 700 universities & also some them are NMC & WHO recognized.

They provide the education to international students with affordable fees structure & high quality of education.

Ireland is a English speaking country. It has 5 years program available to study medicine. As the language of communication is English in Ireland, students can communicate effectively with their patients during their internship and also during actual clinical practice.

Medical degree from Ireland is accepted everywhere in the world including USA, Canada, Europe, India and other Asian countries. Medical colleges in Ireland are internationally recognized. There are many top medical universities in Ireland.

MBBS in Ireland - Quick Overview

Last Date to Apply


Basic Eligibility

10+2 Science PCB or MCB with good score


Yes, it is required

Minimum Course Fee

Rs. 24 Lakhs/Year

Maximum Course Fee

Rs. 36 Lakhs/Year

Cost of Living in Ireland

Rs. 20-30 Thousand /Month

MBBS Course Duration

5 + 1 year with internship

Medium of Education


Top Medical University

Trinity college, Dublin

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Ireland for Indian Students

  • The medical universities and schools in Ireland are internationally recognized.

  • At Ireland medical universities, the population of students from more than 50 different nationalities can be seen.

  • The universities in the Ireland, provide educational programs which are not only innovative but also student centric.

  • The MBBS course structure at the medical universities of Ireland is such that contact with the patients and clinical skills are taught at an early stage.

  • Campus opportunities at the best hospitals in the Ireland are offered by the medical schools and top medical universities in the Ireland.

  • There is no donation & capitation fees required for MBBS admission in medical universities of Ireland.

  • The medium of education for MBBS in Ireland is English.

  • Excellent education and research opportunities are provided by the medical universities at Ireland.

  • Some medical universities are recognized by NMC & WHO.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Ireland

  • The students who have completed 18 years of age can join a degree program.

  • Students must have a valid NEET card. Only the students who have qualified NEET exam can go for study in abroad option.

  • Students must have passed a 10+2 or equivalent exam with Biology, Physics and Chemistry with minimum 60%.

  • Foundations and Diploma programs are also available for students who have secured near about 50% but the level of education is not easy. Hence students should keep it in mind and then apply for the course.

  • Good scores in IELTS or TOFEL as a proof of English proficiency.

Admission Procedure for MBBS in Top Medical Ireland Universities

Entry and application requirements for Ireland’s medical courses are different for each university in Ireland.

We have already seen the eligibility criteria above, now we will look at the further procedure:

    Step 1: In Ireland, there is a centralized online enrollment system, known as Central Applications Office (CAO) through which students need to apply to undergraduate courses.

    Step 2: To study in Ireland, any student whose first language is not English need to prove his/her proficiency in English language by giving exams like IELTS or TOFEL. Students must score above 6.0 in IELTS.

    Step 3: Students should also give the HPAT assessment test. This test will measure their logical reasoning skills, problem solving abilities and communication levels.

    Step 4: To determine a student’s eligibility the HPAT score will get combined with the points which they have earned depending upon their previous qualifications.

    Step 5: Students should complete 1 year of internship in addition to the 4 to 6 years medical degree.

MBBS in Ireland - Is it Safe for Indian Students?

  • There are many Indians who are residing in Ireland currently. This number is around 60,000-1,00,000 Indians. Dublin, Cork, Galway, Athlone, Limerick are the cities where most of the Indians are residing.

  • From student’s safety point of view, Ireland is a good place.

  • Travelling in Ireland is not dangerous for anyone including students.

  • The danger is only of pickpockets who can snatch your wallet or bag within fraction of seconds. The risk of pickpockets is not only in the Ireland but it can be anywhere in the world.

  • The country is safe for Indian people including Indian students other than the danger of pickpockets.

  • Ireland is one among the peaceful countries in the world. It maintains social harmony and good public security.

  • Ireland ranks 12th among the peaceful countries in the world according to the Global peace index in 2013. Thus, it is safe to live and study in the country.

Cost of Studying Medicine in Ireland

  • The cost of studying MBBS in Ireland is much higher than in other countries.

  • The cost of MBBS in Ireland ranges between Rs. 24 lakhs to Rs. 36 lakhs per year and there are 4-6 such years for complete study. Thus, the total cost for a complete medical course would be around 1.3 to 1.5 Cr.

  • Other expenses which can include accommodation, food, textbooks, other personal expenses such as utilities, telephone, entertainment, and clothing etc. would cost in between 6 to 10 lakhs for a year.

  • So, this would cost around 50-60 lakhs for the entire course duration of 5-6 years. Adding both the costs would result in the total cost of 1.8 to 2 Cr approximately.

  • Thus, getting a medical degree from Ireland is much costly but it is fully worth to study in Ireland as their universities are globally recognized.

  • If anyone is planning to go for a course which has the duration of more than 3 months then he/she needs to apply for a student visa. One can apply for a Ireland student visa up to 3 months before his/her date of travel to Ireland.

  • With an Ireland student visa you will be allowed to stay only in Ireland. Also you can not move from a degree program to a language or non-degree program.

Education Loan for MBBS in Ireland

  • We make students aware about all the proceedings and we give assistance in availing bank loans.

  • We help students with all the necessary data to approach towards all the major banks for education loans.

  • We help students with all the necessary data to approach towards all the major banks for education loans.

Required Documents for Students Visa to Ireland

The following documents are required for a study visa:

  • A latest passport size photograph

  • Acceptance letter from a recognized Irish university which confirms that the student has been admitted to a full time course.

  • Good scores in either of the IELTS or TOFEL.

  • A receipt or something as a proof of the payment of tuition fees.

  • Bank statement of the student’s or his/her parent’s account as a proof of enough funds (at least Rs.5.5 to 6 lakhs), as these funds are required as the cost of living for one year at Ireland.

  • Medical insurance papers from a private medical insurance company.

  • A proof which will show that your parents or sponsor will be able to provide Rs. 5 to 6 lacks every year for the years of your study.

Accommodation & Hostel Facilities for Medicine Students in Ireland

  • Students can get a wide variety and choices when it is about accommodation. Many of the students always prefer on-campus or university managed accommodation, which is available in many colleges, but on campus accommodation can be expensive.

  • In the on campus accommodation, students can get 2 options, catered or self catered.

  • In the catered accommodation, students can get food from mess and it is at a fixed cost.

  • Students have to pay charges of such types of accommodations in 2 installments, they can not pay it on a monthly basis.

  • Self catering or rented accommodation is also available.

  • Students can rent the houses on a lease period of 9 or 12 months. The rent can be paid per month. Only a deposit amount which is equal to the one month’s rent should be paid to the owner, which will be returned by him when the students leave their houses.

  • There is also an option to live with a host family for the students. This option will provide students home comforts, as well as a family which can help them greatly to settle in a completely new country.

About Ireland

  • Ireland is located in the Northwest Europe and it is the most beautiful green country.

  • The Irish sea separates the Great Britain and Ireland, Ireland which is nothing but an island. This island is world’s 20th largest island.

  • ‘Dublin’ is the capital of Ireland. The island of Ireland consists of a vast hilly area with number of plains and rivers too. ‘Euro’ is the currency of Ireland.

  • English and Irish both are the countries official languages.

  • Many of the Irish families whose generations are living in Ireland from many years can understand and speak Irish.

  • The primary religion followed in the country is Christianity, as there is not any official religion in the country.

Climate Conditions in Ireland

  • The island Ireland’s climate is influenced mostly by the Atlantic ocean. Thus, like the other countries at the similar latitude, Ireland does not have the extreme temperatures

  • The warm ocean currents help to keep temperatures in the Ireland mild.

  • A protection is given to the island from strong winds coming off the ocean, by hills and mountains.

  • In winter season, the average temperature is 2°C to 7°C and in summers, the temperature is 17°C to 20°C.

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