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In 1949, Keele University was founded. Previously, it was known as the University College of North Staffordshire.

UK’s Keele University is officially known as the University of Keele. This university is a public research university in Keele.

The location of the university is 3 miles from Newcastle-under-Lyme, it is situated in Staffordshire, England. In 1962, growing steadily to 1,200 students, Keele was granted university status by the Royal Charter.

Keele University is the largest campus university in the UK with a 625-acre campus. It has a science park, conference centre and many other things making it the beautiful and the largest campus university in the UK.

In January of the same year, receiving a new royal charter the university adopted the name "University of Keele".

Quick Highlights of Keele University

The applicants should go through the important points to study at the Keele University:

Tuition Fees (approx)

Varies according to the course

Accepted Examination


Course Duration

3 year or 4 years, 5 years (depending on the course)

Teaching Medium


Male/Female Ratio

1 : 1.41


The British Council The Privy Council and many more.

University Ranking

Country - 70 World - 729

Why Choose Keele University for Higher Studies?

Let’s find out some of the main beneficial reasons why students prefer to study here, at Keele university:

  • The university is excellent at both teaching and research, with a gold TEF award.

  • The university has some of it’s most satisfied students in England, and research that is changing lives for the better. The university is among the top 3 in England for student satisfaction.

  • The university has a 96% graduate employability rate. Graduates either get to work or further study within 6 months of graduation.

  • The campus of Keele university is one of the biggest in Britain which students can explore.

  • The university’s all accommodation, and other facilities including a medical centre and pharmacy, and teaching spaces are clustered around the centre.

  • Hence, the campus facilities are within everybody’s walking distance.

  • The university does research in everything from climate change and sustainability to global health and food security, that creates a better world.

  • The university has a large number of students from all parts of the world.

  • The various student services offered by the university are health services, counselling and mental health support team, and peer support schemes for students.

Ranking of Keele University

The Country and World rankings of this university are mentioned below in the table:

Country World



Facilities offered at Keele University

  • Keele University provides world-class teaching and research facilities to its students that are continually invested in and developed.

  • The David Attenborough Laboratories at the Keele University have expanded the School of Life Sciences’ teaching and research areas, and it also provides two additional state-of-the-art teaching laboratories with space for 120 students between them.

  • Bloomberg Suite at the University gives students access to financial, economic, and business real-time data, and world news, also it analyses and reports from the world’s biggest financial organisations.

  • It is the financial industry’s widely used platform of economic, financial and business information.

  • Keele University consists of a Nursing and Midwifery Clinical Education Centre that provides not only theoretical knowledge but practical ‘hands-on’ teaching and experience to students to build and develop essential nursing and midwifery proficiencies.

  • The University provides students with a range of Pharmacy and Psychology facilities.

  • The University has different allied Health Professions, that consists of Physiotherapy, Exercise and Rehabilitation Science and Radiography programmes, and has access to a variety of modern and specialist equipment to facilitate learning and teaching of clinical skills.

  • The university has an incredible on-site observatory, which students studying Physics and Astrophysics have access to, which also houses a telescope used by Einstein.

  • There is also a library facility at the university.

Accreditations of Keele University

Keele University has various National and international accreditations as given below and it is accredited by:

  • The British Council

  • The Privy Council

  • Royal Society of Biology


Student’s Life at Keele University

The life of students at Keele University is full of enjoyment, challenges and excitement. Let us begin:

  • At Keele University, for students’ convenience all the most important facilities are gathered together at the centre of campus within walking distance.

  • The University has an area of 600 acres and is one of the biggest in the UK.

  • Students feel like home at this university and make friends wherever they go.

  • The University offers many campus facilities for students.

  • Keele University has a Union Square which is the hustle and bustle of campus with all things present here like food, health, and study. Students can find here all the essential things such as food and drink venues, Pharmacy, Students' Union, Post Office, as well as the Library and Chapel.

  • At Keele University, there is a Students’ Union that has everything according to students' needs, a restaurant, a coffee shop or a pub.

  • Keele University has a sports center for students which has a gym, dance studio and both indoor and outdoor facilities.

  • There are halls, common rooms and bars for students that are open to all whether they live on campus or off campus.

  • There are restaurants, cafes and shops too where students can chill out.

Monthly Cost of Living at Keele

Given below are the living expenses of Keele, UK which also depend on the living style of students and it may vary:

Activity Cost (approx.)

Things of daily need (Milk, Pulses, Groceries, Bread, etc.)

Ranges in between Rs.68 - Rs.878

Eating at a mid-range restaurant (approx. for 2 people)

Rs.3900 - Rs.4000

One way ticket of any local transport


A monthly pass for local transport


Monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment

Cost between Rs.48,500 - Rs.61,035

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