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About Kherson National Technical University, Ukraine

Kherson National Technical University (KHNTU) built in 1959. A standout amongst other advanced educational organisations in Ukraine, which complete projects for preparing and retraining of professionals.
It is an educational institution which is involved in creative search and in the past few years the university managed to create thousands of professionals successfully.
Around 5,500 students study at Kherson National Technical University. Kherson University has a functioning library with thousands of books for students and teachers. The University provides sports facilities which might be necessary for many students.
Kherson National Technical University emphasizes on technical education of the students. For high performance in teaching, research, methodological and educational work, the team was awarded Diplomas ``Golden Book of Ukraine'' - nominee of the 'Golden Book of Business Elite of Ukraine', 'Golden Fortune' - the title of 'Laureate' of the International Open Popularity Rating and quality of goods and services and the Prize 'Golden Borisfen' - the best University in the region.

Kherson National Technical University - Quick Overview

Students who want to pursue higher education from Kherson National Technical University can get an overview of the University:

Particular Statistics



Completion of Documents


Entrance Exam

Professional Test and Interview

Course Language


Approx Tuition Fees

Masters’ Program - 1500 USD (Per Year)Bachelors' Program - 1500 USD (Per Year)

Student Enrollment



Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine

University Ranking

Country - 119 ,World - 7661

University Type


Why Choose Kherson National Technical University?

Kherson National Technical University is one of the best engineering institutes in Ukraine. Here is the list of points which tells us more about the benefits of this university:

  • The University collaborated with different countries to implement joint projects in education, culture, education, and other public activities.

  • Adaptation of the quality system of education and science to international standards.

  • Kherson National Technical University provides affordable education to international students.

  • International Seminars are organized for students.

  • Students are given a chance to carry out research projects in the university and partner universities.

  • International students get an opportunity to participate in international programs and projects involving grants.

  • Kherson National Technical University collaborated on the academic and scientific front with many foreign educational institutions and research organizations.

Kherson National Technical University - Ranking 2021

According to the UniRank ranking database, the country & world ranking of Kherson National Technical University is given below:

Country World



Facilities for International Students

Kherson National Technical University takes care of the students who come to study from different countries and provide them the facilities which they deserve:

1. Health and Insurance

  • There is a students' polyclinic which cooperates closely with the polyclinic of the Kherson City Clinical Hospital named after A.S. Luchansky.

  • The ambulatory is equipped with modern medical equipment.

  • First aid is administered and preventive medical examinations are made regularly.

2. Learning Conditions

  • Lecture rooms

  • Lecture Multimedia Classrooms

  • Auditoriums for Seminars and Practical Classes

  • Classrooms for laboratory classes

  • Students' training is conducted using IT technologies in specialized computer laboratories with access to the Internet

Medium of Teaching

Students from different countries pursue higher education at Kherson National Technical University:

  • The language of the educational process at KhNTU is the state language.

  • Persons with hearing impairments are guaranteed the right to sign language instruction.

  • National minorities of Ukraine, foreigners, and stateless persons in KhNTU are provided with appropriate conditions for learning the state language.

  • KhNTU promotes the study of international languages ​​- English, German, French.

Cost of Living

Kherson National Technical University is situated in Kherson Oblast and the cost of living in Kherson is approx $170 per month for students:

Particulars Expenses in USD Expenses in INR


125$- 319$

Rs 8750 - Rs 22330


17$- 28 $

Rs 1190 - Rs 1960

Transport (Monthly pass)

4.67$- 7.19 $

Rs 326 - Rs 500

Other Expenses

14.71$- 20.32$

Rs 1030 - Rs 1400


161.38$ - 374.51 $

Rs 11,300 - Rs 26,180

Note: 1$ = Rs. 70

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