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Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is the top management institute of Ukraine offering a high standard of MBA education to worldwide students. The college was founded by the EERC and the Eurasia Foundation in 1996 and located in the beautiful city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

Every year, Kyiv School of Economics accepts about 55 new students, and a total of about 80-90 students receive management education.Kyiv School of Economics has produced 462 graduates till now from the establishment time.

74 graduated students have already received a Ph.D. from Western universities and 10 of those graduates are teaching at Kyiv School of Economics on a full- or part-time basis.

Kyiv School of Economics provides a learning environment, experienced faculty members, modern facilities, excellent residential premises, well-equipped infrastructure, technology-enabled learning.

The main goal of the Kyiv School of Economics is to improve the economic, business, and policy-making environments in Ukraine by increasing new generations of top-class economists and managers who will become future transformational leaders.

Several USUBC member companies employ KSE/EERC graduates at top places like SigmaBleyzer, Citibank, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Phoenix Capital, and SCM, etc.

Kyiv School of Economics: Quick Overview

The students striving to pursue MBA must go through the main highlights of the Kyiv School of Economics:

Intake Time


Course Duration

20 months

Tuition Fee

16000 USD (approx)

Teaching Medium


University Ranking

Country - 103 World - 9882

Why Study MBA at Kyiv School of Economics?

The students must check out the favorable reasons to choose Kyiv School of Economics to pursue an MBA:

  • Kyiv School of Economics organizes co-curricular activities like sports, cultural, annual programs for the overall development of the students.

  • Kyiv School of Economics is officially accredited by various organizations.

  • Kyiv School of Economics has international cooperation with many universities.

  • The worldwide students will have highly-paid professions after completing the MBA program.

  • Kyiv School of Economics offers international standards of education to the students.

  • The environment of the institute is very friendly and the students are exposed to multiple cultures due to the worldwide students.

  • Kyiv School of Economics has 24 years of training experience.

  • The students also participate in scientific research programs during management education.

  • The students coming from different parts of the world to study MBA will get the guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculty members at Kyiv School of Economics.

  • The institute provides an innovative teaching methodology to the students during MBA education.

  • The graduated students are awarded a globally accepted MBA degree.

  • The university has a modern and well-developed infrastructure offering all basic facilities to the students to experience a hassle-free education.

  • The institute also offers scholarship programs during MBA education for needy students.

  • Kyiv School of Economics will provide a reasonable fee according to the affordability of the students.

  • Kyiv School of Economics also conducts guest lectures by worldwide recognized MBA practitioners, academics, and researchers.

Kyiv School of Economics: Ranking 2022

According to business-schools. webometrics, the country & world ranking of Kyiv School of Economics is as follows:

Country World



Language of Instruction

The medium of teaching at the Kyiv School of Economics is the English language:

The entire MBA program at the institute is taught in English medium to all international students looking forward to becoming a famous businessman in the future.

Facilities Provided at Kyiv School of Economics

Kyiv School of Economics is furnished with modern facilities for the convenience of the students during the MBA:







Living Cost of Kyiv

The institute is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine and the city offers affordable living cost for a month and it may vary according to the individual’s requirements:

Particulars Amount in USD Amount in Rs


185 USD

12,950 Rs



560 Rs

About Kyiv City

Kyiv School of Economics is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, let’s know about the city:

  • Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine.

  • It is situated in the north-central part of Ukraine along the Dnieper River.

  • This city is the most populous in Ukraine.

  • The population of Kyiv city is about 2,887,974 which makes Kyiv the seventh-most populous city in Europe.

  • Kyiv is known as the industrial, scientific, educational, and cultural center of Eastern Europe.

  • Kyiv has a total area of 839 km².

The Kyiv city has so many attractions, the students should visit the top places -

  • Kyiv Pechersk Lavra

  • St. Sophia's Cathedral

  • Independence Square

  • Andriyivskyy descent

  • Golden Gate

  • The Motherland Monument

  • Khreschatyk Street

  • St. Andrew's Church

  • St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery

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