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North-Caucasus Federal University (NCFU) was founded in 1930 at Stavropol, Russia and it's been promoted as one of the most preferred universities for thousands of students looking forward to studying Engineering courses to make a bright future.

North-Caucasus Federal University is a powerful educational center in Russia, It is fulfilling every requirement of the global students coming to acquire quality education at reasonable prices with developed infrastructure and hostel facilities.

The college has the purpose of creating advanced innovation-driven comprehensive centres for training, research, and business shaping qualified staff meeting the world’s top standards.

NCFU is offering state of the art equipment, academic life and numerous research projects funded by transcontinental companies and public authorities, teaching students and running successful partnership with the world’s top-leading centres, hosting different events, fascinating professors doing peer-to-peer discussion in lectures, seminar involving different case studies and personal professional experience and organising extracurricular activities.

North-Caucasus Federal University has about 1,500 faculty members and a student body of 25,000 people.

The graduates from this university have found employment in various fields and many students holding top offices in Ministries and agencies not in Russia alone yet far beyond this country.

North-Caucasus Federal University - Quick Overview

Let’s get to know about the main highlights of North-Caucasus Federal University:

Tuition Fees

Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering - 217,111 Rs
Bachelor of Nanoengineering - 195,400 Rs
Bachelor of Oil and Gas Engineering - 195,400 Rs
Bachelor of Electrical Power/Electrical Engineering - 191,781 Rs
Bachelor of Electronics and Nanoelectronics - 191,781 Rs

Course Duration

4 years

Teaching Literature

English and Russian medium

University Ranking

Country - 78
World - 2769

Why Choose North-Caucasus Federal University?

The students must go through the benefits of studying Engineering program at North-Caucasus Federal University:

  • NCFU receives more than 10 foreign experts and graduate students to participate in conferences and symposia annually.

  • North-Caucasus Federal University is proud of its strong faculty members and 75% of professors have academic degrees.

  • The students will obtain a state diploma certifying a higher education indicating Degree and speciality, they receive an additional document - the 'Diploma Supplement', which allows them to get the equivalence of a diploma in any country of choice in the world for education or job.

  • North-Caucasus Federal University regularly invites top experts from various countries to deliver lectures and seminars to students.

  • The institute has established partnerships with leading higher education institutions worldwide to facilitate academic exchange programs with International Partners.

  • NCFU conducts over 400 cultural events, performances and festivals annually.

  • Many International Students from different countries create multiculturalism & as both Stavropol & Pyatigorsk are both tourist destinations and the students will have many options to socialize.

  • NCFU has friendly classmates and staff members who are always ready to help foreign students and guests.

  • The college also participates in international educational programs as Erasmus+Jean Monnet, TEMPUS–JPCR Tuning Russia, Erasmus Mundus Action 2 “MULTIC” and the students have the opportunity to join exchange programs in partner universities.

  • The university conducts training sessions in the form of lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory studies, tests, independent works, colloquiums, scientific and research work of students, practices and course design.

  • NCFU has developed scientific and educational infrastructure and modern equipment in classrooms and laboratories allowing students to engage in basic and applied research.

  • The college established a network of youth associations and has been established at the University, which encourages the involvement of students in research and innovative entrepreneurship.

  • Every year students travel to various regions of Russia, which differ in topography and climate, where they are traditionally held for educational and practical training.

Medium of Teaching

The teaching medium is English and Russian at North-Caucasus Federal University:

North-Caucasus Federal University - Ranking 2022

Know about the rankings of the university with the reference of Uni Rank:

Country World




The institute offers amazing facilities that will make every student feel like a whole new experience during education at North-Caucasus Federal University:

  • Lecture rooms

  • Library

  • Cafeteria

  • Auditorium

  • Accomodation

  • Security

  • Internet

  • Sports club

  • Laboratory

North-Caucasus Federal University - Research Units

North-Caucasus Federal University has various research units, have a look at them:

  • Clean Zones Research Laboratory

  • Photovoltaics & Nanotechnologies Research and Training Center

  • International Geotechnical Center

  • Integrated centre for training and innovation in energy efficiency

  • National Instruments Shared Access Center

  • Center for Testing of Building Materials, Products and Structures

  • Comprehensive Research of Materials, Mechanisms and Structures

  • Mathematical Modeling, Monitoring and dynamics of mass transfer under natural conditions

  • Materials Reliability and Strength

  • Volumetric pulsed laser hardening of tool and structure materials

  • 3D Modeling and Prototyping Laboratory

Living Expenses - Stavropol, Russia

Stavropol has a low living expense that is affordable for the students, go through the table varying according to the individual needs:

Particulars Approx range in USD Approx range in RS


283 USD

19845 Rs


20 USD

1400 Rs

Note: 1$ = 70 Rs.

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