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About Queen’s University, Canada

Queen’s University is an excellent place to study in Canada. It is a public research university established by Queen Victoria's Royal Charter on 16th October 1841. It is simply known as Queen’s located in the city of Kingston, Ontario.

The university has 2 campuses in Kingston. The main campus of the university is bounded by Lake Ontario and Kingston General Hospital by covering 100 acres of land. There are many locations including Rideau Lakes, and East Sussex in addition to the main campus.

Grant Hall, which was built in 1905, is the university's most notable monument. The university owns over 1,400 hectares of property in Ontario. The campus contains a completely integrated network of six libraries, as well as other renowned museums and artistic institutions.

Queen's has consistently held the #1 spot on the list of Canadian universities. It has approximately 26,300 students and over 131,000 alumni globally. Government officials, professors, business executives, and 57 Rhodes Scholars are among the notable alumni.

Queen’s University - Quick Facts

Applicants should be aware of the following highlights before submitting the application:



Institute Type


Students Enrolled


No. of Campuses


Annual Tuition Fees

varies per program

Course Duration

Undergraduate: 4 years - 6 years,
Graduate: 16 months - 4 years,
Diploma, certificate: 3months

Study Options



Undergraduate, Graduate Programs

Accepted Examination

IELTS/TOEFL or equivalent

University Ranking

World: 142, Country: 11

Teaching Medium

English language

Affiliations & Recognitions

MNU, ACU, SDSN, JACAC and many more

Why Choose Queen’s University for Higher Studies?

The following are the key factors why students are interested to go to Queen’s:

  • Queen's University is extremely close to the Kingston campus and only a 10-minute walk from downtown.

  • In Maclean's 2019 University Rankings, Queen's is placed fifth among Canadian medical-doctoral universities.

  • Queen's was ranked second in residential living and 90% of first-year students live on campus.

  • Since there are several tours and open houses for potential students, candidates can obtain information whatever they need by visiting the campus.

  • According to the 2020 enrollment statistics, the college has an admission rate of 10.4 % for its undergraduate and 19.3% for its graduate programs.

  • University offers over 100 exchange cooperation programs in over 30 countries for the students to gain cross-cultural exposure.

  • University is providing many volunteer programs, workshops, and tutorials for high school students to get involved in Queen’s community.

Facilities Provided in Queen’s University

Queen’s University students have access to high-tech advantages:

  • Campus Security

  • Client Services

  • Emergency Services

  • Innovation Park

  • Laboratories

  • Library

  • Parking

  • Secure Bike Storage

  • Custodial Support Services

Ranking of Queen’s University 2022

Consider the following worldwide and national rankings of Queen’s University:

Country World



Affiliations & Recognitions

Queen’s University is affiliated with the following international organisations

  • MNU

  • ACU

  • SDSN


  • APLU

  • TRUN

  • CGS

  • NAGS

  • Council of the Great Lakes Region

Cost of Living in Kingston, Ontario

The following are the students' estimated monthly costs for calculating purposes:On-Campus

Particular Approx Range in CAD Approx Range in RS

Rent and utilities

Included in utilities

Included in utilities


86 USD

6,020 Rs

Miscellaneous (cell phone, laundry, clothing, recreation)


Rs. 1,42,474

UHIP(for international students only)


Rs. 27,913


Particular Approx Range in CAD Approx Range in RS

Rent and utilities

$650 - $1025 per month

Rs. 37,799 - 59,606



Rs. 16,573

Miscellaneous (cell phone, laundry, clothing, recreation)


Rs. 1,42,474

UHIP(for international students only)


Rs. 27,913

Note: 1 CAD$ = 58.15 Rs. (for calculation purpose)

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