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About Rome Business School, Italy

Rome Business School is a top choice for MBA aspirants. Established in 2011 in Rome, Italy the institution is known for offering the best Masters and MBA programs.

Rome Business School is a private institution with its campus located in Via Giuseppe Montanelli, 5, Rome. The institution has partnerships with several foreign universities and institutes. It has approximately 100,000 students from 150 different countries enrolled and 9,800 collaborating companies. This institution is a member of an international network named Planeta Formación y Universidades (PFU).

Apart from Master’s and MBA courses the institution also offers Executive Education training programs. The courses offered by this institute can be taken on campus and online. The institute is active at the national and international levels. The university helps students in developing their competencies in managerial areas and help them become a successful professional.

The institution is certified by ISO 9001:2008 that justifies the high-quality standard of its courses and training services. The institution owns an excellent staff that motivates students and ensures continuous improvement. The professors also assist students personally and help them learn and grow.

Do you desire to pursue Masters or MBA from a top-notch institution? If yes, then Rome Business School is the right place for you to get enrolled.

Rome Business School - Quick Highlights

A look at the table below will help you learn the key details of this renowned institution:

Intake for Course

June and October

Programs offered


Entrance Examination


Annual Tuition Fees (approx)

13.3 Lakhs ( approx)

Duration of Course

1 year

Students Enrollment

100,000 from 150 Countries

Medium of Teaching



Ranking World - 14449
Top 100 Global Ranking - 59th position


MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.)

Why Choose Rome Business School?

From the points below know the advantages of getting admission to this prominent educational institution:

  • This institution is based in the top environment; most suitable to pursue a Master's program.

  • At this institution you are bound to gain international experience, hone your skills and enrich your knowledge.

  • Enrolling in a Master's program at this university is more than learning the academics. Students at Rome Business School get an opportunity to meet people at the international level and improve at an educational and professional level.

  • The institution has partnerships with various leading companies considering which students get an opportunity to build a strong professional network.

  • The skilled professors help train students and help them realize their full potential.

  • The placement rate of this institution is 94%

  • It has a cost-effective fee structure.

  • Provides accommodation facilities at an affordable price.

  • Rome Business School imparts education to the students that can be truly valuable to the marketing field and job market.

  • The institution provides academic and non-academic facilities to the students.

  • It has exclusive teaching content and keeps updating it according to international standards.

  • This institute also provides accommodation facilities to the students on board at inexpensive prices.

Rome Business School - Ranking 2022

Students can check out the institution’s ranking from the table below:

Top 100 Global Ranking World Rank

59th position



The university is known for the facilities and a wide range of services it offers:

  • The institution has modern classrooms that allow students to learn and grow in a high-tech environment. Having modern classrooms benefits both teachers and students.

  • The institute has well-fitted cameras inside and around the premises to ensure the student's safety. These cameras record every little detail and make the university a safe place to stay and study.

  • The institute has well-fitted cameras inside and around the premises to ensure the student's safety. These cameras record every little detail and make the university a safe place to stay and study.

  • The institute provides students with internet services that help them with their projects and research work. Providing students with internet facilities also encourage online learning.

  • For the students and staff on board, the institute has a canteen that provides meals, snacks, and packaged food at a reasonable price. The food at the canteen is healthy and hygienic.

  • The institute has an auditorium where the events, conferences are held. The auditorium is spacious and can accommodate a large crowd.

  • Modern Classrooms

  • Camera and Security

  • Hostels

  • Internet Services

  • Canteen

  • Auditorium

Medium of Instruction

  • The institution instructs the academic course in the English language that is globally accepted.

  • It chooses this language to help its students hone their English speaking and writing skills for a better career ahead.

Recognition and Accreditations

This Institute is Well - Recognized and Accredited:

  • The institute’s Master’s Programmes are accredited by VIU

  • The institute is officially recognized by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research)

  • The institution is officially authorized by the Chamber of Commerce of Rome.

  • The institute has obtained the Iso 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015 certification.

What is the Cost of Living in Rome?

Have a sneak-peak of the basic approximate expenditures of living in Rome, Italy from the table below:

Particulars Approx range in USD Approx range in Rs


USD 533

Rs 39,500


USD 53

Rs 4,000

1$ = 74 INR (It may vary)
Average living expenses in Rome, Italy for a single person will be approximately 600 EUR - 900 EUR monthly. (Except the tuition fees)

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