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The University of Ulm was founded in 1967, is the Youngest popular university in the small town of Ulm of Baden Wurttemberg region. It is one of the leading technical universities of German hosting various undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programs. Thus, students gathered to pursue engineering and MS programs in Germany from 100+countries almost in the Ulm region.

Ulm University is a public research university in German focusing majorly on Engineering, Medical, Arts, Economics, Sciences, and Mathematics. Which is studded with 4 faculties of above fields and students enrollments of more than 15,000. Also, associated with more than 200+ universities for the various exchange programs in more than 50+countries. Having approximately 60 undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs.

The youngest public University of Ulm beholds one fact, as Ulm is the birthplace of Albert Einstein and the University of Ulm is situated in the northern part of Ulm near the river Danube. Thus, the street address of the main building of the University is recalled as “Albert Einstein Allee”. The list of alumni of the University is remarkable and popular renowned names are involved.

The campus area of the University of Ulm is composed of research centers separate for various branches like industrial and development centers. While infrastructure is nicely maintained and huge in the area. While the university is the holder of the title of the best youngest university in Germany several times in a decade. Being affiliated and accredited with various global organizations also.

University of Ulm - Quick Overview

The table shows the quick highlights of the University of Ulm, especially for the international engineering aspirants:

Intake for Course


Last Date for Admission Forms


Programs offered

Engineering (M.Sc)

Entrance Examination


Annual Tuition Fees (approx)

$ 2151

Duration of Course

2 years

Students Enrollment


Medium of Teaching

English, German

University Ranking

Country - 42 World - 567


Min. of Science, Arts, and Research of Baden Wurttemberg Region

University of Ulm - Ranking 2022

The table shows the quick highlights of the University of Ulm, especially for the international engineering aspirants:

Country Rank World Rank



Medium of Teaching

The medium of teaching for the engineering PG program at Ulm institute is mentioned below:

  • The classroom language for the engineering’s master degree program at the University of Ulm is the English language, but some courses available in both German and English language as the medium of teaching


The University is affiliated and accredited with the following titles:

The University of Ulm is accredited officially by the Min. of Science, Research and Arts of the Baden- Wurttemberg State.

Also, The University of Ulm is a member of the following renowned organizations of Germany, which are globally associated too:

  • YERUN (Young European Research Universities)

  • DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)

  • Translation- German Research Foundation

  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)

Cost of Living

The cost of living of Ulm city where the university campus situated is elaborated below for single fellow:

Particular Approx Range in USD Approx Range in RS

Accommodation (other than a hostel)

$760 - $900

Rs57,000 - Rs71,000


$550 - $800

Rs. 42,000 - Rs. 56,000


$72 - $90

Rs. 5500 - Rs. 8000


$120 - $160

Rs.8,000 - Rs. 12,000

Other Expenses


Rs. 15,000

Note: 1 USD = 70 Rs (approx)

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