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About Vinnytsia National Technical University, Ukraine

Vinnytsia National Technical University (VNTU) is listed among the five top technical Universities in Ukraine and is the famous and the biggest educational institutes of Ukraine.
In 1974, on the basis of a branch of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the university was established as the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute. Then, in 1994 it was reorganized into the Vinnitsa State Technical University. In 2003, the university was granted the national status.
The university has the IVth level of accreditation. The University presents a wide range of curriculum for students in the following areas of study namely Engineering & Technology, Social Sciences and Natural Science, Life Sciences & BioMedicine, etc. The different forms of training in which students can take education are full-time, and part-time and at education Levels such as Bachelor, Specialist, and Master.

Vinnytsia National Technical University - Quick Overview

Given below is the table for quick highlights about Vinnytsia National Technical University:

Particular Statistics

Application Starts on


Course Duration

For Bachelor's training - 5 years.,For Master's training - 1 year and 2 months after 4 years of training and defence of Bachelor's Work.,For Specialist's training - 1 year after Bachelor's training.


Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Medium of Education


University Ranking

Country - 21,World - 3705

University Recognition

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine,IVth level (Highest level) of accreditation

Benefits of Studying at Vinnytsia National Technical University

Students must go through the below-given benefits which will make them realize that how their decision of studying at Vinnytsia National Technical University is not only right, it’s perfect:

  • The University provides training to specialists with higher education in technical sciences for 69 countries in Africa, Asia, South and Central America on the level of Master and Philosophy Doctor.

  • The university provides various facilities to its students including 7 hostels, sports facilities, 12 educational buildings, a stadium with covered running tracks, a track-and-field hall, 12 open-air playing grounds, a medical aid station, a sanatorium-preventorium for students, a dining hall and snack bars.

  • The university offers evening courses and distance-education courses as well as graduate programs, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs too.

  • Vinnytsia national technical University has the University sports centre in the village ‘Stepashka’, on 10 hectares, 100 km away from Vinnytsia.

  • Thousands of students from different countries study various courses from this university. Thus, students get to experience a multicultural environment at this university.

Medium of Teaching

The medium of teaching at Vinnytsia National Technical University is mentioned below:

The language of instruction at Vinnytsia National Technical University is English.
Students must also have the knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian languages so that they can live comfortably and communicate easily with people of Ukraine.

Accreditation and Recognition

Vinnytsia National Technical University is recognized and accredited by many important bodies and is also a member of:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

  • IVth level (Highest level) of accreditation

Vinnytsia National Technical University - Ranking 2022

According to, the country & world ranking of Vinnytsia National Technical University is as follows:

Country World



Life of Students

Students are offered a healthy physical and mental life and plenty of facilities at Vinnytsia National Technical University:

  • Vinnytsia National Technical University has a library which was founded in 1960 and today there are 4 season tickets, 8 reading rooms for 555 seats and the library fund has 840 thousand documents and books.

  • Vinnytsia National Technical University provides training for all kinds of courses including bachelors, masters and Ph.D. too.

  • The university has many different institutes and thus students can study any course of their choice.

  • The university provides hostel facilities to its students.

  • The university arranges summer camps, pre university training, and entertainment facilities for students.

  • VNTU (Vinnytsia National Technical University) is not only the educational and scientific center, but it is also the cultural center in the region. The university trains students according to its specific curricula and educates according to its own educational conception.

  • The university also provides distance learning facilities to its students.

  • It arranges different student olympiads and national and international competitions for the students.

Cost of Living in Vinnytsia

Find below the approximate cost of living in the city Vinnytsia:

Activity Cost

Eating at a mid-range restaurant (for 2 people)

Rs.1185 - Rs.1200

Things of daily need (Milk, Groceries, Bread, etc.)

Ranges in between Rs.27 - Rs.545

One way ticket of any local transport

Rs.11 to Rs.12

A monthly pass for local transport


Monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment

Cost between Rs.13530 - Rs.17900

Note: Note: 1$ = Rs. 70

About Vinnytsia City

Here are some of the things to note about Vinnytsia city:

  • Vinnytsia city is the administrative, regional and economic center of Ukraine.

  • On the river Pivdennyi Bug, the city is located in the western piece of Ukraine, at a distance of 260 km to the south of the capital of Ukraine, Kiev.

  • The city ‘Vinnitsa’ is connected by airways and railways to western Europe and other countries in the world.

  • The city is proud of having educational institutions like Vinnytsia National Technical University, Vinnytsia State Pedagogical University, Vinnitsa National Medical University, Vinnytsia Trades and Economics Institutes of Kyiv.

  • Vinnitsa is a monetary, authoritative, and territorial focus of Ukraine.

  • In winter, normal temperature goes from -5 to -10°c, and in summer it stays between +22 to +27°c.

  • Vinnytsia is a city situated on the banks of the Southern Bug River.

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