Mba in australia

Duration: 1 or 2 Years

According to the QS World ranking, Australia is the top study destination for international students. For pursuing MBA in Australia, international students need to have required work experience and have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. MBA universities in Australia are crawling into the position of world directory of business schools.

Some of the top business schools in Australia are listed in Global MBA Rankings. According to the Australian Commission of New Delhi, there were around 70,000 Indian students studying in Australia and the rate increased by 15% every year. The education system in Australia is well-recognized and offers quality education, research opportunities and excellent career goals.

MBA in Australia 2022: Quick Facts

Follow the quick highlights for MBA in Australia:

Degree Awarded



Yes, Required


Yes, Compulsory

Course Duration

1 or 2 years

Annual Tuition Fees

Starts from Rs. 10 lakhs

Language of Teaching

English Language

Job Offered

Manager, Analyst, HR, Finance, Marketing, Banks

Why Study MBA in Australia?

Following are the top benefits of studying MBA in Australia for Indian students:

  • The business schools in Australia have been ranked among the top 100 business schools in the world as per the QS Global ranking standard.

  • MBA universities in Australia offer an internationally recognized degree that enhances the earning potential of MBA students.

  • MBA in Australia gives the primary chance to international students to work in indigenous companies through their attractive placements.

  • The country has a multicultural diversity, good learning environment that reciprocates the student’s life of foreigners.

  • While studying MBA in Australia, you will get broader and wide opportunities that propel your knowledge in the field of business and management.

Eligibility Criteria

Following is the admission criteria required for applying MBA in Australia:

  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree lasting for a period of 3 years.

  • Applicants must have an aggregate of 60% and above in their respective subjects.

  • Applicants should have high GMAT scores with good grades.

  • Tests like IELTS or TOEFL are required to apply for an MBA in Australia.

  • Graduates with 2-3 years of work experience in relevant fields are also eligible to apply.

Step-by-Step Admission Process for MBA Course

Following is the admission process required for applying MBA in Australia:

MBA admissions in Australia are completely based on the grades and merit-based system. Follow the below admission steps for applying MBA in Australia:

    Step 1: Register on the university website and submit the required details.

    Step 2: Attend the live interviews as conducted by the business schools.

    Step 3: Non-native English speakers should apply for English proficiency tests.

Step 4: Wait for the:

  • Application Review

  • Approval of Documents

  • Getting a confirmation letter

    Step 5: Once you have received the official confirmation from the university, pay the tuition fees (as per university’s norms).

    Step 6: At last, apply for the visa and contact the respective university for the date of arrival.

Documents Required

Follow the below documents checklists for applying MBA in Australia:

  • Letter of Recommendation (legalized by the previous university)

  • Copy of Bachelor Degree Certificates

  • Work Experience

  • Application fee slip

  • Copy of Passport (legalized by the Australian embassy of the respective country)

  • Birth Certificate

  • Statement of Purpose (In accordance with the respective university)

  • Leaving Certificate

  • Medical Certificate

  • Passport Size Photographs

MBA in Australia: Specialization Courses

Curriculum while studying MBA in Australia vary as per the specializations in MBA:

Some of the core subjects taught while studying MBA in Australia:

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • People Management

  • Project Management

  • Business in Asia

  • Data Analysis

  • Marketing Acquisition

  • Corporate Strategy

Scholarships Offered for Studying MBA in Australia

Following are the scholarships offered for studying MBA in Australia:

1 Dr. Abdul Kalam International Undergraduate Scholarship

  • The scholarship is awarded to students who want to pursue bachelor’s and master’s courses.

2 Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship

  • The scholarship awarded to students who are pursuing degrees at a master level.

3 Macquarie University Scholarship for Indian Students - MBA

  • The scholarship is awarded to the students of the master’s degree level and having the 3 years of required work experience in the respective field.

4 Deakin India 10 percent Bursary - MBA, Sports Management

  • The scholarship is awarded to master degree students and it is the need-based scholarship in which the students are not required to apply separately for the scholarship.

Cost of Living

Following is the cost of living for studying MBA in Australia:

Particulars Cost in INR Cost in USD


35,000 to 45,000



15,000 to 20,000



6500 to 7500


Note: 1 USD = 70 Rs (for calculation purpose)

About Australia

  • Australia is the country lying between Indian and Pacific oceans in the southern hemisphere.

  • Sydney and Melbourne are the renowned cities in Australia which is the largest cultural and economic hub of Australia.

  • The cities like Queensland, New south wales, Victoria are the most populated cities in Australia.

  • Murray River is the longest river in Australia which is 2375 km long.

  • It travels through victoria, South Australia and then meets the southern ocean.

  • Historically, Australia is a part of the British Empire and today it is a member of the Commonwealth.

  • It is an independent country and has increased the proximity of potential markets in Asia.

  • The geography of the country varies between deserts, mountains, islands, rain forests, lakes and rivers.

  • Australia has a tropical climate in the northern part and temperate in the southeast and southwest.

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