MBBS in Romania

Duration: 5 + 1 Year for internship

The equation behind 300+ international students hustling to study MBBS in Romania every year is quite simple. 4 lakhs average of annual fees, no rigidity of entrance exams and bagging your degree in five years are the major attributes of medical courses in Romania.

If you’re 12th pass out with an aspiration of learning MBBS Abroad, especially in developed European countries, then Romania must be on your prime list. A notable aspect separating Romania from other destinations is its admission that’s granted solely based on your NEET score & academic records.

When the eyes set upon Europe to pursue medical education, very few countries stand bold among the rest, and Romania is indeed one of them. Students enjoy all those most wanted privileges in Romania that they seldomly get elsewhere.

At the end of the last year, you will have a medical degree with the approval of the National Medical Commission (NMC) that unleash tremendous opportunities. The training programs of MBBS in Romania are centralized around practical approaches that turn out to be a cutting edge factor in a student's career.

A total of eight Medical Universities in Romania hold the status of National Medical Commission (NMC), where Indian students must plan to study medical courses. So, if you’re keen to explore this lucrative opportunity, then stick to this informative guide that covers all the facets regarding MBBS studies in Romania.

MBBS in Romania: Quick Overview 2022

Some of the prominent highlights of MBBS course in Romania are given below:

Course Name

M.D (Doctor of Medicine)

MBBS Duration

5 + 1 Year for internship

Eligibility Criteria

55% marks in XIITh (Science)
Minimum 17 years old Clearance of NEET exam

Required Entrances

NEET (130+ Score)

Total Fees (Minimum)

15,24,900 INR

Total Fees (Maximum)

22,87,200 INR

Cost of Living in Romania

250$ - 300$ Per Month

Medium of Teaching

English Medium

University Recognition

NMC, WHO & The Ministry of Education, Romania

Top Medical University

Victor Babes University of Medicine & Pharmacy

Advantages of Studying MBBS Course in Romania for Indian Students

Mentioned below are the benefits that students avail while learning medicine at Romania:

  • Language barrier is not a matter of concern while studying MBBS in Romania as the course is conducted through English language.

  • Staff members employed in medical faculties of Romanian universities have decades of teaching experience and expertise in their field.

  • Medical universities in Romania have a range of recognitions and accreditation at their notch that embraces worldwide future career prospects for the students.

  • Standards of education in Romania’s MBBS training programs are up to the mark. These colleges have a history of producing top-class doctors.

  • Well constructed laboratories with essential equipment are available in the universities. It includes a Spectrophotometer with UV radiation, microscope installed with a camera, CT scan instruments, tools for radiology, etc.

  • Tuition fees of MBBS courses are generally higher in Europe, however surprisingly Romania does not follow this pattern. Fees are extremely lower in Romania.

  • Cost is not a big challenge as the living expenses are mostly cheaper. Hostel services are also affordable provided by the universities with an abundance of facilities.

  • Another great thing about studying in Romania is its variance in the choices of courses. Students can learn General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.

  • Dates of Intake for MBBS admission in Romania are also flexible. You have two options throughout the year; May & Sept respectively.

  • Internship programs are arranged in multispeciality govt hospitals with global reputations. Graduates receive advanced experience of clinical practices.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates must be compatible with the requirement set by the Medical universities in Romania:

  • Students must have completed 17 years of age before 31st dec of admission year.

  • International students need to have a valid passport & student's VISA.

  • Students should have completed science (Biology) with at least 55% score.

  • NEET examination is also compulsory to crack with 130 minimum marks.

  • Academic session of the MBBS course in Romania starts in August.

Step-by-Step Admission Process of Medicine at Romania

Following is the general stages involved in the process of admission for medical course:

    Step 1: Fill up the admission form on the website of the university.

    Step 2: Attach all the documents with application as per the instructions.

    Step 3: A letter of acceptance will be delivered by the university.

    Step 4: Start applying for studnet’s VISA at this final phase.

    Step 5: Get ready to fly to Romania for chasing your dream career.

List of All Important Documents Required for the Admission

Refer the list of documents provided below to carry throughout the admission:

  • Application form filled with accurate data

  • NEET score card with adequate percentile

  • Marksheet of 10th & 12th from recognized university

  • Certificate of A Birth Registration

  • National Identification Proof

  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)

  • Student's VISA

  • Flight Tickets

  • Passport Size Photos (12)

  • A letter of acceptance from the university

  • Medical certificate of HIV with negative test

  • Photocopy of original passport (Front & last page)

Medical Education System in Romania

See how the structure of medicine course in the universities of Romania works:

See how the structure of medicine course in the universities of Romania works:

Egalitarian system of education is followed in Romania that supports the idea of a national union of education in a singular system. Egalitarianism being associated with the Govt, free primary education and distribution of books are made possible.

Formal education system is mixed with informal educational training to enhance the practical understanding of the students:

  • MBBS course in Romania is divided into five years with an addition of an extra year for internship period.

  • A focus of training is bestowed upon developing individual and unique perspectives on different subjects through the implementations of dynamic tutoring methods.

  • English language is commonly used for teaching all the subjects that solve the problem for international students of learning another foriegn language.

International Recognition of Romanian Universities

See the names of medical committees who have recognized the medical degrees in Romania:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

  • British Medical Council (BMC)

  • Medical Council of European Countries (MCEC)

  • United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

Benefits of Scholarship for Indian Students

Students have advantages of scholarships for taking education in Romania:

  • Students have to fulfill certain criteria to avail the benefits of the scholarship.

  • The criteria mostly includes the academic track and performance in extra activities.

  • Generally a concession of 50% on tuition fees allowed for the scholarship holders.

Hostel and Accommodation Services Provided at Romania

Here are the details about the hostel services of the universities in Romania:

Here are the details about the hostel services of the universities in Romania:

Tuition fees do not include the cost of hostel fees. Students are required to pay the hostel fees separately which is quite affordable.

Attributes of hostel services in Romania:

  • Separate hostel rooms for male and female.

  • Choices of single, double, & triple hostel.

  • 24*7 security of CCTV, water supply, electricity.

  • Every student has a bed, side table, chair, etc.

  • Shared Washroom and toilets.

  • Common kitchen with self-cooking option.

  • Recreation center, gaming zone, wi-fi, TV, etc.

  • Regular housekeeping with laundry services.

  • Advance appliances for the student’s convenience.

Required Documents for Student’s VISA of Romania

The complete list of the documents involved in the admission process is here:

  • Passport with two blank pages (Original).

  • Two recent passport size colored photographs.

  • A letter of acceptance from the university of Romania.

  • Proof of payment of first year’s tuition fee.

  • Transfer of the fees to the bank account of the university.

  • Medical insurance for whole year of VISA expiry.

  • A legal proof showing free of any criminal charges.

Safety Index of Romania

As per the ranking of world’s safest country determined by the gfmag, Romania stands at number 33 position in the list:

Rank Nation Global Finance Safety Index Score











South Korea





Cost of Living in Romania

Full details about the living expenses in the Romania:

Particulars Amount (USD) Amount (INR)

External Accomodation

200 USD

14000 Rs

Food (Monthly Cost)

100 USD

7,000 Rs

Transportation (Pass)

20 USD

1,400 Rs

Monthly Grocery

30 USD

2,100 Rs.

Basic Amenities

120 USD

8,400 Rs

Total Monthly Expenditure (Avg)

470 USD

32,900 Rs.3

Note: 1$ = 70 Rs. (for calculation purpose)

Information About Romania

See the important aspects about living in Romania:

  • Romania is renowned as a peaceful country in the asian and american continental.

  • This European country has a profound quality of education and other cultural and social values.

  • Romania has a great constitution of history that reveals the characters of their citizens.

  • One can enjoy a marvellous lifestyle in the beautiful streets and accommodation of the country.

  • Romania has a range of mountains from north to the west.

  • The economy of Romania is combined with the individual freedom and economic centralized planning.

  • Students who studied here experience the best voyage of their lifetime.


Orthodox Christians

National Currency

Romanian Leu

Capital City


Rate of Exchange (Dec 2021)

1 lei = 17.20 INR



Official Language



11 °C (51.8 °F) (south) & 8 °C (46.4 °F) (northeast.)

Time Difference

3 hrs 03 min behind of India

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