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It is a dream of every Indian student to study in USA. America is one of the supower nations among all the nations and hence it is the favourite educational destination for all foreign students.

Studying in USA is always worth commendable as it offers various options for professional opportunities.

Studying in USA will be the great option for the Indian students who always struggle to get best quality of education.

Almost 10 Lakhs international students have already been enrolled for the various courses in American universities.

They provide a diverse range of courses for local & international students. America stands the tallest as far as the global education is concerned. One can experience the rich culture while studying in USA.

In fact in USA, it bring the most opportunities in terms of professional growth & social development. Around the world, USA consist of largest number of foreign students choosing their higher education in the USA. Select Your University will guide the Indian students who have a desire to pursue their education in USA.

Top 7 Benefits to Study in USA for Indian Students

  • Worldwide recognized degree.
  • World class faculty
  • English medium curriculum.
  • High-Quality education
  • Well rounded personalities
  • Global opportunities.
  • Study in top-10 colleges and universities of the world.

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Maths & Computer Science


Social Sciences


Physical & Life Sciences



  • Every year more than 1000 Indian students apply for MBBS in USA with top MCI approved universities of medicine.
  • To succeed in the area of medicine requires great preparation & hours of training.
  • And the best place to gain medical education that will incorporate this is in the USA with top medical universities.

Medical Universities City

San Diego School of Medicine


Davis Medical School


Harvard University


University of Alabama Medical School


George Washington University Medical School

Washington DC

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Oklahoma City

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for MBBS in USA for Indian students is as follows:

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Student must be 17 years old and above
  • Students should have passed 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) from any recognized Board of India or abroad.
  • Minimum 50% aggregate of PCB combined.

Total Fees for MBBS Course in USA

  • The MBBS in USA fee structure is not so cheap but it is worth for money.
  • The MBBS in USA fees for Indian studentsare at par with Indian private colleges! And they do not ask for any kind of donation!
  • The fees for the top medical universities in USA is approximately Rs. 61 Lacs for the entire 5.5 years program at Bachelor level.

2. Business Management

  • The United States offers a wide range of opportunities for international students.
  • Students prefer studying business management in the US as it has value in the United states as well as in their home country, so they have double advantage.
  • Students who have got their training for business management in the USA can get immediate returns on their investments, hence students like to learn Business management in the USA.
  • USA degrees have reputation world wide. US universities pay special attention to the classrooms in order to attract the students and they also try to deliver the best education so that students can find wonderful career path.
  • There are various support facilities which are offered by US universities for the international students like english language course, various workshops, training and orientation programs etc.
  • The fee structure for Business management in USA is not as low as European countries, but though it is worth for money.

Top Business Management Universities City

Harvard University


Stanford university


University of Pennsylvania


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


University of California, Berkeley


Yale School of Management

New Haven

University of California


New York University

New York City

University of Chicago


Columbia University

New York City

Northwestern University


Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility for studying Business management in USA for Indian students is as follows:

  • Nationality: Indian
  • Students should possess a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University of India or abroad.
  • Students should have a minimum of two to three years of work experience, which depends on your roles and responsibilities at your workplace.
  • Students should have a valid resume and letters for professional recommendation from any 2 professionals.
  • A good score in TOEFL and GMAT.

Total Fees for Business Management Course

  • The Business management in USA fee structure vary according to each university.
  • The fees are not as low as the other countries but they are value for money.
  • The fees for the business management in USA for the best colleges are in the range of 8 lakhs - 30 lakhs for the entire course duration.

3. Engineering

  • In the past few years, engineering has become one of the largest professions in the USA.
  • The America is being famous as one of the best place to study engineering.
  • Large number of international students from all over the world are coming to the USA for pursuing engineering courses.
  • Whether you consider example of a smartphone or an aircraft, everything requires ‘Engineering’.
  • The demand of engineers has been increased to a greater extent in today’s world than ever.
  • While doing engineering in the USA, students are asked to concentrate on their special subject very early (from the third semester).
  • Students can find better job opportunities immediately after they become graduates.
  • US companies have been given the freedom to appoint foreign students as engineers.
  • The other reasons are engineers in the US earn more salaries than any other countries in the world.

Top Engineering Universities City

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Stanford university


University of California, Berkeley


California Institute of Technology


Georgia Institute of Technology


University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign


University of Michigan—Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

Carnegie Mellon University


Purdue University—West Lafayette

West Lafayette

Cornell University


Eligibility Criteria

Indian Students should fit in following eligibility criteria to study engineering in the USA:

  • Nationality: Indian
  • If a student wish to go for graduate level engineering course at the USA, then Students should have passed 10+2 (Physics, Chemistry & Maths) from any recognized Board of India or abroad. Minimum 50% aggregate of PCM combined.
  • If a student want to go for post graduate program then he must have completed 15 or 16 years of education.
  • A good score in entrance exams like TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS etc. is required.
  • Students should have strong academic background.
  • Recommendation letters from people from strong background.
  • Student should have good grades to get scholarship or strong financial background.

Total Fees for Engineering Course

  • The fee structure for Engineering in USA may vary according to each university.
  • The fees are remarkably high as compared to the other countries but one can definitely get value for money and can easily recover the money in a year or two.
  • The fees for the engineering in USA including living cost and personal expenses for the best colleges are in the range of 25 lakhs - 50 lakhs for the entire course duration.

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