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Caspian International School of Medicine was founded in 1992 in Almaty, Kazakhstan's main city and commercial center. The Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan monitors the operation of the private Caspian ISM (Almaty) institution. It is a structural division of the Caspian University, one of Kazakhstan's biggest and most esteemed universities.

Despite having started a medical course recently, it has been quite popular among Indian students who aspire to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. The high ranking, large campus, excellent teaching, and location in Almaty of Caspian ISM (International School of Medicine) are the key benefits of studying MBBS there.

Caspian ISM (International School of Medicine) is in 3rd position among medical universities in Kazakhstan. The university features some of the best facilities, infrastructure, and cutting-edge teaching techniques. In total, 5,000+ students (both local Kazakhs and foreigners) are enrolled in various courses at the university, and 850+ lecturers are working to educate them.

More than 350 Indian students are currently enrolled in the English-medium MBBS program at Caspian International School of Medicine. The institution maintains a number of exchange programs with respected universities in Russia and Europe for the benefit of its students.

INR 20.88 Lacs is the entire cost of the MBBS program for 6 years at Caspian International School of Medicine for the 2023 academic year. For Indian students who want to study medicine overseas, Kazakhstan offers an affordable option for their MBBS classes.

By uploading copies of the necessary documents, the application process for MBBS admission at Caspian ISM can be finished online.

According to the most recent NMC rules, Caspian ISM's MBBS qualifying requirements are 50% overall and NEET qualification. The Caspian University offers two academic sessions for MBBS each year, in March and September.

Caspian International School of Medicine - Quick Highlights 2023

Interested candidates can quickly go through the highlights before getting enrolled in the Medical program:

Intake Time

March and September

Tuition Fees

4250* USD / Year

Course Duration

5 Year + 1 year ( internship )

Accepted Exam


Recognition and accreditations


Medium Teaching


University Ranking

World - 8313
Country - 41

Why Choose Caspian International School of Medicine?

Interested candidates can quickly go through positives of the University:

  • 18 bachelor's degree specialties, 6 master's degree specialties, and 2 doctoral PhD specialties are all offered by Caspian University.

  • Professionalism and commitment to the highest moral and ethical standards are two of Caspian Universities key values.

  • The university capitalizes on Innovation as a source of fresh knowledge development and learning technology.

  • Strong connections exist between Caspian International School of Medicine and both domestic and foreign universities.

  • The institution will house numerous medical faculty departments as well as well-equipped labs and training facilities.

  • The university offers a high-quality education at an affordable price. International students are encouraged to apply because it is a fantastic way for them to gain experience in a new nation.

  • A number of medical institutions from Europe and other parts of the world work with Caspian University International School of Medicine through an exchange program.

  • Considering the university's tuition is inexpensive and this campus offers all of the amenities you require.

Medium of Instruction

With the intention to remove Language barrier university doesn't want anyone to be left behind:

  • All Indian students at Caspian International School of Medicine receive their education in English. For international students, all lessons, quizzes, and exams are delivered in English by highly qualified instructors, professors, and doctors.

  • All medical literature written by Indian authors are available in the university library and are frequently cited in lectures. They aid students in getting ready for their FMGE/NEXT exams while they are studying in India.

Caspian International School of Medicine Ranking 2023

Before applying for this university you should check ranking:

Country World



Recognition and Accreditations

Following are the accreditation university has:

  • WHO ( World Health Organization )

  • NMC ( National Medical Commission )

Students Life at Caspian International School of Medicine

  • The university was founded with the goal of defining the ideal model of a competitive and innovation-focused school in order to provide students from around the world with highly competent medical education.

  • The university's organizational framework is robust enough to deliver current scientific studies on pressing issues in public health that are applied to real-world health care in a market for medical services.

Cost of Living in Almaty, Kazakhstan

The living cost of Almaty, Kazakhstan is affordable for worldwide students, Refer the table mentioned below according to monthly expenses:

Particular Approx Range in USD Approx Range in RS

Apartment Rent

676.23 $

54,098 Rs

Meal Cost

6.47 $

517 Rs

Transportation Cost

15.53 $

1,242 Rs

Note: 1$ = 80 Rs. ( for calculation purpose )

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