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The Kuban State Medical University was founded in 1920 by the order of the government of russian federation. It is the oldest university in the state of Kuban and also one of the top-ranked medical university in Russia.The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation manages the authority of the college.

The university consists of 7 faculties and 66 departments. As of now the university has noted 6000 students pursuing medical education. They have highly qualified faculties served for the delivery of the better quality of the education.

Kuban State Medical University - Quick Highlights 2023

Refer the table below for quick facts about Kuban State Medical University:

Intake for MBBS Course



Yes, with qualified numbers

Annual Tuition Fees

2900 USD (approx)

Duration of MBBS Course

6 years (with internship)

Medium of Teaching

English & Russian

Students Enrollment

15,000 Plus


Country Rank - 226
World Rank - 6279


NMC & WHO approved

Why Study MBBS at Kuban State Medical University?

Following are the advantages of studying MBBS in Kuban State Medical University:

  • Kuban State Medical University is one of the top-ranked government universities.

  • It offers a low-cost fee structure which makes it very much affordable for Indian students.

  • It is one of the oldest universities in Russia. It has a successful history of almost 14 decades.

  • The teaching medium for the MBBS course is English and Russian as well, so that the students can attend the batches as per their preference.

  • The teaching medium for the MBBS course is English and Russian as well, so that the students can attend the batches as per their preference.

Medium of Teaching

Following is the medium of teaching at Kuban State Medical University:

At Kuban State Medical university, the medicine courses are taught in Russian and English language.

Kuban State Medical University - Ranking 2023

According to 4icu.org, following is the country and world ranking for Kuban State Medical University:

World Country



Accreditation and Recognition

Kuban State Medical University has the following accreditation and recognition:

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)

  • World Health Organization (WHO)

Life of Students

Students live an excellent life at Kuban State Medical University. The university takes the best care of physical and mental health of students:

  • Students of Kuban State Medical University annually take an active part in the music talk show Choose Life in the seminar Active Healthy Lifestyle and many more such programs.

  • There is a law on the prohibition of smoking at the university. The problems of smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. are considered within the framework of student scientific conferences.

  • The university conducts an interesting competition for students The most talented newcomers to the medical university.

  • The university also celebrates different festivals like, the festival Kuban Graces the days of faculties, the regional festival Russian student spring in the Kuban

  • The educational activities at the university include spiritual and moral, environmental, cultural and leisure, civil and patriotic, legal, and valeological activities (protection of physical, social, psychological health of students) etc.

  • Students and teachers also take part in events held by the Orthodox Church.

Cost of Living

The expenses of living in Russia are not much different than living in India:
The table below shows the average and approx cost of living in Russia for a month. This may vary from person to person and according to the living style of the stude

Particulars Approx Range in PY6 Approx Range in INR


22,481.14 руб

25130.21 INR


500.00 руб

447.29 INR


100.00 руб

111.78 INR


100.00 руб

111.78 INR

Other Expenses

6,792.82 руб

7592.39 INR

About Krasnodar Krai

Below given are some of the interesting facts about Krasnodar Krai city:

  • In the North Caucasus region in Southern Russia, Krasnodar Krai is located and it is administratively a part of the Southern Federal District.

  • The city of Krasnodar is its administrative center.

  • It is the third most-populous federal subject of Russia.

  • According to the 2010 Census, the krai had a population of 5,226,647.

  • There is significant rainfall throughout the year in Krasnodar, even in the driest month.

  • The average temperature in Krasnodar city is 11.6 °C.

  • In a year, there is about 722 mm of rainfall.

  • The city of Krasnodar is famous for different tourist spots like Mount Tsakhvoa - The highest peak, Pshadskiye Waterfalls, Lake Abrau, etc.

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