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Named after Jusup Balasagyn, The Kyrgyz National University is a national college in Kyrgyzstan. It is one of the oldest and the biggest Higher Education establishments in Kyrgyzstan. The University is placed withinside the capital city of Bishkek. The institution was established on 25 October 1925 as the Kyrgyz Institute of Education.

Just Kyrgyz National University commenced its Faculty of Medicine in collaboration with LN University, India and LN Medical College Kyrgyz National University became the primary University in Central Asia to expand a Faculty of Medicine campus in partnership with an Indian University. Today the Kyrgyz National University gives a 5 year MD Physician application using the teaching platform of LN University, Bhopal, India

As the number of students enrolled is 15,000 -19,999 this shows quality which the university offers, also with 1,500 -1,999 Kyrgyz National University has a huge team of academic staff to support students in each way. As of the 2016 - 2017 instructional year, there have been 2,654 teaching teams of workers at university. Of them, 1,908 people or 71.9% of the overall number of full-time instructors held a scientific degree. The university additionally employs around 271 part-time or non-coaching team of workers. Of these employees, 183 (or 67.5%) additionally keep a top degree. Counting each full-time and part-time instructor, it hired 67 professors and 339 associate professors.

Kyrgyz National University offers MBBS courses at low tuition fees with the average sum of Rs 2 lacs and the average of the hostel being Rs 20K with the important entities required. The institute offers numerous academic and non-academic centers and services to college students together with a library, housing, sports activities facilities, in addition to administrative services. Also the medium of education at the University is English which is comfortable for everyone.

Kyrgyz National University - Quick Overview 2022

Given below is the table for quick highlights about Jusup Balasagyn Kyrgyz National University have a look at the details carefully and know more about the university:

Program Name

General Medicine

Degree offered

MD Physicians

Year of Establishment


Duration of Study

5 years

Academic Session Starts

March and September

Language of Instruction




Eligibility Criteria

50% aggregate in PCB(Physics, Chemistry and Biology)

Entrance Exam

Yes, Its Required

Annual Tuition Fees

4000 USD


12 well equipped laboratories


Well equipped library with over 5000 books


The Ministry of Education and Science, Kyrgyzstan

University Ranking

Country Rank - 5
World Rank - 6781

Why Study MBBS at Kyrgyz National University?

The advantages to studying at Kyrgyz National University give you some decent reasons to choose your MBBS degree from this institute in Bishkek:

  • Kyrgyz National University is located in Bishkek, having the lowest fee in government universities of Kyrgyzstan.

  • Kyrgyz National University has more than 50+ global college students in MBBS & MD General Medicine that are from distinct nationalities Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal & others.

  • Kyrgyz National University has a modular system that is a modern medical training system.

  • Many Female college students are already studying MBBS in this institute in Secure environment.

  • Kyrgyz National University Bishkek hostels are separate for females and male students with 3 instance mess facilities with a pretty affordable fee of 100 USD per month.

  • MBBS’s Course Duration is 6 years along with 1 year of Clinical Internship or Clinical Rotation (4+1).

  • The University has 4+ affiliated hospitals.

  • The MD degree is authorized through PM&DC/PMC/NMC guidelines & degree is equal to Medical graduates of WHO.

Affiliated Hospitals

Kyrgyz National University has 4 affiliated hospitals which are listed below, have a look at it:

  • City Clinical Hospital,

  • International Medical Center On Clinic

  • National Hospital under the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic

  • City Children's Clinical Hospital.

Kyrgyz National University - Ranking 2022

According to, the country & world ranking of Kyrgyz National University is as follows:

World Country



Medium of Teaching

Following is medium of teaching at Kyrgyz National University:

At this university, all the different medicine courses are taught in the English language.

Accreditation and Recognition

The Kyrgyz National University has international recognition and accreditation. It is recognized by:

  • The Ministry of Education and Science, Kyrgyzstan

  • WHO [ World Health Organization ]

  • NMC [ National Medical Commision ]

Library at Kyrgyz National University

Library of Kyrgyz National University is considered as one of the biggest library in Kyrgyzstan, the library contains 5000+ books which may help you gain immense knowledge have look at the below section for details:

  • The Kyrgyz National University Scientific Library is certainly considered one among the biggest college libraries in Kyrgyzstan.

  • The clinical library was established in 1932 on the idea of the Kyrgyz Pedagogical Institute.

  • In 1941, the library's book stock became 134,000 texts, many acquired from the colleges of Moscow, Leningrad and different main cities of the USSR.

  • In 1951 the library acquired educational, medical and artistic literature from universities in Odessa, Kiev, Kharkov, Kazakh and Tomsk, in addition to from the Academies of Sciences of Armenia, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. Today, the library is placed in 8 educational homes and has 60 employees.

Facilities Provided by Kyrgyz National University

Kyrgyz National University has a wide range of facilities to its students which can help you with studies as well as refreshment :

  • Library

  • Canteen

  • hostel

  • Play Ground

  • Gym

  • Sports

  • ATM

  • Hospital

  • Auditorium

  • Computer labs

  • Laboratory

Monthly Living Expenses in Bishkek

Bishkek city has low Living cost which is affordable for global medical aspirants, and the monthly based expenses of Bishkek are given below in the following table:

Particulars Approx Range in USD Approx Range in INR


11,250 INR


468 INR

Other Expenses (milk, bread, eggs, clothing)

1,725 INR

Note: $1 = Rs.75 (for calculation purpose.)

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