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Rangpur Community Medical College is a popular medical college situated in the northwest area of Rangpur, Bangladesh.It was established in the year 1970.

Currently, 344 international students are enrolled in the MBBS course at Rangpur Community Medical College coming from different parts of the world.

The institute has the aim to deliver talented and committed medical graduates to serve society. 50% of the students are from SAARC countries.

At Rangpur Community Medical College, we offer a high-standard education system to prepare the worldwide medical aspirants for the future.

The university ensures that the students will obtain all the credentials which are required to achieve the career goals.

Many of the students are working in different hospitals and dental clinics in the private and government sector globally.

President Abdul Hamid Medical College: Quick Overview 2023

The students striving to pursue MBBS must go through the main highlights of President Abdul Hamid Medical College:

Intake for MBBS Course


Accepted Examination

NEET Qualification

Tuition Fees

10000 USD (At the time of Admission)

Course Duration

5 years

Teaching Language

English language

University Recognition

NMC, WHO and BM & DC


University of Rajshahi

Why Study MBBS at Rangpur Community Medical College?

Here are the advantages of studying medicine course at Rangpur Community Medical College:

  • The institute has a quality educational system which is based on the latest principles to provide a better education.

  • The medium of teaching is English language Rangpur Community Medical College.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College is acknowledged and recognised by various medical organisations.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College offers a reasonable fee structure which makes it very much affordable for worldwide medical aspirants to pursue MBBS.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College has highly professional and experienced teaching staff members.

  • The graduated students from Rangpur Community Medical College are recognized across the globe and are working in various parts of the world.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College offers a highly developed infrastructure for all students during medical education.

  • The students also participate in extracurricular activities like sports, cultural events and annual functions.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College conducts guest lectures, where they invite various medical professionals to share some experience with the students.

Medium of Teaching

The teaching medium used is the English language at medical institute:

Accreditation and Recognition

Rangpur Community Medical College has the following accreditation and recognition:

  • World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Bangladesh Medical & Dental Council (BM & DC).

  • Nepal Medical Council.

  • Rangpur Community Medical College currently has the affiliation of the University of Rajshahi.

  • National Medical Commission (NMC)

Rangpur Community Medical College - FMGE Performance 2021

The details about FMGE performance for Rangpur Community Medical College of year 2021 with passing percent is as follows:

Name of University Appeared Total Pass Pass %

Rangpur Community Medical College


Living Expenses of Rangpur

The Rangpur, Bangladesh is affordable for the students while MBBS education at Rangpur Community Medical College, The table shows the average and approx cost of living for a month which may vary person to person:

Particulars Amount in USD Amount in INR


105 USD

7,350 Rs


7.2 USD

504 Rs

Note: 1$ = 70 Rs.(approx.)

About Rangpur City

Rangpur Community Medical College is situated in Rangpur, let’s get know about the city:

Rangpur is a district located in the Northern part of Bangladesh.

Rangpur is an industrial centre.

It is well known for the manufacturing of dhurries (cotton carpets), bidis (cigarettes), and cigars.

Rangpur city is one of the major cities of Bangladesh.

It was declared as a district headquarters on 16 December 1769.

Rangpur has lots of places attractions for tourist, one must visit the top 10 sights -

Vinnya Jagat

Begum Rokeya Memorial Centre

Manthana Zamindar Bari

Town Hall

Tajhat Palace

Rangpur Zoo

Mithapukur Bara Mosque

Itakumari Zamindar Bari


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